hulu keeps buffering on vizio smart tv

If your Hulu keeps buffering on Vizio smart TV, you are at the right place because in this post we are going to discuss possible causes and their solution.

Following our guide, you will learn everything about buffering issues, where they come from, and how to solve them at home if possible.

We will also provide you with helpful recommendations to avoid troublesome occurrences and hopefully get your favorite Hulu shows streaming flawlessly.

The main cause for constant Hulu buffering on Vizio smart TV remains the network. Severe buffering is the very first and clear sign of networking delays.

The very first step that you should take would be to ensure that your network is not currently experiencing traffic delays and if possible restart your router.

We are going to jump into detail for all of this in a moment so keep reading as we will introduce a series of steps for you to follow.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some well-known possible causes and later how to resolve each of them.

Why Hulu Keeps Buffering on Vizio Smart TV?

As we mentioned in the introduction the most common reason for Hulu buffering is the network as well as on any other media streaming platform.

But if this issue appears only on your Hulu devices and other platforms such as Netflix are just fine, then you will have to apply some troubleshooting methods.

To clarify what exactly you’re about to troubleshoot, we’ve made the above-listed bullet points to illustrate related issues that you might be experiencing:

  • Buffering – Constant playout stops in order for the player to pre-cache further
  • Freezing – Static image and unresponsiveness
  • Skipping – Inaccuracy with the frames or skipped frames
  • Low video quality – Poor quality even with a good network

If you are experiencing any of the above-listed issues, you might want to keep reading what is next as we are going to troubleshoot and most certainly resolve all of them.

How to Fix Hulu Buffering on Vizio Smart TV Issue?

fix hulu buffering on vizio tv

Down below we have prepared a list of steps for you to apply in the order as they are listed.

We also recommend trying to watch Hulu shows upon completion of a step, otherwise, you won’t even understand which step exactly solved your problem.

Step #1 Completely Close the Hulu App

It is recommended to fully close the Hulu application and all other apps that are running in the background. This will avoid any unexpected errors during the troubleshooting steps.

You can also turn off your Vizio TV, in case the issue is related to it. It is highly likely but it is worth trying.

Wait for about 1 minute, turn the Vizio TV on and then start the Hulu application and try watching any show.

If your issue was resolved after this simple restart, then the problem was minor and required nothing more but to reboot all services.

If the issue is still there let’s continue to our next step.

Step #2 Troubleshoot Network

If your Hulu is still buffering on Vizio smart TV, it is highly likely for your issue to be coming from your network even if other apps seem to run smoothly.

For instance, Netflix automatically downscales the resolution in order for the playout to keep streaming without buffering in cases where network delay is present.

Here is what you can do to troubleshoot your network at home:

  1. Network speed test – You can find many network speed test platforms online and they are free.
  2. Restart Router – Plug your router out of the power outlet and wait about 3 minutes before plugging it back in.

If there were any network issues, by now you would have either resolved or at least identified them.

If however, your network does not seem to cause any issues and everything is alright, let’s continue with the more technical steps.

Step #3 Wipe Cached Data

Sometimes the cached data gets corrupted, and it could cause a variety of different issues including, severe buffering, poor video quality and even freezing the whole application.

It is really simple to clear Hulu cached data, simply follow the steps below:

Note: Setting names are different on all devices, so we will try to explain it very concisely:

  • Close the Hulu application
  • Navigate to your Hulu device settings
  • Locate the “App” section. (It might be named “System Apps”)
  • Scroll down until you find the Hulu app and press on it
  • Once within the folder, you should be provided with an option to clear its cached data
  • Confirm by pressing “OK

Now you might have to login into your account again, which is normal. After that, feel free to test the Hulu payout.

If it is now fine, we strongly recommend also applying the next step to prevent the issue from appearing ever again in the future.

If, however, your Hulu is still buffering on Vizio TV, proceed with the steps.

Step #4 Check for Update

Updating both your Vizio TV and Hulu devices is extremely important so you can ensure that your cached data won’t corrupt.

Update both devices to the latest possible OS and then try streaming Hulu shows again. If your issue still persists we are going to move on to the most drastic measures.

Step #5 Reinstall Hulu

install hulu on vizio

Considering that you are using a Vizio TV, luckily reinstalling the application is possible.

Here is a list of all devices on which the Hulu app can be re-installed in case you’re having the same issue on other devices:

Android, Apple TV, Fire TV, Fire tablet, Chromecast, Xbox 360, Xbox One, VIZIO, Nintendo Switch, LG TV, iPhone & iPad, Playstation & Roku.

Here is how to re-install the Hulu application on VIZIO TV:

  • Navigate and Press the VIA button on the Vizio TV remote
  • Go to the Hulu application and press the button colored in yellow
  • Choose Delete Snippet
  • Then go to the Widget Gallery and find Hulu
  • Select the Hulu app and tap on Add Widget to My Profile

After the re-install check if your Hulu is still buffering on Vizio TV and if the issue is gone, then you’ve successfully resolved it.

My Hulu Is Still Buffering on Vizio TV…

If you have followed our steps carefully then everything that depends on you when it comes to troubleshooting is done.

We highly recommend going over the steps once again, with even further precision and if nothing seems to help, you can contact the official Hulu customer support and explain what your case is.

Most people with the same issue have reported that they finally managed to resolve it by troubleshooting their network so it is really important to ensure this first as it remains the most common cause.

Keep in mind that the problem might be related to your Hulu device or Vizio TV themselves. The official customer service will be able to answer these questions “why does Hulu keep buffering?” for you.

Bottom Line

We hope that our post was able to answer why Hulu keeps buffering on Vizio smart TV and hopefully resolve it.

If you find our posts helpful, you might be interested in more similar technical solution content. You can read more on our blog.

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