disney plus not working on xfinity

If you’re wondering why Disney Plus not working on Xfinity? Well, we got you covered! Disney Plus is an exclusive streaming service for Xfinity Flex and X1 TV box users.

However, users may experience trouble using Disney Plus on Xfinity due to one reason or another and if you are in the same situation, do not worry because we have prepared this guide for you.

If Disney Plus is not working on your Xfinity TV box, there could be a server or network issue on your end.

To identify the culprit, simply check your network connection, restart your Xfinity player, and in case the issue continues, troubleshoot the Disney Plus app!

Let’s jump in further to unwrap some more detail!

Is Disney Plus Compatible with Xfinity?

Absolutely Yes!

why is disney plus not working on xfinity

If you are an eligible subscriber, you can get Disney Plus on Xfinity by signing up for the service in the Disney+ app on your X1 TV Box or Flex streaming TV.

However, to use Disney Plus on your Xfinity, you must have an Xfinity internet connection and a Disney+ subscription.

Why is Disney Plus Not Working on Xfinity?

  • Internet connectivity issues on your end.
  • Outdated Disney Plus app firmware version.
  • Xfinity TV box and Disney incompatibility.
  • Disney app service outages/maintenance.
  • Network congestion or bandwidth limitations.
  • VPN or proxy interference on your network.
  • Disney Plus subscription or account problems.
  • Incorrect Disney app settings or configurations.

These are the general reasons why Disney Plus is not working on Xfinity.

However, there are many more factors involved that are included in the solution guide below so let’s jump right in…

How to Fix When Disney Plus Not Working on Xfinity?

If Disney Plus is not working on Xfinity, try the following quick methods to fix your problem!

1. Check for Disney Plus Status

check for disney plus status

Disney Plus occasionally faces downtime due to maintenance, which causes service outages in various areas.

These outage interruptions can prevent the users from accessing the Disney+ platform and cause Xfinity streaming issues.

If there is an ongoing issue on their end, you must wait until it is resolved. However, if there is no such notification about service outages, the problem may be on your end.

Well, before going any further, it’s also recommended to check if Disney+ works from an online web browser. This would immediately suggest whether there is an unannounced outage in your area or simply the Disney Plus platform doesn’t work on Xfinity.

You can also ask any other family member or a friend whether Disney+ is working on their Xfinity or not to determine the source of the problem.

Note: Service outages typically last up to a few hours at a time!

2. Restart the Disney Plus App

restart the disney plus app

Sometimes the app encounters unknown bugs or glitches that affect its performance and later prevent it from connecting to the server on the network.

The solution to this problem is simple; force close the Disney Plus app and then reopen it on your TV.

Reminder: Your Xfinity TV box must be connected to the WiFi network to access Disney+!

How to Restart the Disney Plus app on Xfinity?

  1. Press the “Xfinity” button on the remote control.
  2. Locate and tap on “Apps” or “Application”.
  3. Search for the Disney Plus app and tap on it.
  4. Click on the “Force Stop” or “Force Close” option.
  5. Exit from the app’s settings menu and reopen Disney+.
how to restart the disney plus app on xfinity

In case closing and reopening the app didn’t solve the issue, continue reading further!

3. Power Cycle the Xfinity TV Box

If there are any glitches or issues with your streaming TV or Xfinity TV box, the Disney Plus service will not function.

In this case, restarting your Xfinity TV box device in the troubleshooting process is beneficial because it is a quick and one-time fix to many spontaneous app issues!

How to Restart Xfinity TV Box?

  1. Press the A button from your Xfinity remote control.
  2. Navigate and access the Help Menu on the television.
  3. Tap the OK button and choose the Restart option.
  4. Click on Restart to reboot your Xfinity TV box.
power cycle the xfinity tv box

How to Power Cycle TV Box?

Simply unplug the Xfinity TV box from the power for 2 minutes!

Wait until the Xfinity box and TV are fully powered on and connected to a functional WiFi.

Then, launch the Disney Plus app on your Xfinity TV box to check whether the service will now work!

