hulu unable to determine location

Even though Hulu is given high marks, users still have to deal with technical issues like other streaming products, and one of the common errors is known as the “Hulu unable to determine location.”

This error blocks them from accessing Hulu via computer, smartphone, or smart TV. If you’re one of them, here’s how to resolve the location issue:

Your Hulu may not be able to determine your location due to an unstable IP address or internet connectivity problems of your own. To fix Hulu Location error, you can disable your VPN and then check your internet connection for an alternative option.

Why Can’t Hulu Determine My Location?

A number of reasons could be involved, but to fix this issue, you must locate the root cause.

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Some possible reasons could be:

  • Device connected to a VPN or proxy
  • Changed your internet service provider
  • The device might not be compatible with running Hulu
Note: Hulu's app is available in two varieties: the latest update and the "Classic" version. 

Most devices will automatically launch Hulu’s latest app, and you won’t have to think twice.

How to Make Hulu Determine My Location?

fix hulu unable to determine location

Hulu location issues can be frustrating. Here are the steps that you can take one by one to fix your Hulu location issue.

Step #1: Disable your VPN or Proxy

To maintain the service’s privacy, Hulu must be able to accurately determine a user’s location. As a result, videos will not be streamed to users with anonymous proxy servers.

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Your IP address is used to recognize your home network on Hulu. Because of this, you need to make sure you disable any VPN or proxy services that are set up on your devices before trying to connect to Hulu.

In order to ensure you don’t use the VPN client already installed on your router, you must deactivate it.

Step #2: Use a VPN that has Split Tunneling

If you are using a VPN service in a country with Hulu available, but still want privacy while using the internet, you may use a VPN that offers split tunneling mode.

Using split tunneling, you can have both a secure VPN connection and an open internet connection at the same time.

Through this, sensitive data can be protected while you have full access to your other internet activities.

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Hulu lets you browse the internet on the public internet if you divert your web browser. As a result, you can also use another browser for browsing the web safely via the VPN.

To do this, you can do the following steps:

  1. Subscribe to a reliable VPN service of your choice.
  2. Connect to the VPN using the VPN client for your desktop
  3. Activate the VPN connection and open the Settings area
  4. To enable Split Tunnel, go to Network and allow Split Tunnel
  5. To continue, click “Add Application.”
  6. Choose a web browser you plan to use to view Hulu.

Your web browser will no longer connect to the VPN from now on. But other browsers and software applications, including P2P clients, can still perfectly connect to the VPN.

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Step #3: Contact Your Internet Service Provider (ISP)

A new IP address is set whenever you change Internet service providers.

Registration of a new home network on Hulu is the only way to resolve this issue.

Dynamic IP addresses make it difficult to accurately access a location because the IP address is always changing.

To do this, try setting your PC to use a static IP address. Otherwise, contact your ISP to find out if they offer static IP addresses.

Take note that this may incur an additional fee, as static IP addresses are typically reserved for businesses and other entities with large networks that do not wish to deal with tracking multiple IP addresses for their organizations.

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Step #4: On Hulu, Verify your Home Network Settings

Next, verify the home network settings. To do so, follow the steps as shows below:

  1. Choose a device on which you will watch Hulu
  2. Verify that Hulu is compatible with your device
  3. Connect the device to your home network using a wired or wireless connection
  4. Go to your Hulu account page using that device.
  5. Identify the section titled “Privacy and Settings.”
  6. Click Set or Change Home

Using a mobile device lets you watch Hulu away from home. In order to do that, you must check in every 30 days.

That said, make sure to open the app when you are at home to avoid encountering this error.

Note: While linked to a mobile network (e.g., 3G/4G data plan) or shared Wi-Fi network, it is not possible to configure your home network on Hulu.

Step #5: On Hulu, Manually Change Your Home Network

The home network location can be changed at any time using a mobile or desktop web browser, even if you’re currently using another internet connection.

  1. Access Hulu Live TV
  2. Sign in if you are prompted
  3. Press or tap on the icon on the profile
  4. Pick an account
  5. Access ‘Privacy and Settings’ area
  6. Change the home by selecting ‘Set or Change Home
  7. Verify new location
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A problem with your IP address or with your internet connectivity could result in Hulu being unable to identify your location. You can disable your VPN and then see if you can find an alternative way to connect to the internet.

Hulu Still Unable to Determine Location..

If Hulu still can’t determine your location, your internet connection may be too slow.

Verify the performance of your internet connection by running a speed test to determine whether it can transmit data quickly enough for Hulu.

In order to access the entire Hulu streaming library, we recommend you have a 3Mbps internet connection.

To watch live streams, we recommend an 8Mbps connection, and to view 4K content, we recommend 16Mbps. There are guides on testing your speed for different devices, such as PCs, smart TVs, mobile devices, and game consoles.

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The strength of your Wi-Fi signal will influence how quickly you can stream videos from Hulu.

You can reduce the number of dead zones in your network by using an Ethernet or HDMI cable to connect your device directly to the router, or by adding a repeater to your Wi-Fi network.

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What Are the Reasons for My Hulu Unable To Determine Location?

Here are possible reasons: (1) You are connected to a shared Wi-Fi network, (2) Hulu don’t know the network you’re currently on, (3) You have not checked in to your mobile device, and (4) You could be using a VPN

How many times can I change Hulu’s location?

During 12 months, you may make as many as four network changes to your Home network. In case that you run out of available changes for your home network, you can contact Hulu’s customer service.

How Many Simultaneous Screens Can Hulu Have?

You can stream on only one screen at a time for Hulu’s basic on-demand service. With Hulu with Live TV, you can view up to two screens simultaneously, but an Unlimited Screens add-on lets you watch even more.


To summarize, your Hulu may be unable to determine your location for various reasons, including a VPN software running in the background or problems with your internet connections.

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VPNs, proxies, and similar tools must all be disabled to ensure your IP remains static. In addition, if you have a dynamic IP address, you must contact your ISP and have your IP reassigned to a static IP.

If you want to keep your web activities private, getting a VPN service that supports split tunneling is highly recommended.