tcl roku tv keeps restarting

TCL Roku TV keeps restarting and you’re wondering why? Well, keep reading!

When speaking for a TV, the random restarting/rebooting is not a good sign. If spotted early, in this guide we’ll help you identify and solve the issue as soon as possible so let’s learn more!

Your TCL Roku TV may be restarting mainly due to a power fault or an ongoing or failing system update.

In contrast, the remote could be sending faulty signals and rebooting the Roku TV as well as some settings are capable of shutting down and turning the device.

Let’s dig deeper!

Why Does My TCL Roku TV Keeps Restarting?

reasons tcl roku tv keeps restarting
  1. A power problem with the TCL Roku TV
  2. Interference from the “HDMI CEC” option
  3. Pending or ongoing software update
  4. Power fluctuation from the power source
  5. A function/bug with a third-party device
  6. Software-related blunders with the Roku
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Important – Try This First!

Turn on the TCL Roku TV and close all open streaming or other applications. Then leave your TV idling for about 3 minutes, while reading this guide.

In case of a power outage, wait up to 1 hour before plugging in and using your appliances, including the TCL Roku TV.

TCL Roku TV Keeps Rebooting – Top Solutions!

Here are the top solutions for troubleshooting a constantly restarting TCL Roku TV:

Update your TCL Roku TV

update your tcl roku tv

If your TCL Roku TV is currently undergoing an update, it will reboot several times until the process is completed.

However, when the device fails to install the update, it would attempt later, which will restart your TCL Roku TV a couple more times, deceiving the user into a loop.

Here’s how to update your TCL Roku TV in easy steps:

  1. Press “Home” on your Roku remote.
  2. Go to “Settings” and select “System”.
  3. Choose the “System Update” option.
  4. Press “Check Now” to start the check.
  5. If an update is found, it will start automatically.
Note: In case your television reboots and the update fails, ensure that the TCL Roku TV is connected to the WiFi.

Power Cycle the TCL Roku TV

power cycle the tcl roku tv

In case there was no recent power outage and your TCL Roku TV is constantly restarting, perhaps power fluctuations are the culprit.

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To address any power-related issues, you’ll need to perform a power circulation and thorough inspection of the power equipment of the Roku TV.

Here’s how to power cycle your TCL Roku TV in easy steps:

  1. Turn off the TV using the Roku TV remote.
  2. Unplug the power adapter on both sides.
  3. Wait for 60 seconds for the discharge.
  4. Thoroughly inspect both cables’ sides.
  5. Also, check the electric outlet and TV port.
  6. Ensure that the adapter’s connector is intact.
  7. Connect the power cable tightly on both sides.
  8. Turn on the TCL Roku TV and perform a test.
Reminder: Again, test whether your TCL Roku TV will restart when idling in the main menu!

Disable The “HDMI CEC” Option!

disable the hdmi cec option

The ominous restarts on your TCL Roku TV may be due to the “HDMI CEC” feature.

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When enabled, you’ll be able to turn on/off your soundbar/audio system along with your TCL Roku TV and vice versa, through a device connected via HDMI cable. 

Here’s how to locate and disable the “HDMI CEC” feature on Roku TV:

  1. Go to Settings and navigate to “System”.
  2. Tap on “Control Other Devices (CEC)”.
  3. Select the tab and set the toggle to “OFF”.
Tip: It is also enough recommended to unplug all connected HDMI devices!

Change the Roku TV Power Source

change the roku tv power source

A faulty power source could be causing the TCL Roku TV to shut down out of the blue.

Even if all of your TV equipment is in upright condition, fluctuations in the power may occasionally cause the television to shutdown and restart.

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The Solution?

  • Simply connect your TCL Roku TV to a different power source!

Moreover, remove third-party connectors from your TV’ setup. Added devices such as power strips, smart plugs, extenders, or wall outlet plugs might also be causing a similar problem.

Important: It’s important to plug your TCL Roku TV directly into a power outlet until the rest of the guide!

Check TCL Roku TV For Overheating!

check tcl roku tv for overheating

A major factor that could cause your Roku TV to reboot is overheating and to be able to tell whether this is the culprit, touch the TV’s back panel. 

When any TV is overheating, first the throttling will attempt to keep the TV working by lowering the performance. When the heat exceeded the thermal margin the TV restarts to cool down.

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Here are a couple of ways to reduce your TCL Roku TV’s temperature:

  • Place your Roku TV in a well-ventilated area.
  • The TV should be away from heat conductors
  • Reduce the direct sunlight from shining on the TV
  • Turn off unused features in the software of the TV
  • Stream in lower resolution during the hot days
  • Clean the vents on the back of your Roku TV
Alert: An overheating for too long could seriously damage your TCL Roku TV!

Uninstall Recent Applications

uninstall recent applications

In case random restarts appeared, just after downloading particular applications on your Roku TV, you should uninstall them.

It’s possible that malicious software uploaded to your TCL Roku TV is making the device restart in weird patterns that you can’t recall.

  • To remove apps on Roku TV, go to Settings > Applications > Select App > Delete!
Info: The apps you’ve downloaded most recently will be situated at the top of the “applications” list within the settings. 

Test whether your TCL Roku TV will restart after removing the apps!

Eject The Remote’s Batteries!

eject the remote's batteries

When experiencing unusual behavior by your TV, a clever way to rule out the possibility of your remote causing all this fuss.

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When the batteries of the TCL Roku TV remote are low or there is another Roku TV in the same home, it’s possible that the IR signal is interfering with the TV.

  • The best possible way to rule out the remote is to eject the batteries!

By taking the batteries out, you’ll completely cut off the power supply. This way you’ll also interrupt faulty signals from being sent to your TCL Roku TV.

Do the same with other Roku TV remotes in your home and test for at least 20 minutes whether the TV will restart.

Reset your TCL Roku TV

reset your tcl roku tv

The factory reset is perhaps the best course of action when the TCL Roku TV is still restarting after all of the previous steps.

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The benefit of this is that the entire (OS) will be cleanly installed, which will remove any bugs from the device but all content from the Roku TV will be erased.

Here’s how to factory reset your TCL Roku TV in easy steps:

  1. Press “Home” on your Roku remote.
  2. Tap “Settings” and go to “System”.
  3. Select “Advanced System Settings”.
  4. Choose “Factory Reset”.
  5. Select “Factory Reset Everything”.
  6. Follow the on-screen steps to complete.
Note: Your Roku will be reset for the next 2-3 minutes so be patient!

Replace Roku TV Power Adapter

replace roku tv power adapter

The final step we can undertake at home is to replace the power adapter of your TCL Roku TV in order to ensure a stable power supply.

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Since this is the only thing that we can’t tell whether it’s faulty by looking at the cable, we recommend getting the Prong Cable for TCL Roku TV.

It’s of course recommended to inspect the power connector of your Roku TV before making a purchase but surely this would help.

The replacement process is nothing complex, it’s only important to also check the connector ports and ensure that your electrical outlet is intact.

Tip: If other devices and not only the Roku TV is restarting, restart the fuse from the circuit!

Still Here?

If your TCL Roku TV is still rebooting, you should contact TCL Customer Support and ask for additional assistance.

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It’s possible that the Roku TV was impacted by a power surge so you should definitely check whether your warranty is intact, before contacting the support.

Reminder: Share what you’ve attempted here to save time later!

Quick Recap

Today we’ve learned that when your TCL Roku TV keeps restarting, rebooting the device and plugging it into a different source will help.

If the issue persists after that, update the firmware of the Roku TV, eject the remote batteries, and perform a Roku TV system reset.

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