4. Check Xfinity Internet Connection

A stable and reliable internet connection on your Xfinity router is crucial for the streaming services like Disney Plus.

If your Xfinity router internet connection is experiencing disruptions or is not strong enough, it can lead to issues with Disney Plus streaming.

check xfinity internet connection

Method #1 Using Xfinity App?

  1. Open the Xfinity mobile app.
  2. Sign in to your Xfinity account.
  3. Go to the Connection Trouble section.
  4. Scroll down from the menu list in the app.
  5. Tap on the Restart Gateway option.

Method #2 Manual Restart?

  1. Unplug your Xfinity router from the wall outlet.
  2. Wait for about 3 to 5 minutes to discharge completely.
  3. Plug your Xfinity router back into the wall outlet.
Note: Don’t forget to verify whether the Xfinity TV box is connected to reliable internet!

5. Verify the Xfinity Box Compatibility!

verify the xfinity box compatibility

Disney+ is currently only available for the Xfinity Flex and X1 TV box models. If you have a different Xfinity TV box model than the X1 or Flex, then Disney Plus will not work for you.

To acquire a better understanding, here are ALL Xfinity TV boxes that support Display+:

Compatible Xfinity TV Boxes with Disney+ App 
Xfinity FlexXfinity X1
Xi6 streaming TV BoxPace Model, Non-DVR (XG2v2)
XiOne streaming TV BoxArris or Pace Model, DVR (XG1v3)
– – – –Arris Model, DVR (XG1v4)
– – – –Pace or Cisco Model, Non-DVR (XiD)
– – – –Pace Model, Non-DVR (Xi5 Wireless) 
– – – –Arris or Technicolor Model, Non-DVR(Xi6 Wireless TV Box)
Note: Aside from the Xfinity TV box (Flex and X1), you must also use the Xfinity router to access and use the Disney+ service app.

6. Clear the Disney+ App Cache 

clear the disney+ app cache

Over time, the Disney+ app accumulates a large amount of cache, which over time might start to corrupt files, which can affect the app’s performance.

If the Disney Plus app is still not working on Xfinity, clearing the Disney+ app cache and data can be a useful solution.

Here is how to clear the Disney+ app cache and data on Xfinity:

  1. Press the “Xfinity” or “Home remote button.
  2. Head over to the Apps” tile on your TV screen.
  3. Locate and click on the “Disney+” app tile.
  4. Press on the Storage option from the list
  5. Tap on the “Clear Cache” and “Clear Data”.
  6. Exit from the settings menu of your Xfinity TV.
Note: Upon clearing the cache data, any in-app settings will be permanently erased!

7. Disable the VPN or Proxy Connection

disable the vpn or proxy connection

Well, this happens because VPNs or proxies frequently alter your IP, hence your location (as far as the router knows), which ultimately results in geo-restrictions.

  • You only need to disable VPN or Proxy on your Xfinity router!

Disable VPN Using Advanced Security on the Go:

  1. Open the Xfinity mobile app on your device.
  2. Navigate to the Security section and enter.
  3. Press on the “Advanced Security” tile next.
  4. Press on the gear settings icon from the top.
  5. Check for Advanced Security on the Go”.
  6. Tap on the toggle once to disable the feature.

Delete Any Enabled VPN by Uninstalling Xfinity App:

  1. Simply, Uninstall the Xfinity app from your mobile.
  2. Open the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  3. Search for the Xfinity from the magnifying glass.
  4. Install the Xfinity app on your device and sign in.
  5. This will ultimately reverie all settings to default.

Need More Help?

contact xfinity support

If Disney Plus still does not work on your Xfinity TV box, look for error codes on your TV screen.

If any error codes appear on the display, contact Xfinity Support for help. Best of luck!

Quick Recap:

When Disney Plus not working on Xfinity begin by checking whether your Xfinity TV box is compatible with the app.

Next, ensure that Disney Plus is supported in your area, and only then begin the troubleshooting by checking the internet, app data, and performance.

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