how do i know when my ring battery is fully charged

Could you be having a ring doorbell and wondering, how do I know when my ring battery is fully charged? Probably it is your first time handling this Ring device, and you do not know how to go about it.

It is important to understand how long the Ring battery takes before it charges completely. And how will you know it is fully charged? Read below to understand more.

Your Ring battery is fully charged if the ring light changes to solid blue. If you are charging Ring doorbell 2 or 3, the ring light should be solid green.

How To Check Battery Level On Ring Doorbell

Ring provides an app that you can use to control most of the ring’s activities.

If you have installed the app on your tablet, iPhone, or smartphone, you can use it to check the battery level. Use these steps.

  1. Open the app on your phone.             
  2. Select the doorbell
  3. At the top of the right corner, you will see a battery bar icon. Kindly view the level of charge.

The app can also notify you if the battery is running low. You only need to ensure that you have turned on the notification button to get these alerts.

How Long Does Ring Battery Last?

According to Ring information, you will need to charge its doorbell’s lithium batteries approximately after 6 or 12 months. Several factors lead to the battery draining; they include:

  • The number of motions the doorbell records.
  • The alert settings on your doorbell.
  • The number of times you view the doorbell’s live stream.

How Should I Charge, And How Do I Know When My Ring Battery Is Fully Charged?

know ring battery is fully charged

All original ring doorbells do not contain a battery pack that you can remove. Hence, you must remove the whole doorbell from your wall if you want to charge it.

You can use these steps to charge.

Step #1. Your doorbell has two screws beneath it; kindly remove them using a screwdriver.

Step #2. Push your doorbell up to get it out of the mounting plate.

Step #3. Insert the charging cable into the doorbell’s backport. To confirm it is charging, the circle on the doorbell will fill.

Step #4. Wait for the circle to be solid blue. That is when it is fully charged.

Step #5. Mount back the doorbell on the wall and replace the screws.

How to Charge Ring Doorbell 2

You do not need to remove this Ring doorbell from the wall since you can easily remove the battery pack. You can use these steps to charge the doorbell.

Step #1. Using the doorbell’s screwdriver, remove the security screws beneath the doorbell.

Step #2. Slide the faceplate to remove it.

Step #3. Remove the ring’s battery pack. Press the black tab to release it quickly.

Step #4. Insert into the battery the orange USB cable, then plug into the power outlet or computer. Note that the battery is charging if the green and the red lights are on. It is fully charged when only the green light is on.

Step #5. Remove the USB cable, then return the battery to the doorbell.

Step #6. After 30 seconds, the doorbell should turn on. You can then screw it back and return the faceplate.

How to Fully Charge Ring Doorbell 3 Battery

Your doorbell 3 needs only one battery to work properly. You can hand wire it if you need a backup. You can also purchase another battery if you want extended battery life.

If you connect your battery to a USB outlet such as a computer, it may take around 10 hours to charge. If you connect it to the power source directly, it may take around 5 hours.

Use these steps to charge.

Step #1. Remove the faceplate by unscrewing, then pressing it on its sides.

Step #2. Press the release tab to remove the batter.

Step #3. Insert the orange USB in the battery’s port and the power source.

Note: when the battery is charging, both the green and the red LEDs will light. If it is fully charged, the battery’s light will be solid green.

Step #4. Slide the battery to its place. Ensure it sticks, then return the faceplate.

Step #5. After a few seconds, your ring doorbell 3 will power up, and you can use it.

If your battery is not fully or correctly charged, you will see a report as you set the doorbell. Hence, always ensure that the battery is fully charged before the setup.

What To Do When You See The Ring Battery Status Low After Charging

You should note that you will not see the battery life icon updating on the app while the doorbell is charging. It only updates when it detects motion or when someone rings the bell.

When you fully charge the battery, reinsert it, then always wait for up to around 30 seconds. Ring the bell, then go to the app to see the battery’s life bar. If the battery status is low, you may need to troubleshoot some issues.

What to Do When the Ring Battery Drains Quickly

Several factors lead to your battery’s low life. If you do not want your battery to drain faster, you can consider the following factors and troubleshoot them.

Step #1. Your Internet Speed Is Low, Or Wi-Fi Signal Is Weak

If the signal is weak, the router disconnects then reconnect frequently, causing the battery to drain. You may need to

1.  Check your connection or upgrade the connection. A newer router with a built-in amplifier and antennas provides a stronger signal.

2.  Ensure your router is closer to your ring bell.

3.  Remove obstacles that are between your ring doorbell and your router.

4.  A Ring Chime pro can also improve the signal strength of your router.

Step #2. The Weather Is Freezing

Ring doorbells do not function when the temperatures are below -50F. If you keep your ring doorbell outside, yet you live in very cold places, the lower temperature drains the battery.

You may need to keep your device inside. If the temperatures drop past 360F, you should charge the device. Since you cannot control the weather, you may need to purchase a smart doorbell that can work well even in extremely cold temperatures.

Step #3. Restrict Using Camera’s Live Stream Frequently

Live View allows you to stream live your doorbell from your phone. You can also talk via its speaker using your phone or amazon echo screen.

This feature drains the battery so much. So, you may need to minimize your live viewing to lengthen the battery’s life.

Step #4. Stop Or Limit Lots Of Motions And Alerts

Try to reduce the alerts you receive using these steps.

  1. Go to your ring app, then choose the device you want to reduce motions.
  2. Click on motion settings.
  3. Click smart alert.
  4. Choose ‘light’ if you want fewer alerts.

To reduce the number of events, you will go to Zones and Range settings or Motion settings. Turn off the zones that detect too many motions.

You will know your ring battery is fully charged if the ring light turns solid blue. Check for solid green ring light if you are charging Ring doorbell 2 or 3.

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If you have been wondering, how do I know when my ring battery is fully charged, you can now calm down because you have found the way out. The front lights on your doorbell will always help you know if your Ring doorbell is fully charged.

For the normal Ring doorbell with an irremovable battery pack, always check for a blue light. For doorbells 2 and 3, the ring light should be solid green when it is fully charged.

Your Ring battery is fully charged if the ring light is solid blue. If you are charging Ring doorbell 2 or 3, the front light should be solid green when it is fully charged. 

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