discord keeps logging me out

If you’re like many others asking why my Discord keeps logging me out, then unlike many others you’re at the right place!

We will make sure to explain carefully what may cause your Discord to log you off occasionally and what can you possibly do to prevent it from happening anymore!

If Discord keeps logging you out, ensure that you have ticked the Remember Me checkbox followed by reinstallation if necessary. Then you should restart your PC and possibly delete the AppData discord contents.

You can try the above-mentioned approaches and if you don’t succeed, further in the post we’ve prepared a complete list of methods you can try!

Why Does Discord Randomly Log Me Out?

Many users have recently reported their Discord for kicking them out randomly.

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This can happen due to many things, including community violations, which can also result in a permanent ban.

Let’s now get familiar with all the possible causes so you won’t have any trouble when resolving the issue later.

1. Inactivity

If you haven’t logged onto discord for more than a month or so, it is possible that you will get logged out of your account.

This may be bound to saving Discord’s resources, so make sure to re-log every now and then.

2. Unticked remember me

In the log-in page of Discord, there will be a little remember me checkbox. If it isn’t selected, you will get logged out every time you exit the app.

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3. Filled Discord AppData

It is possible that the AppData cache is too much and needs clearing. Filled AppData can result in constant problems with Discord, including logging out occasionally.

4. Outdated Discord app

If your Discord isn’t updated, it can keep you logged out until you actually update the app or turn on the auto-updating.

5. Video card drivers

If your video cards are outdated, it is possible that you will be logged off or thrown out of Discord frequently.

6. Internet connection

If you’re not logged on to the internet when you launch Discord, after a while of waiting time, you will be logged out.

7. Problem with PC

At last, it is possible that something has gone wrong with your PC. We’ll check that later.

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Now when you know what might have happened, it’s time to perform some troubleshooting!

How To Fix Discord Keeps Logging Me Out On Pc?

fix discord keeps logging me out

Before we proceed any further, reboot your PC just in case.

Sometimes an improper boot might not launch Discord appropriately, which will log you off instantly, so try with a firm reboot and power cycle if possible!

Without further ado, let’s jump right into our first method.

Method #1 Restart Discord

Here we will not only restart Discord but kill the process entirely but not via the exit button, you’re going to use the Task Manager.

To open Task Manager you can either press Ctrl + Tab + Esc or simply right-click on your Taskbar then choose Open Task Manager.

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Once in the Task Manager, make sure that you’re on the processes tab, where you should find the Discord.exe process.

Once you find it, simply highlight it and press the End Task button on the bottom right of the Task Manager.

This will instantly kill the process and ensure a clean boot next time you start it.

Method #2 Tick “Remember Me”

If Discord keeps logging you off when you close the app, it may be because you haven’t ticked the Remember Me checkbox.

This little checkbox can be found on the login screen, beside the password field.

Press it once and enter your Discord credentials. From now on, you shouldn’t be logged out when restarting Discord or your PC.

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Method #3 Update Discord

Next, you should check if you’re using the latest Discord application build.

Discord usually updates its software rarely, but if you don’t have the auto-update turned on, you will never know when a firmware innovation takes place.

For this purpose, you will have to go to Discord’s official site and on the landing page, click the versions tab.

There, you will be able to see the latest versions released for Discord and compare them with your current version.

You can check your Discord version from the App information tab in the User settings.

If the latest version does not match with your current Discord version, click on the download button and Discord will be updated automatically through your internet browser!

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Method #4 Check internet Connection

If you’re not connected with a Network while launching Discord, the app will be looking for a connection for several minutes and then redirect you to the login screen until the internet is found.

You can check if you have an internet connection in the System tray located within your Windows taskbar.

If you don’t have an internet connection flowing through your network at the moment, you can try restarting your router and Relocating it closer to your PC.

If it is suitable for you, you can also wire up your router with the PC using an Ethernet cable.

Method #5 Clear Appdata Cache

If you’re still asking why Discord keeps logging me out it means that there is something wrong, instead of something forgotten.

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If your Discord app has been installed for a long time on your PC, it is possible that overflowing the app cache can cause interference and log you out.

To clear your Discord app data cache, follow the steps below:

  1. On your keyboard, click the Windows button once.
  2. In the Windows search field, write %appdata% and press Enter.
  3. Scroll until you find a folder under the name of Discord and enter it.
  4. Hold the CTRL button and click all files within the folder once.
  5. Finally, press the SHIFT and DEL buttons simultaneously and confirm the action!

Easy as that, you had erased the current app cache of Discord.

It is possible that you will be prompted to log in manually again, so make sure to write down your username and password by the time you enter Discord!

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Method #6 Update Video Card Drivers

Outdated video card drivers can cause interruptions, especially with Discord. This is why the last thing you will do is update your video card drivers.

Depending on your video card model, enter the manufacturer’s app and press the right button on your mouse on the desktop.

Select AMD or NVIDIA app and in the new Window that has opened, select the Check for drivers.

The app will look for drivers and prompt you to apply them if there is anything new!

If Discord keeps logging you out the solutions include app update, re-installation, and clearing its cache. Moreover, updating your GPU drivers is recommended to all Discord users and lastly, you should inspect your network for outages.

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Bottom Line:

Now that you know the answer to the question “Why Discord keeps logging me out?”, you can confidently troubleshoot the issue following our methods!

Even if you struggle at some point, contacting the Discord support team is never out of the list!

For more helpful guides about Discord, you can check out our blog for plenty of technical solutions related to a variety of issues.