how to know if a discord account is deleted

If you are unaware how to know if a Discord account is deleted then you’ll definitely benefit from the information in this post.

Discord is a free-to-use application that helps gamers and friends communicate with each other using individual calls/chats and member servers.

When a user no longer needs their account they could easily delete it but the connection members will not be notified.

The easiest way to tell when a Discord account has been deleted is to take a look at the member’s profile name and image. Since the deactivated accounts don’t delete any of the user’s personal information, the username remains the key indicator.

Let’s learn whether deleting an account on Discord is possible and is the key difference that you can use to recognize one.

Can Discord Account Be Deleted?

deleted account

Just like any other registration, a Discord account can be deleted by the user.

However, deleting an account requires the log-in credentials and eventually a 2-factor authentication but, yes, accounts can be permanently deleted irreversibly.

When a member disappears from your friend's list in the Discord applications it’s not necessarily true that the account has been deleted.

Instead, there are a few possibilities:

  • Account deleted
  • Account inactive
  • You’re unfriended
  • You’re blocked

You might no longer see an account when you’re blocked, unfriended, or simply because the questionable member’s account has been inactive for a long time.

However, the account you’re looking for might not be entirely deleted so let’s learn more.

Note: You can see deleted accounts' sent messages.

Deleted vs Deactivated Discord Account?

deleted vs deactivated account

The main difference between a deleted and deactivated Discord account remains the availability to come back.

When someone deleted their account the ID will be permanently erased from the system as it was never registered.

In contrast, a deactivated account has the right to be reactivated anytime. All of the information is preserved and will not be deleted for 2 years.

After 24 months, the account will be permanently deleted, again, irreversibly.

Reactivate A Disabled Account?

You can reactivate a disabled account by logging in and following the on-screen prompts.

They would require a verification connected to your personal information so only the original user can recover the profile.

As long as the deleted accounts, they cannot be brought back even if the original user can’t.

Note: Deactivating Account is preferred and recommended over irreversible deletion.

What Happens When Someone Deletes Their Discord Account?

what happens when deleted

Deleting an account is the very last and strongest measure in regard to inactivity.

Since the Discord registration contains personal information and the logs of all account activity, a deletion targets all of this.

Let’s find out what will be deleted and what will remain?

What Will Be Deleted?

When an account is deleted, the following will be permanently lost:

  • UserID – Account identification number used to locate members in Discord.
  • Connected Accounts – Deleted ID will be unfriended and disconnected for servers.
  • Username – The name registered under the account is replaced by “Deleted User
  • Access – A deletion resigns the account, never to be logged into again.
  • Personal information – Information such as email, profile image, etc.

What Won’t Be Deleted?

When an account is deleted, here is what will still be there:

  • Personal messages – All messages sent to friends and members.
  • Server membership – The account remains in the server but no permissions remain.
  • Messages in servers – Any message sent to a community server.
  • Sent files – All files sent to members and servers.

This is what happens when someone deletes their Discord account. Sadly, once deleted there would be no option to recover it.

However, in accidental deletion, Discord support representatives might be able to partially restore your information, but the same registration can never be recovered.

Note: When deleted, the email associated with the profile will no longer receive notifications.

How To Know If A Discord Account is Deleted?

know if discord account is deleted

You might be wondering whether a member’s account in your Discord has been deleted or deactivated.

In such cases, there is a simple key indicator that can answer this question.

A change in the username of the questionable account means that they’ve gone through a process of deletion.

In contrast, when deactivated an account would still preserve all of the personal information, including their Discord name and unique identification number – ID.

What Is “DeletedUser(ID)”?

If your friend appears as “DeletedUser(randomID)” their account has probably been deleted.

This is also justification and the account has been actually deleted and not only deactivated, which would have preserved the account name and ID.

The disabled account simply remains permanently offline. You can still send messages but they won’t be seen until the account is reactivated.

This is because both when deleted and deactivated the accounts prevent user access.

Note: You cannot contact/send messages to a deleted Discord account.

Why Do Users Delete Their Discord Accounts?

discord deleted account

Now when you know the difference between Deleted and Deactivated accounts, you might be wondering why anyone deleted their profiles.

For some people it’s better to remove their accounts simply because without their personal information, it’s hard to track their activity.

Deleting accounts and creating new ones is a common practice across scammers performing cons against the Terms of Service (ToS).

This way their account would no longer be connected to anything meaningful within the Discord application and to their contacts.

Inactive Discord Accounts?

Another reason why Discord users completely delete their accounts would be simply to move on from the application and never return.

As mentioned, deleted accounts are the last measure for no intention to come back.

You can easily create a new account anytime, but no contents and server membership will remain, so it would take time to recover this manually.

Note: Besides using the messages, deleted accounts cannot be traced back to their user.

Thus, you will know when a Discord account has been entirely deleted by looking at the user’s Discord name. Whenever you see a “DeletedUser#####” in your friend’s list or in a server, that most certainly means that the account went through a deletion process.

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Last Thoughts – You Don’t Need To Delete!

Now that we’ve explained how to know if a Discord account is deleted and how to tell whether it’s deactivated, what should you do?

In case you plan to return in the future, or you simply don’t need your Discord account for now, you don’t need to necessarily delete it.

Instead, you should simply disable it but your personal information will remain visible to other members.

You can then come back and reactivate your account when needed, but once the 2 years mark passes, you won’t be able to recover it.

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