discord mic stops working randomly

Have you ever encountered an instance where your Discord mic stops working randomly?

Can’t you find the real and accurate reason why it just suddenly ceases from functioning all of a sudden?

In this guide, we’ll be giving you all the information you need to know about it. And, of course, we’ll also give you the steps on resolving it!

If your Discord Mic has stopped working randomly, you would need to check the settings on the Discord app. Further, check if you need to update your audio driver.

Before we unravel the resolution to it, let us first try to understand why this is happening.

Reasons Why Your Discord Mic Suddenly Stops

There are quite a few reasons why your Discord mic stops working after a few seconds.

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And, as convenient as we want it to be, it’s not a problem caused by a single factor.

As opposed to what many people believe in, your mic could suddenly stop working because of a few things, and they include:

1. You’re Not Using the Primary Microphone

One of the most common reasons why your Discord mic suddenly ceases to work is because you’re not using the primary microphone on your device.

The primary microphone usually is the one that’s detected by programs. So, that could be where the problem is.

2. Automatic Input Sensitivity is Turned On

By default, the Discord’s input sensitivity is turned on. This is to give users a smooth-sailing experience and to avoid sudden outbursts of sound.

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However, this can impose a problem in the long run, and could actually be the reason why your Discord mic would randomly stop working.

3. Mic is Not Inserted Properly

A lot of people think that this is an obvious take, but have you ever considered if your microphone is correctly inserted?

Double-check the port of the mic and see if it’s inserted properly into the port.

4. Incorrect Discord Settings

And, of course, there could be something wrong with the Discord settings. Your voice could be too low, you could be set to Push-To-Talk (PTT), and so on.

Check the settings of your Discord app and go from there.

These are some of the most common reasons why some microphones suddenly stop working. But, they’re not everything – they’re just the reasons that have been reported multiple times by different users.

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Fret not because, now, we’ll discuss how you can fix this particular problem!

What to Do When Discord Mic Stops Working Randomly?

fix discord mic stops working randomly

Regardless of what the reason is, this guide will help you go through it completely!

So, without further ado, here are the steps that you need to take to ensure that your Discord mic won’t randomly turn off!

Step #1: Check the Mic’s Connection

The first step is to check and assess the mic’s condition in accordance with how it’s connected to your computer.

Check if it’s connected to the right port, and also, it’ll be good to check if you have it connected as the primary device.

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Sometimes, the system has bugs that cause it not to recognize the mic if it’s not a primary device. Therefore, you have to check if it’s connected as a primary device.

Step #2: Check the Discord Version

What comes next is to double-check the version of your Discord app. Oftentimes, the app could cause problems if it’s not up-to-date.

Don’t worry, this instance will be rare because the client will automatically download when it requires an update.

However, there are instances where it notifies you when you’re not connected to a stable internet connection.

You’ll easily be able to check it because there’ll be pop-ups on your screen if it needs an update.

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Step #3: Turn Off Automatic Input Sensitivity

Unfortunately, Discord determines and identifies the microphone sensitivity by itself. Therefore, we don’t have initial control over what it might be.

But, don’t worry, there’s actually a way on how we can solve this.

  • On your Discord app, go to Discord > Preferences
  • From there, select User Settings > Voice & Video
  • Go to Voice Settings
  • Find the button that says Input Sensitivity
  • Then, turn on or activate Manual Settings

From there, adjust the input sensitivity to how you want it to be or to a level where the volume will be consistent.

Step #4: Perform Mic Tests

You can perform mic tests on Discord directly or mic tests from your computer. To perform tests on your Discord app, log into your Discord app and go to User Settings > Voice & Video.

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You should see the Mic Test feature under the input & output sliders.

To check it from your computer (Windows),

  • Go to Start > System > Sound.
  • Then, go to Input > Test Your Microphone

If you’re checking it on a Mac,

  • Open System Preferences > Sound Preference
  • From there, select Input
  • Choose the input device (the mic you’re testing)

Step #5: Update Your Audio Driver

An outdated audio driver can sometimes cause a glitch in the system. Therefore, it’s important to check if your audio driver is up-to-date.

You can update your driver in two ways: manually or automatically.

Manually updating your driver would require you to go to your video card manufacturer’s website and find the audio driver.

Automatic driver updates, on the other hand, would require software or a program that’s capable of automatically updating your driver.

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There are tons of driver update software and programs on the internet that you can use!

This option is what many people take because it can shave off a lot of time from constantly checking to update your audio driver!

Step #6: Reset Discord Voice Settings

And last, but most definitely not least is to reset your Discord voice settings.

Resetting the Discord Voice Settings is like putting your app back to its original state when you first downloaded it.

You can do this by going into the Discord app and choosing User Settings. From there, hit on Voice & Video, then scroll down until you see Reset Voice Settings.

Confirm the action by hitting on Confirm and by waiting for the process to commence.

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That’s it! By following this 6-step process, you should be able to get your Discord mic properly working again!

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Discord Mic Still Encounters the Problem, What Should I Do?

So, you carefully followed the steps and you made sure that you’re using the correct device. Unfortunately, you’re still encountering the error every now and then.

What should you do?

If this is what the situation is, the next best thing you want to do is to contact Discord’s technical support team. File a ticket and make sure that you specify the problem you’re experiencing.

Don’t worry, most of their support representatives are used to receiving concerns like this, so it should be no problem.

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If the Discord mic stopped working randomly, you don’t really have to purchase a new mic when it suddenly stops working on Discord. Try to update the Discord app, toggle a few settings in it, then update your audio driver and your settings will be all fine!


If ever you experience that your Discord mic stops working randomly, this guide will be more than what you’ll need!

You neither have to be an expert nor be experienced in tech to solve it!