tcl roku tv keeps losing connection

TCL Roku TV keeps losing connection constantly and you have no idea why? This story has two sides – one involving your home network and the other, your TCL TV performance.

The TCL Roku TV frequently loses connection due to an inconsistency in the home WiFi network or a congestion due to over-usage.

In addition, the reason could also be related to the Roku TV, the firmware version, and of course the device’s performance.

Let’s unwrap more!

Why is TCL Roku TV Losing Network Connection?

There are quite a few different reasons why TCL Roku TV is constantly losing connection and we first need to identify some essentials.

First, check whether the TCL Roku TV is connected to the internet via WiFi or via an Ethernet connection cable, between the router and television.

reasons for tcl roku tv losing connection

Here are the reasons why TCL Roku TV constantly loses connection:

  • Bad WiFi consistency or interference.
  • A temporary network router problem.
  • Weak WiFi coverage/signal strength.
  • Power issues related to the modem.
  • Overwhelmed network and congestion.
  • Outdated TCL Roku TV firmware (OS).
  • Firewall & network security barriers.
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Let’s next learn the correct way of connecting TCL Roku TV to the internet!

How to Connect TCL Roku TV to WiFi?

  1. From the home screen go to Settings.
  2. Then, using the arrows select Network.
  3. From there navigate and choose Wireless.
  4. Your TCL Roku TV will start scanning.
  5. Highlight and select your home WiFi.
  6. Insert the password to join and connect.

How to Connect TCL TV via Ethernet?

First, locate the Ethernet port on your TLC Roku TV and connect one end of the Ethernet cable there and the other end to one of the yellow ports of your router.

Then navigate to Settings > Network > Wired, and follow the on-screen steps to complete the Ethernet (wired) setup.

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How To Fix When TCL Roku TV Keeps Losing Connection?

Tip: Follow the steps in chronological order for the fastest results!
soft reset tcl roku tv

1. Soft-Reset the Network Router/Modem

The first and one of the most important steps against a constantly disconnecting TCL TV is to perform a power circulation on your network device.

This would show whether the issue is only temporal or persistent in which case we would need to perform more advanced steps!

  • Simply, power off and unplug your router from the outlet for 3 minutes!
Info: This would be enough for the network device to restart all services. 

Then you need to ensure that your TCL Roku TV is connected to the internet and check if the issue is still there…

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2. Update your Setup Firmware!

When your TCL TV keeps disconnecting from the WiFi, a quick second step is to update your router’s firmware as well as your TCL Roku TV.

Update TCL Roku TV:

  1. From the Home Screen go to Settings.
  2. Then select System > System Update.
  3. Then select the “Check Now” button.
  4. When found, click on Update Now.

Update Network Router:

update network router

Updating process is different on most router brands. If your router has an application, you can use to sign in using the typical “adminadmin” or “adminpassword” login credentials.

In case your router doesn’t have a mobile app, simply go to, on a device with a browser, connected wired or wirelessly to the router.

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Then use the aforementioned info to sign in and locate the firmware update or system update tab in the control panel.

Note: On some routers, to perform an update you need to reach the Advanced Settings menu!

3. Test Internet (WiFi) Consistency!

The very first step is to test whether your internet (WiFi) is consistent and is not actually dropping.

This is easy and all you need to do is a smartphone or a Windows-operated computer that is connected wired or wirelessly to the network router.

Test Internet via Mobile App

test internet via mobile

There are free applications for iOS and Android that would allow the user to ping Google’s DNS and test the consistency of your WiFi.

Simply open the Google Play store or Apple Store and search for “network ping tool”, then download the top result.

Note: When you see the console, type “ping -t” and observe for lost packets!

Test Internet via Windows PC

On a Windows computer, you can use the CMD (Command Prompt) to ping Google’s DNS and check whether you’re losing any packets.

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The command is “ping -t” for continuous pinging which would show whether any of the sent/received internet packets will “time out”.

Tip: Tip if you identify any internet drops after restarting and updating your router, contact your ISP for assistance!

4. Switch from 5 GHz to 2.4 GHz!

Note: If your router is not dualband, jump to the next step!
switch to 2.4 ghz

This is more of a workaround rather than a solution but you should know some important factors about the WiFi frequency.

Since your TCL Roku TV does support both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz threads of your router, it’s important to switch to the slower, but more consistent broadband.

In case you didn’t know the 5 GHz frequency WiFi is faster but travels hard through more than one wall and that’s why Roku TCL TV keeps disconnecting.

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In contrast, the 2.4 GHz thread of your router is slower (up to 200 Mbps) but is more strong, more reliable, and more consistent.

Reminder: Use the steps at the start of the guide for reconnecting Roku TCL TV to the WiFi!

5. Resolve Wireless Interference!

In case you’ve attempted the previous steps but the Roku TCL TV keeps disconnecting, the culprit could be another device in the surroundings.

The so-called wireless interference could be formed, thus creating a dead zone in your home where devices’ can’t maintain connected.

resolve wireless interference
  • The best way to deal with wireless interference is to relocate your TCL TV!
Note: If you can’t relocate your TV, simply check and remove devices from the surroundings of the TV such as microwaves, baby phones as well as WiFi and Bluetooth receivers.

6. Test TCL TV with Personal Hotspot

One of the most clever ways to identify why the TCL Roku TV keeps disconnecting after all else you’ve attempted is to test with another WiFi.

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More specifically, you can simply share a hotspot from your mobile, connect your Roku TV to the new WiFi and check whether it will disconnect.

  • On Android –  Slide from the top > Quick Menu > Mobile Data > Toggle ON
  • On iOS – Open the Settings app and tap on Personal Hotspot > Toggle ON
test tcl tv with personal hotspot

Then simply follow the steps at the start of the guide to connect your TCL Roku TV to the personal hotspot and then check for disconnects.

In case your TV does not disconnect from your phone’s WiFi, then the reason is most likely due to the distance between the TV and router.

One More Thing!

Have you checked whether other devices connected to this particular home WiFi are also disconnecting?

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The fastest way is to pull your smartphone in front of the Roku TV, connect to the same WiFi, and test whether the issue also impacts other connected devices.

7. Use Wired Connection (Workaround)

In case you didn’t know a permanent solution to the WiFi issues and constant disconnects for your TCL Roku TV is connecting via Ethernet cable.

This works by plugging one end of the Ethernet cable into a yellow port on your router and the other end into your TCL Roku TV.

  • Then from the TCL Roku TV Settings > Network > Wired, complete the setup!
use wired connection

No Ethernet Port on Roku TV?

No problem, you can simply acquire a Micro-USB to Ethernet network adapter, which allows connecting Ethernet to Roku streaming sticks.

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This way you will no longer struggle with the issues of having a TV connected to WiFi, instead, the wired connection cannot be interfered with.

Still Here?

If you’re concerned that the issue is related to the TCL Roku TV failure, it’s best to contact the TCL Support Team, since they are responsible for a hardware failure.

An alternative would be to check the TV’s warranty and contact the local supplier for a possible repair/replacement.

Quick Recap:

Hence, TCL Roku TV keeps losing connection because the WiFi signal is inconsistent or the router is not receiving proper internet.

In case that’s not the culprit the TCL Roku TV has to be rebooted and reconnected to the 2.4 GHz thread of your network router/modem.

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