disney plus sharing rules

Feeling confused about Disney Plus sharing rules? You are definitely not alone!

So many people are contemplating the same after Netflix’s raging war against those who violated their terms of use.

With Disney Plus, you still need to learn if and when you can actually share your account with someone else. And that’s what we are here for!

Disney Plus allows simultaneous streaming on four devices and enables the creation of seven user profiles with one account. However, learning how to share Disney Plus correctly is essential for optimal usage.

The Growing Love for Disney Plus

Disney Plus has quickly become a major player in the world of streaming services.

Viewers can easily access an extensive library of beloved series, timeless movies, and exclusive content from popular brands, such as:

  • Marvel
  • Pixar
  • Disney
  • … and more!

Can Disney Plus be an Alternative to Netflix?

The truth is that Disney Plus and Netflix cater to very different audiences. They have content with virtually no overlap, mainly due to their different licensing arrangements.

watching disney plus alternative to netflix

Disney owns iconic franchises such as Marvel and Star Wars. It means you get direct access to shows like She-Hulk and The Mandalorian.

Similarly, you can find every episode of The Simpsons on Disney Plus.

On the contrary, Netflix comes with an extensive range of original movies and TV shows, including mainstream movies fresh out of theaters.

Where Disney Plus sticks to content suitable mostly for kids, Netflix attracts viewers with its variety of content.

Here is a bit more about how Netflix and Disney Plus compare in terms of content:

NetflixDisney Plus
Number of titlesOver 5381Close to 1000
Free trialN/A7 days
Original contentYesYes
Simultaneous stream14

It shows that Disney Plus may not be a direct alternative to Netflix, but it is a great option for kid-friendly content.

Fact: Netflix has over 238.39 million paid subscribers (2023), whereas Disney Plus currently stands at just over 100 million.

Disney Plus Sharing Rules to Keep in Mind!

Now, if you are currently thinking about switching to Disney Plus, you ought to have an idea about its sharing rules.

There is a growing number of streaming enthusiasts looking for alternatives to platforms like Netflix.

Therefore, it is natural to question Disney Plus’s stance on account sharing and simultaneous streaming.

Let’s find out more about it now!

Does Disney Plus Allow Sharing

The straight answer is that Disney Plus does not allow account sharing. Disney has a number of streaming services under its control, and Disney Plus is just one of them.

The same entertainment giant offers ESPN Plus and HULU subscriptions as well. And interestingly, you can also get a single bundle containing all three services.

  • Whether you sign up for Disney Plus alone or go with the bundle, how many people can watch at the same time does not change.

Let’s talk about some of the rules surrounding the idea of sharing a Disney Plus account.

Rule #1. Account Sharing and Household Profiles

sharing account in disney plus

Officially, you are not allowed to share your Disney Plus account with someone outside of your household.

But, still, the platform lets you set up various user profiles in your single account.

Basically, you can stream up to four devices at the same time. It implies that everyone in your household will have the ability to enjoy their own favorite shows.

Rule #2. Simultaneous Streaming Limit

No matter the plan you choose, the streaming limit of four devices remains unchanged.

disney plus streaming limit disney plus

There is no change if you own a monthly subscription or upgrade it to an annual subscription.

But, in most cases, four screens are usually enough for a large family to enjoy their favorite content without conflict.

Rule #3. Individual User Profiles

disney plus adding profiles

Disney Plus lets you create seven user profiles per account. Every single profile works like a separate account, of course, while using the same credentials.

Nevertheless, each profile features its own:

  • Viewing history
  • Personalized watchlist
  • Recommended content

All that works due to Disney’s sophisticated algorithm.

Setting Up Your User Profile:

Setting up the user profile does not have to be tricky.

Here are the simple steps to follow:

  1. Go to the Account Settings
  2. Click the New Profile option
  3. Personalize your profile
  4. Change content restrictions
  5. Set up parental controls
  6. Enjoy Age-Appropriate viewing
Fact: Multiple profiles mean parents can create profiles with content restrictions to ensure age-appropriate content for younger kids.

Rule #4. Device Registration Limit

disney plus registering device with limit

While you can play content on four devices simultaneously, it is possible to register up to 10 devices using the same login credentials.

This sharing feature allows you to watch content on various devices, such as:

  • Gaming consoles
  • Smart TVs
  • Mobile devices
  • Streaming sticks
Fact: You will receive an error message if you try to stream Disney Plus content on a new device when four others are already active.

