how to watch netflix on tv without internet

In this guide, you’ll learn how to watch Netflix on TV without internet. We will be giving you a comprehensive tutorial on what things you need, how you can set it up, and how you can do it!

As a disclaimer, you wouldn’t be able to “stream” movies, shows, or any other title. However, you have the option to watch downloaded or offline titles on your account!

You can watch Netflix on your television even without WiFi, through downloaded titles.

With this, you would need too few devices to be able to do it, like an HDMI cable to connect your PC, laptop, or smartphone to your TV, a gaming console for Netflix access, or a streaming stick or device.

Do You Need WiFi For Netflix on TV?

Netflix is a content platform company that started as a video streaming service. Now, the company’s able to produce content for its viewers.

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You might be wondering “Do you need internet for Netflix on Smart TV?”

A lot of people are consistently asking the question, but would you need it, though?

Since the company’s content is only made available online, the simple and straightforward answer to it is yes, you need WiFi for Netflix.

Understanding How Netflix Works

The service runs under a subscription. Meaning, you need to be a subscriber before you’ll be able to watch and access TV shows, movies, and other titles.

And since you don’t have any means of accessing its library via any hardware, you need the internet to be able to access it.

The principle is quite easy to understand – you select a movie or a show on Netflix. Then, Netflix will give you access to that specific content via their online library.

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But not everyone has access to Wi-Fi or the internet 100% of the time. If this is what you’re experiencing, don’t fret!

Should you not have an internet connection, there’s a workaround you can do!

Can You Watch Netflix on TV Without Internet?

Just a quick reminder, though, you wouldn’t be able to “stream” without an internet connection.

Since streaming is the act of playing back any type of video or music using the internet, you really can’t stream content while you’re offline.

So, before we tackle how you can watch it on your television even if you’re not in any network, let’s discuss how you can download shows, movies, and titles on your account!

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How to Watch Netflix on TV without Internet?

watch netflix without internet

As discussed, downloading is the best option available. Downloading movies, shows, and other types of content is easy. You can simply use the genre or the category, the search bar, or the “what’s new” portion to find what you’re looking for.

Then, you just have to click on the title, show, or movie, and click on the button that says Download.

You can choose to download one by one, or you can download it as a whole completely. The download’s completion will depend on the speed of your network.


Downloading will require you to have an internet connection first. When the download is complete, you can then proceed to the steps below.

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To check if the download has successfully been completed, you can toggle over to the Downloads tab and see if the title is there.

There are a few methods in watching your downloaded shows and movies on your TV.

Using an HDMI Cable

using hdmi cable

The first method we’ll do is by using an HDMI cable. Most modern and newer models of televisions have HDMI cables.

This specific method is actually also applicable if your TV is a non-Smart TV, too!

Step #1: Access Netflix on Your PC, Laptop, or Any Other Device

Using it with an HDMI cable is quite possibly the simplest and the easiest.

What you have to do is to access Netflix like how you’ll access it on your PC, computer, laptop, smartphone, or any other device.

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You need the Netflix app for this because you wouldn’t be able to load Netflix on the browser if you don’t have WiFi or internet.

Step #2: Connect Your Television to Your Device Via HDMI Cable

Once you have Netflix going, use the HDMI cable or wire and link the device to the television. For this step, you might need an adapter to connect the two (2) devices together.

To give you an example, you might need an Apple Lightning Cord-to-HDMI adapter if you are going to connect your iPhone to your TV.

Step #3: Navigate to Access Offline or Downloaded Titles

After that, access the downloads or the offline contents tab on your Netflix app, click on a title, and watch it be projected to the television!

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This is the method you can do if you want to achieve some type of “screen share” between one device to your television.

Using a Streaming Device

using streaming device

Apart from using HDMI wires and cables, you can also choose to utilize streaming devices like streaming sticks, receivers, and the like.

Here are the steps involved in using a streaming device to watch Netflix on your TV while offline:

Step #1: Turn on and Activate the Device

The first step you want to do is to activate and turn on the streaming device.

Just plug it into your TV, set it to the specific input or mode, and that’s it!

When you see the logo of the streamer, that’s the signal that it’s turned on and already active. 

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Step #2: Navigate to Netflix

Once you have it active, proceed to the Netflix application that’s already present or pre-installed on the device.

If it doesn’t have one yet, you’ll need to download it first. That, of course, will require you to first have an internet connection.

But if you already have it, then this wouldn’t be a problem for you.

Step #3: Access Downloaded Shows, Movies, and Titles

After you access Netflix, you’d have to go to the tab where the downloaded contents are. Hit on the title and enjoy watching it even if you don’t have a connection!

If you have a Roku stick, an Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast, or any other type of streamer, you can follow this method!

Enjoy watching your favorite shows, movies, and titles on the big screen!

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Using a Gaming Console

using gamin console

And last, but not least is by using a gaming console like a PlayStation 3 or 4, an Xbox One or Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, and many more!

In using gaming consoles, you just must make sure that your Netflix account is logged in. Then, if you have multiple profiles under your account, choose yours!

Proceed to the downloaded content tab to view all you’ve downloaded. Click on the one that’s been completed, wait for it to load completely, and that’s it!

That’s the process of how you can use your gaming console to watch offline content on Netflix.

Using a Smart TV

using smart tv

If you have a smart TV, it’ll most likely have pre-installed apps and programs. In accessing these applications, though, you would most likely need an internet connection.

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Should you want to watch any Netflix title even if you’re not connected to a network, your Netflix account should have downloaded titles. It could be anything like TV shows, movies, documentaries, and other forms of content.

On your Smart TV, open Netflix and go to the list of all the downloaded content you have.

So, if you have downloaded content, you will find it easy to watch Netflix on your television set even without WiFi or internet!

So long as you have offline or downloaded content, watching it wouldn’t be a problem!

Whether you want to watch it on a device like a PC, laptop, smartphone, or tablet – or if you’re more interested to view it via your television, you can do so, too!

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In the event that you’re looking for a solution on how to watch Netflix on TV without internet, don’t fret.

This guide will be everything you need! You don’t have to have significant experience in either Netflix or troubleshooting your TV!

You can do this without the help and the assistance of an expert!

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