does my samsung tv have a camera

If you have been wondering, does my Samsung TV have a camera? You can now relax because this piece answers you.

Technology has allowed lots of things to happen, including adding a camera on smart TVs. And what is the use of these cameras? Do you need them on your device?

Some people use it when on Skype, but a good number are not aware of that. Reading below will help you know if your device has a camera, more uses of the camera on your Samsung TV and if you really need it.

Samsung TV has its camera located on the middle-top of the frame. It is always near the microphone since both are used during a video call.

Does My Samsung TV Have a Camera? How To Tell

One of the easiest ways to know if your Samsung TV has a camera is by looking at the TV’s manual. If you cannot locate the manual, you can identify the camera on your device.

Check for a small lens at the top center of your frame or the bezel. That is where Samsung TV places the camera.

However, not all Samsung TVs have cameras.

So, if you cannot find it on the frame, your manual may help you understand if it is present or not. You should not confuse the microphone and the camera, though.

You will find the microphone at the bottom of your screen. You can also access the second microphone on the remote control.

Note: Some TVs have a retractable lens; hence you may not know if it’s a camera by a first look.

You will need to run your finger across the top side of the frame. If you feel an insert, that is the camera.

Does My Samsung Smart TV Have a Camera that Spies Me?

If your Samsung smart TV has a camera, the chances are that developers are spying on you. Hence, they can suggest content and even send ads to your TV based on what you watch.

The Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) feature allows your TV to send your age information and the content you watch to developers.

For example, if you watch a Hindu or Niger program on Netflix, you will see other Hindu or Niger content suggestions next time you open it. So, you can be sure that someone somewhere has your data.

Disabling ACR

If you watch videos or shows via devices connected to your TV, such as Blu-rays, ACR can still detect that. You may need to disable the ACR feature in your device if you do not want any information shared.

Disable ACR using these steps on your Samsung TV:

  1. On your remote, click the menu button.
  2. Go to settings followed by support.
  3. Click on Terms and Policies.
  4. Turn off ACR, also known as Viewing Information Services.

However, if your TV is an older version, these options will not work. You can use these steps instead:

  1. Visit the Smart Hub Menu followed by Settings.
  2. Select Support, then click on Terms and Policy.
  3. Choose SyncPlus and Marketing, then disable SyncPlus.

How To Protect Your Samsung TV From Spies

protect your samsung tv

Disabling the ACR is one way to protect yourself and your device. However, these other measures are also crucial to your privacy.

Understand Your Smart TV

If you want to limit your TV’s functionality, you must first understand its features.

You will need to check your TV’s model number and the feature you wish to disable. For example, you can type on the internet, Samsung smart TV SU46F7099QS camera.

Change Passwords That Come with Your TV

Never rely on privacy settings that developers set on your TV. When you change the passwords, make them stronger and easily undetectable.

Also, learn how to disable personal data collection, microphones, and cameras.

You Can Restrict Some Apps

When installing some apps on your TV, they require access to your camera to work.

It is not a must to permit the app to access your camera. However, if you really need the app, you can allow it then to refute the permission after it installs.

It is also crucial to read any app’s terms and conditions before installing it on your Samsung device.

Update Your Device

Your Samsung TV should have security patches that prevent the vulnerabilities from exploitation.

If it does not have the security feature, ensure that you update the TV so that it can get the feature. If you cannot see the update available, you can turn on the automatic software update.

Check Your Samsung TV Privacy Policy

You should know the privacy policies of your manufacturer. Check to see the kind of data they collect from your device and from other streaming services, what they do with it, and how they store it.

How To Disable A Camera On Samsung TV

Hackers and TV manufacturers can get any of your home information using the camera on your device. Even after disabling the ACR, you need to disable the camera to avoid such stuff from happening.

If you find a camera lens on your device, place black tape over it. If you cannot see it, but you know the device has a camera, you can look for a video app like Skype.

Open it, then rotate around your screen until it turns black, then tape the camera.

Apart from the camera, hackers can get information from your voice using the device’s microphone. The best thing you need to do is to turn off both the camera and the microphone.

You can turn them off using these steps.

  1. On your device, go to Settings, then select Privacy options.
  2. Locate Advertising, then choose ‘Limit ad tracking.’
  3. Locate Camera and Microphone accessibility, then Turn off.

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If your Samsung TV has a camera, you will always find it at the top of your TV’s frame. It is located near the device’s microphone so that you can use both when you video call.


If you have been asking, does my Samsung TV have a camera? I hope you now know where and how you can locate it.

Your TV’s frame is always the common place for the camera. And due to technology, some cameras are retracted; hence you may not find it easily, especially if you are not keen.

Be cautious, however, about the use of your camera. Remember, hackers can find a way to your home through it. So, disabling it can be ideal.

Not all Samsung TVs have a camera. If yours has one, you can locate it at the top-center of your TV’s frame. You can also find a microphone beside it.

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