does ring doorbell work with vivint

Does Ring Doorbell work with Vivint smart home security? Would you be able to pair them together to work in conjunction with one another?

Before moving, I had to find out! So, I took my part and tried to discover whether they were compatible with each other or not!

Unfortunately, the Vivint home security system is not compatible with Ring cameras. There’s no way to link and connect these two brands and make them work with one another.

Does Vivint Offer Cameras?

do vivint offer cameras

Vivint and Ring are two of the best and most prominent names in home security, the latter more popular. So does Vivint have their lineup of cameras, too?

Yes, of course, they do! Vivint’s doorbell camera is a smart camera that you can use to see and hear people at your door – the best part? You can do that even if you aren’t there!

One question many homeowners have, though, is if you can connect it to your Ring cameras.

Does Vivint work with Ring Doorbell? Can you link and connect your Ring Doorbell to the Vivint security system?

Let me shed some light on the functionality and compatibility of these devices.

Does Ring Doorbell Work With Vivint?

While both these products are the leading names in home security, unfortunately, they are not compatible with one another.

You wouldn’t be able to connect them with one another.

The Vivint security system is one of the most flexible home security systems in the market. Unfortunately, it’s not compatible with Ring devices.

As per the company’s terms and conditions, they do not allow the use of third-party cameras for their home security systems.

You can only use virtual assistant technologies, locks, thermostats, and other types of devices.

However, you can make use of Vivint’s sensors as a supplement to your Ring home security system, thanks to its compatibility with Z-wave technology.

I’ll tackle more on that later.

Can You Control Vivint With Ring and Vice Versa?

can control both vice versa

No, it’s not possible. The simple fact that you wouldn’t be able to use your Ring Doorbell with Vivint, and vice versa is already an answer.

However, since both Vivint and Ring Doorbells are compatible with virtual assistants such as Google Home and Alexa, you can control them separately.

NOTE: They will need two separate mobile applications for them to work. You wouldn’t be able to control them as one using a single mobile app.

What Cameras Can You Use With Vivint?

As of writing, Vivint is offering three different cameras for both indoor and outdoor security.

These include:

  • Ping Indoor Camera
  • Vivint Outdoor Mounted Camera
  • Vivint Doorbell Camera

In simpler terms, Vivint only works with Vivint-branded cameras. If what you have are third-party cameras, even unbranded ones, you wouldn’t be able to use them within the Vivint system.

For a better and more professional video monitoring service, you will need to pay about $5 for each camera that you have.

If you have 6 cameras installed, that would be $30 total.

NOTE: Vivint allows only up to four monitoring security cameras. If you have more than four, you need to subscribe to a new package or contact customer service to request an extension.

What Devices Are Compatible With Vivint?

what devices compatible with vivint

In terms of the devices, your Vivint home security system can work with a wide range of brands and products.

Vivint utilizes Z-wave technology, making it available and compatible with other home security products and hardware, these include:

  • Z-wave technology (smart devices, plugs, locks, speakers, doors, etc.)
  • Philips Hue
  • Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Plus
  • Google Home
  • Nest Thermostat
  • Kwikset Door Locks

As you may have noticed, there are no cameras on this list. However, its Z-wave compatibility is what’s used for it to work with a ton of other brands and products.

Using Vivint Sensors With the Ring System

Good news!

Although your Ring Doorbell isn’t compatible with the Vivint security system, you can make use of Vivint devices –sensors, in particular, to work with the Ring system or software.

What this simply means is if you are utilizing a Ring system in your home and you have Vivint sensors available, you can use these sensors.

NOTE: Doing this, though, would not give you professional monitoring services for your sensor, since it’s from a different brand or company.

How to Connect Vivint Sensors to Ring System

connect vivint sensors to ring system

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can connect your Vivint sensors with the Ring system.

  1. Download and install the Ring app (if you don’t have one yet).
  2. Then, select Menu at the top-left corner of the screen.
  3. After that, tap and select Devices from the list.
  4. Tap on + at the lower corner (usually on the right side).
  5. Then, select Security Devices > Sensors.
  6. Wait for a few minutes and a pop-up screen will appear.
  7. Select Add Manually to add a third-party sensor.
  8. Next, select Z-wave and then Add when the system redirects you to a new page.
  9. Follow the on-screen instructions to continue with the process.

When that’s complete, restart the Ring app. You should now be able to see your Vivint sensors in the list of devices.

NOTE: They will be listed as Z-wave devices instead of being labeled as Vivint.

Can Vivint Sensors Set Off Your Ring Alarm?

can set off rirng alarm

Since you were able to connect them, you should be able to use it like how you would in a Vivint or a Z-wave environment, right?

Unfortunately, that’s not what the case is.

While you can use your Vivint sensors with the Ring security system, you might not be able to get the full benefit of it such as going off when the Ring alarm is disarmed or opened, receiving manual or professional monitoring services, and so on.

Yes, it can save you money to use your Vivint sensors with your Ring home security system, but the features would be off.

It would seem like you are not equipped with a smart home security system because you’ll have to manually do them.


the faqs about ring and vivint

Can’t decide? Here are some of the most asked questions about it.

Is Ring Better Than Vivint?

No, not necessarily. According to some customer feedback, they found that Vivint cameras are better in terms of quality and application integration.

However, Vivint cameras require professional installation, while Ring cameras don’t.

Can I Use Vivint Cameras Without a Service or Subscription?

No, you wouldn’t be able to use Vivint cameras without a service or a subscription.

You at least need to be on a month-to-month contract if you don’t want long-term engagement or commitment to Vivint.

In case you were wondering, no, your Ring Doorbell wouldn’t work with the Vivint home security system. The Vivint home security system only allows Vivint-branded security cameras to work in their environment.

Final Words

Before you decide which path to go on, do know that these brands don’t do well with each other, so Does Ring Doorbell work with Vivint? No, it doesn’t.

You can make the sensors work, but you won’t actually be maximizing all its features.

What I would suggest is to choose between Ring and Vivint and make sure that you purchase hardware and devices compatible with them.

Nicole B