stream movies on discord

If you’re wondering how to stream movies on Discord, this guide is just for you!

In this 5 minute read, we’ll learn two different ways to stream movies in Discord and answer some frequently asked questions such as whether this is legal.

In addition, we’ll discuss some of the major aspects of Discord streaming and how to do it most efficiently, so continue reading.

To stream movies in Discord you can either configure the Discord streaming feature or simply share your screen with the other call participants.

The streaming is not limited in any way, hence you can either stream a particular application or your entire desktop.

Let’s learn more!

How to Stream Movies on Discord Easily?

how to stream movies on discord easily

1. Setup Streaming Application

The very first step is to set up the streaming application from which you would like to stream movies in Discord.

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To clarify, you stream absolutely any game, application, browser page, or your entire screen. 

Before getting into the steps, first, you need to consider the way you intend to stream movies on Discord.

The setup is different based on whether you intend to stream movies from your local computer or stream movies by watching them in your browser.

  1. First, open the Discord application on your computer.
  2. Click on the cogwheel “User Settings” next to your ID.
  3. Next, scroll down in the list to find “Registered Games”.
  4. On the right of “Not seeing your game?”, click “Add it!
  5. Type in the name of the streaming app you’ll be using:

✅ For local streaming select your player (VLC).

✅ For browser streaming, select your browser.

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setup streaming application
Note: When the app has been added, press the “X” to go back or the “ESC” keyboard button!

2. Join a Channel & Start a Movie

When the streaming application is ready in the Discord app, you would see it appear above your Discord ID, with a dedicated “Stream” button.

However, before beginning to stream you need to verify that you’ve joined a Voice Channel and the content is at your disposal to be streamed.

The next step is to start streaming the movie or at least load the page with the content.

join a channel & start a movie

If you’re using a browser, go to the website or directory with the desired content and begin streaming.

In case you’re streaming locally, open the media player and load the movie into the software.

3. Configure the Discord Stream!

It’s now time to hit the “Start Streaming” button next to the icon above your Discord ID.

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Upon clicking the button you’ll see a prompt with configuration settings about the streaming.

  • What You’re Streaming – Shows the currently selected app for streaming!
  • Streaming Channel – This shows the channel to which you’re about to stream.
  • Stream Quality – Choose between smoother video or better text readability.
  • Resolution – You can select between 720p, 1080p, 1440p, and Source quality.
  • Frame Rate – You can go with 15 FPS (jittery),  30 FPS (good), and 60 FPS (smooth).
configure the discord stream

Discord Nitro?

Unfortunately, without Discord Nitro, you can only go with 720p and (15 or 30 FPS).

This is OK since the movies you’re watching are perhaps capped at 23.97 or 24 FPS. Hence streaming a low FPS movie on a high FPS from Discord doesn’t really make sense so keep that in mind.

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4. Go “Live” on Discord

go live on discord

The final step is to press the “Go Live” button to start streaming the selected application.

This is how to stream movies on Discord without black screen, which commonly happens with the traditional “Screen Sharing” feature. 

Upon pressing the button you’ll immediately start streaming to all participants in the Discord voice. Well, they won’t be able to see your stream unless they click on “Watch Stream”.

The final step is to actually hit the “Play” button for the movie you would like to stream so the participants can enjoy it as well.

However, after all, the content is shared in a voice call so your comment, laugh together and discuss the movie while watching.

Tip: Press the “Stop Streaming” button to stop the broadcast for all participants anytime.

Discord Screen Sharing?

discord screen sharing

Discord Screen Sharing is the quickest way to stream movies, but it’s not the most efficient way since without adding the apps first, you can only share your screen.

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This might not always be safe, since exposes content directly from your computer and not a selected application.

In other words, sharing your screen simply casts your desktop and everything you put on it, dynamically.

So, this method is also helpful and will work for streaming movies on Discord because you can pretty much put anything on your desktop and share your screen immediately.

discord screen sharing 2
  1. While in a Discord voice call, click Share Your Screen.
  2. You will be able to select which monitor to screen share.
  3. Alternatively, you select a specific application window.
  4. Upon selecting a monitor or app, you can adjust the options.
  5. Select Resolution, Frame Rate as well as Stream Quality.
  6. Finally, pressing the “Go Live” button will stream the content.
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This way you’ll be now casting your entire desktop screen. Hence, you can put anything on the screen and the participants in the call are able to watch.

To stream a movie this way you can open a browser or a media player, load the movie and start streaming it in Discord.

How to Stream Youtube Movies on Discord?

how to stream youtube movies on discord

Streaming YouTube movies on Discord is easy since YouTube can be opened in your online browser, which can be streamed on Discord.

Here are complete steps on how to achieve this:

  1. Open your Discord application and join a server.
  2. Enter a voice call in the selected Discord server.
  3. Click on the “User Settings” next to your icon.
  4. Then scroll down to find “Registered Games”.
  5. Next, ensure that your browser is registered.
  6. If not, press “Add it!” and add Google Chrome.
  7. Then open Google Chrome and go to YouTube.
  • In Discord, press either Share Your Screen or Start Streaming Google Chrome.
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When the stream is started and Google Chrome is being shared, your YouTube will be available for all Discord participants to watch.

From there you only need to start the movie on YouTube.

How to Stream Movies on Discord Mobile?

how to stream movies on discord mobile

Streaming movies on the mobile Discord platform is easy and accessible for both Android and Apple smartphones and tablets.

All you need to do is download the Discord app and sign into your account so you can join a voice call and follow the steps below to start streaming…

  1. Same as on a computer, join a server voice call.
  2. Then you’ll see a button “Share Your Screen”.
  3. You’ll see a notification message warning you.
  4. Note: Everything on your screen will be visible.
  5. Click on “Start Broadcasting” to share the screen.
  6. When streaming you can go back to the home screen.
  7. Next, simply open a browser or app to stream movies.
  8. Everything your phone screen shows is now streamed.
Info: Same as streaming from a computer, the voice participants need to press “Watch Now” to enter your stream and watch the movie with you.

Streaming Movies on Discord with Bots?

In case you didn’t know you can stream movies on Discord by using third-party bots such as “Rhythm” or “Groovy”, which must be added to the server first.

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However, to edit, employ and use third-party bots, you need to be a moderator of the Discord server for streaming movies.

streaming movies on discord with bots
Note: Different bots come with different commands allowing you to play videos for all participants in the channel to watch simultaneously.

Is Streaming Movies on Discord Legal?

Well, this is quite a gray area, considering that streaming a movie on Discord is pretty much the same as renting a movie and watching it with your family.

There are now laws restricting any Discord streaming, however, capturing and re-uploading, might be considered a violation.

Generally, streaming movies on Discord is legal as long as you’re not making monetary profits from doing so.

In those cases, the entire operation falls under the “Fair Use” policy, hence there are no legal obligations or restrictions you need to avoid.

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Quick Recap:

In this guide, we’ve learned how to stream movies on Discord in different ways and how to adjust the streaming options for the best efficiency.

We’ve learned that Discord allows users to either share a specific app or broadcast their entire screen on PC or mobile.

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