Rule #5. Family Subscription

If you have been using Apple TV+ and switching to Disney Plus, you will notice a quick difference.

disney plus subscribing to family plan
  • There is no family subscription to Disney Plus!

Unlike Disney Plus, Apple TV+ can be shared across various accounts and users.

Instead of a family subscription, you get seven user profiles, which again are like having separate accounts, but the bill payer has to be in the household.

Rule #6. Offline Viewing

Speaking of offline viewing, Disney Plus won’t disappoint you. But, you are limited to only 10 devices. Still, not bad, right?

disney plus downloading videos

The feature serves those who are into watching their favorite movies and shows on the go.

Fact: You have to sign in to your Disney Plus account every 30 days to be eligible to download content and watch it offline.

Consequences for Sharing Your Disney Plus Account

Once you know about Disney Plus, how many users per account, you must be thinking what if you break those rules?

The truth is that you can get in trouble for sharing your Disney Plus account.

Why Is It So Big of an Issue?

It may seem like a simple thing to share your password with someone, but Disney Plus cares about it because it means they lose money in the process.

Yes, the small subscription fee may not seem much at first, but multiply it with millions of subscribers and things truly get interesting.

That is why streaming companies have an interest in who gets their account and how.

Disney Plus Rules Enforcement

While Disney does not allow you to share your account, it really does nothing to enforce those rules.

As per Disney’s rules, you violate the terms and conditions if you share your account with someone other than your family.

But, as per Michael Paull, the streaming service president at Disney, the company understands that some users will share login credentials with extended family and friends.

Should You Worry About Account Sharing?

So far, Disney has not taken any action against those who breach those terms.

You may get away with giving your password to your friends, but it may be different if you sell it for a profit.

Fact: Selling your account to a large number of viewers could raise a red flag and even get your account blocked.

How to Share Disney Plus – Best Methods

You may have gathered the idea that there are rules surrounding Disney Plus sharing, but what if you want to do it in the right way? Well, there are a few ways to do it in a legal way.

For instance:

Method #1. GroupWatch Feature

It is not exactly like sharing your account with someone you may not know, but it allows larger group viewing in a legit way.

watching disney plus with groupwatch

The GroupWatch feature allows six people to watch their favorite shows together at the same time. Definitely a great feature for family and friends wanting to enjoy movies together remotely.

The best part is that only one user device would broadcast the stream, so it won’t breach the four-device streaming rule.

How to Invite People to a DisneyPlus GroupWatch?

  1. Visit the DisneyPlus homepage or DisneyPlus mobile app.
  2. Find interesting titles to stream
  3. Check the details page for your selected titles.
  4. Find the GroupWatch icon on the page.
  5. Go to the GroupWatch room and select invite.
  6. Get your Invite link and share.

Method #2. SharePlay Feature

Another legitimate way to share DisneyPlus content is available for Apple users.

watching disney plus with shareplay

You can use the SharePlay feature and connect with your friends and family through FaceTime calls to stream Disney+.

How to Join a SharePlay Session?

  1. Start a FaceTime call.
  2. Find “Join SharePlay” and tap Open.
  3. Wait for the Disney+ app to open.
  4. Now, select “Join SharePlay.
  5. Wait to get accepted and then redirected to the content.

Remember, you need to click the picture-in-picture title on your screen to go back to the FaceTime call.

Method #3. Disney Plus Gift Subscriptions

disney plus gifting subscriptions

Yet another fine way to share Disney Plus content with others is to gift them a subscription.

You will definitely be paying for this gift subscription, but it saves you from sharing your password with someone else.

Here’s how to get the Gift Subscription:

  1. Go to the Disney website.
  2. Look for the Gift Subscription section.
  3. Explore the available options.
  4. Select your preferred option.
  5. Proceed with sign-up.
Fact: Even when you send a gift subscription, remember that the receiving user still needs to create a new Disney Plus account.


Learning about Disney Plus sharing rules is important. Now, the platform clearly prohibits users from sharing their account details. But, you can use four devices with seven profiles, which ultimately allows you to bend those rules a little.

Right now, Disney Plus does not seem to be interested in blocking accounts for misuse. But, who knows when it might change, just like Netflix?

Nicole B