what do you get with apple tv subscription

If you don’t know what do you get with Apple TV subscription today we’re going to unwrap this topic and answer everything you need to know.

Just like other subscriptions, the Apple TV is a service that requires a monthly payment.

You can either subscribe to Apple TV Plus for access to a selection of content or subscribe to a specific channel in the Apple TV application.

With the Apple subscription, you’ll receive access to Apple Originals including series, movies, and documentaries. The Apple channels, however, provide access to live streaming shows and series with different prices across many different channels to choose from.

Let’s now learn the main differences between Apple TV channels vs Apple TV Plus and explain what you’ll receive by subscribing to each of them.

Apple TV Channels Vs Apple TV Plus?

Since the “Apple TV” is used for different services and products, it could be quite confusing for the average user.

To understand better what you’ll receive with the Apple TV subscription you first need to understand the difference and the product you’re about to subscribe to.

  • Apple TV is a media player and can also be referred to as an Apple TV app.
  • Apple TV Plus is a streaming service and can be found under “Watch Now”.
Both of these services provide separate subscriptions oriented towards different types of content. 

With Apple TV you can enjoy a selection of series and award-winning movies while with the Apple TV Plus you can access Apple Originals live streaming shows.

Once subscribed, you’ll be able to access the content by opening the Apple TV app, or an Apple TV Plus application available online and on many smart TVs.

Just open the app, press on Apple TV Plus, or watch online by visiting tv.apple.com.

Tip: For a bundle containing Apple TV+ you can subscribe to Apple TV One.

What Do You Get With Apple TV Subscription?

get with apple tv subscription

Fortunately, there is more than one way to subscribe to Apple TV, which provides users with a wide range of opportunities.

There are three different choices in regard to pricing, functionality, and performance when it comes to Apple TV Plus subscriptions.

Here are the different plans, their tiers, and what you’ll receive.

Regular Apple TV Subscription

This is the most standard subscription that most of the users go with, and it basically costs as low as $4.99 per month.

What’s even better is that you’ll get a 7-day free trial when you provide your payment info without getting charged.

You can cancel your subscription before the 7-day free trial expires, which will make your Apple TV Plus experience entirely free.

To come back and watch in the future, you’ll have to resubscribe without a free trial.

Subscribe to Apple One

subscribe to apple one

By subscribing to Apple One you will enjoy more for less.

With the Apple One subscription, you will receive a 1-month trial for free and you only need to register a payment method.

By subscribing to Apple One you will not only receive Apple TV+ but also other Apple services including:

  • Apple Arcade
  • Apple News+
  • Apple Music
  • Apple Fitness+
  • iCould+

There are three different tiers of subscription that Apple One offers. The individual plan costs $14.95 per month, the Family tier goes for $19.95 per month and the Premier Tier is $29.95.

With the individual plan, you’ll receive the Apple TV, Apple Arcade, and 50 GB of iCloud storage.

These benefits grow respectively by increasing the tier of your subscription until you’ve got ALL of the above-listed Apple services along with more iCould storage.

Buy An Apple Device

buy apple device

This is the third way to acquire an Apple TV subscription and happens basically when you purchase a brand new Apple device.

What you receive is 3 months FREE, with every new Apple device that you buy.

By default the free time does not start on its own, instead, you’ll need to open the Apple TV application and start the 3 months.

Sadly, once activated, the 3 months free will continue to expire no matter what happens. You can’t stop the trail once activated.

Note: When purchasing second-hand Apple devices, their free trial has been most likely already activated by their original user.

What Do You Get With Apple TV Subscription With New Device?

apple tv subscription get

It’s interesting how surprising it would be when you open your new Apple TV from the box and find out that you’ve been granted 3-months of Apple TV subscription for free.

There is nothing beyond normal with the bonus 3 months of subscription and it includes everything that would be there with the regular $4.99/month subscription.

As a user, you only need to insert your payment method and you’ll receive the 3 months of Apple TV subscription for free.

You won’t be able to cancel the subscription but for 3 months straight you won’t be paying anything.

Apple TV Free Trial?

What’s even better is that this 3-month free trial does not come only with an Apple TV. The trial comes with iPhone, iPad, iMac, and Macbook.

In general, any Apple device that can have the Apple TV installed will definitely grant you a 3-months free Apple TV+ subscription.

Once the free trial is over, you will be automatically assigned to the regular Apple TV subscription which costs $4.99/month and will start billing automatically.

Note: Apple TV channels, Apple TV+ and Apple One are not accessible in all regions. You can check the Apple-supported regions to learn more.

Does Apple TV Have Free Movies & Shows?

The straightforward answer is NO. There is nothing free in the Apple TV and Apple TV channels collection.

You can watch for free but only for a limited time before you’ll have to choose a subscription to continue with.

free movies and shows

However, in case you’ve got an Apple TV or more specifically the Apple tvOS, there are many free applications you can download from the App Store.

Such applications will provide you with a variety of TV shows and movies for free or require you to add your payment method to receive their free trial.

There is a wide range of opportunities for you to explore different Apple TV services and applications until you’re ready to subscribe to one of them. 

To conclude we can say that Apple TV is worth it for keeping the price low and it’s suitable for people looking to enjoy high-quality content.

Quick Recap:

When you subscribe to the regular $4.99 Apple TV+ subscription you’ll receive access to many Apple Originals. They include groundbreaking documentaries, award-winning movies, and a fine selection of the best shows and series.

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Last Thoughts:

Now that you know what do you get with Apple TV subscription you should be ready to make your decision and subscribe to the service you’ll enjoy the most.

However, in case you’ve just bought a brand new Apple device, you should definitely make sure to activate your 3-months subscription and check what Apple TV is all about.

We hope that this post was helpful and that you’ve already decided which Apple TV service to subscribing to.

For more guides such as this one, make sure to check our technical blog.

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