can you undelete a discord server

Wondering can you undelete a Discord server? Keep reading to find out.

In case you’ve accidentally deleted a Discord server and now you’re looking for a way to recover it, then you’re at the right place.

Well, recovering a Discord server is not as simple as clicking a button and sometimes it could be quite hard to get a server back.

To recover a deleted Discord server the original owner with access to the associated email address, must reach out to the Discord support team via email. Based on the specific deletion case the time required for a Discord server to be recovered is different.

Now when you’re aware that there is a way to recover a deleted Discord server, let’s answer the most frequently asked question and learn whether you can “undelete” a server and how?

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What Happens When A Discord Server Is Deleted?

Whenever an owner of a Discord server decides that it’s no longer needed, he can delete the entire server which on its own makes a lot of changes.

For example, when a Discord server is deleted by the owner, all members will be automatically removed from the community.

Furthermore, all data including images, files, and text will be permanently deleted without an option to be recovered.

Also, all server settings such as permissions, roles, channels, icons, and plugins will be erased as a whole.

discord server deleted

Here is a list of everything that is erased when a Discord server is deleted:

  • Sent messages
  • Sent images
  • Sent files
  • Server roles
  • Server permissions
  • Server name & icon

Once a Discord server is deleted, the owner and ALL members will no longer see the server in their server lists.

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The owner won’t have access to the server in any variety and all the information exchanged or sent on that particular server will no longer be there.

Note: Deleted discord server cannot be recovered from within the application, even by the original owner.

Can You Undelete A Discord Server?

discord undelete server

For years, users thought that recovering a deleted Discord server is not possible but back in 2017, Discord officially posted on their Twitter about that.

In the post, they simply said that it’s possible to recover a deleted Discord server, and everything an owner has to do is send an email to their support

Restoration Period?

However, you can’t expect Discord to recover a deleted server from 5 years back. It doesn’t work like that.

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There is a “restoration period”, which expires after 14 days after the server has been deleted.

Based on the individual deletion case you present in your support email, this restoration period may or may not be tolerated.

For example, in case of accidental deletion, and a quick recovery email from your side, the Discord team would have no reason not to bring back your server.

However, people that suddenly decide that they need their Discord server deleted 5 years back, may not be lucky.

How To Undelete A Discord Server?

discord server undelete how

It’s simple. To recover a recently deleted Discord server, you’ll need to inquire about it on the official Discord email address.

You’ll need to politely explain the reason why you deleted your server and ask for recovery.

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When To Send A Recovery Email?

In regard to the “restoration period”, it’s important when you send the email and not how long it would take for the Discord team to “undelete” your server.

It’s unclear whether deleted server information such as (roles and permissions) remains intact after 14 days or not.

It's important to send the recovery email from the email address associated with the Discord account and server owner. 

That would be the first step to proving your server’s ownership and identifying as the true owner.

send recovery mail

In addition, you might have to provide further details in regard to your Discord server to prove ownership and have your server retrieved.

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Tip: The sooner you send the email the better.

How Fast Discord Retrieve Deleted Servers?

When you send your recovery email to Discord, you shouldn’t expect an answer in the following 24 hours.

Since Discord is a widely-popular communication platform, their team is constantly working with other users and your email may be back in the line.

However, it’s important that you send the email as soon as possible after the Discord server has been deleted, and the work from your side is done. What’s left would be to wait for a response.

The response time or for your Discord server to be retrieved, it might take from 48 hours to an entire week.

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It’s not recommended to send multiple emails, since that wouldn’t make a good impression and definitely won’t make things faster.

Tip: In case your Discord server is really important you should mention that it's work-related in the email, which might speed things up.

Retrieved Discord Server

Sadly, not everything will be recovered once the server is “undeleted”.

There are many things that will be permanently gone and other things that Discord tends to keep for a certain period after a server has been deleted.

The server would still contain the plugins that were previously there, but no configurations would remain.

You’ll need to set up everything from scratch, and for a larger server that might be a nightmare.

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What Won’t Be Recovered?

what wont be recovered

What won’t be recovered is all of the information that was sent in the server channels.

That information includes images, files, attachments, emotes, text, and everything that has been sent in any of the server channels.

Another thing that would not be recovered is the members and their roles.

When the Discord server is deleted, ALL members are automatically kicked, and the cached data of their permissions and roles are permanently deleted.

Even when you invite them back you would need to provide all privileges, roles, and permissions.

Note: Old members will not see the server recovered unless they are invited back.

Quick Recap:

You can recover a recently deleted Discord server by sending an inquiry email on the Discord support email: It would take from 48 hours up to a week for your server to be retrieved as it were then, with a few exceptions.

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Last Thoughts:

Now when you know the answer to the question “can you undelete a Discord server?”, feel free to inquire about your own server restoration.

In case you’ve recently deleted the server, it should be a big deal for the Discord team to recover it.

However, for long-deleted servers, the possibility of receiving a restoration might not be entirely possible. It’s still worth trying since sending an email only takes a few minutes.