how to screen share on discord mobile

Looking how to screen share on discord mobile? If you are a Discord user then you have probably wondered how you can screen share on Discord Mobile.

The Discord desktop application allows you to simultaneously have live video chats and share windows with nine other people.

Discord’s screen sharing is very convenient, especially for users who don’t want to use additional applications and consume unnecessary bandwidth as they play games on their device. Plus, this feature is completely free!

While the desktop version already allows screen sharing, this feature hasn’t been fully discussed in smartphones. Curious on how you can make it work?

Keep on scrolling to know how to do this and make use of the different video calling features in Discord mobile.

How To Screen Share On Discord Mobile

Even though Discord’s Mobile Client has expanded its capabilities and features over the years, this specific function is still not built in the application.

But do not worry, there is a workaround you can try! Here’s how to you can do it.

1. Download TeamViewer on Mobile

For this to work, we will be needing the help of another application which is TeamViewer. It allows desktop sharing, remote control, and even file transfer between computers and mobile devices.

Users can also remotely access another computer via web browser by using this app.

Go to the PlayStore and search for the said app. Make sure you install the TeamViewer Host on the side.

2. Download TeamViewer for PC

You also need to install the PC application of TeamViewer. Download the version compatible on your computer from TeamViewer. It supports Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and more.

pc teamviewer

3. Create Or Login To TeamViewer Account on Your Phone

Once it’s installed, open the TeamViewer Host and create an account. For existing users, you can go ahead and login.

Upon creating an account and logging in to your Android device, it will now be assigned to your list of TeamViewer devices. This means you can control it remotely.

screeshare on discord mobile
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4. Open TeamViewer on Your Desktop

Using your desktop, open the TeamViewer app. Remember to sign in to the same account you used on the mobile application.

5. Select the Connect Option

After logging in, you will be redirected to the default page which displays the List of Devices. You should be able to see your Android phone on the list. Then, select the Connect option beside it.

connect to teamviewer

6. Allow Permission

In order to proceed, you need to allow permission to the app. On your Android phone, you should see a pop up which says that the Host will now start displaying everything that appears on your mobile screen.

Select Start Now on the pop up. If you like to skip this process in the future so you can have permanent access, click on the Don’t Show again checkbox.

Once you have finished this step, you can now see your Android Screen on your desktop.

teamviewer popup

7. Exit the TeamViewer App Window

Since we will also connect to Discord, you have to click on the small box with an arrow icon on the topmost part of the app. This will allow you to exit the TeamViewer window.

8. Open Discord on your Desktop

Now it’s time to share your current window to Discord. Remember that your mobile screen is already mirrored to your desktop using TeamViewer.

It is important that TeamViewer is still running, and your devices remain connected to one another. If you do not have the app yet, you can easily download it at Discord’s website.

9. Join a Server

Next, join a server or create your own so you can screen share to your friends. Then join a voice channel on your server. Click on the icon that resembles a volume icon.

discord join server
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10. Click the Go Live Streaming Icon

On the Voice Status panel, click on the Go Live Streaming Icon. It looks like a monitor with an arrow, located at the lowermost left corner. Clicking this will prompt a new window.

discord live stream
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11. Select the TeamViewer Window

You will be asked to choose an application window to share but you also have the option to share your entire desktop view.

Select the TeamViewer window so that you can share the view of your Android phone. Make sure that your phone screen remains casted.

12. Select “Go Live”

Once you have selected the right window, click on the “Go Live” button. This means you are ready to share your screen!

discord go live
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Screen Share for IOS devices

Similar to Android Devices, the screen share feature has not been released for Discord smartphones. Then again, you can try this technique to share your mobile display to your live video chat.

Simply follow the same steps to do this on the platform through your Apple device. Steps 1 up to 12 should also work for IOS.

However, remember to download the right application for your phone and computer. It is advised that you use the latest version of TeamViewer and Discord to ensure the quality of your screen share.

It is because IOS devices are prone to pairing glitches, it’s always better to be prepared.

There you have it, you have finally shared your screen on Discord Mobile with the help of TeamViewer and Discord’s desktop application.

What We Learned

Now we know that you can also share your screen using your smartphone. Explore these steps as much as you can, and you can definitely find the technique that works best for your device.

Discord is a great platform for gamers and friends alike to communicate using private servers, both through text and video chat. The application has many features, which is why you should maximize all of them.

Its screen share capacity is very helpful for users. It allows you to show your real-time activity without any hassle like buffering, etc.

Using another application can enable you to share your Discord Mobile screen during Go Live. The company hasn’t developed a standalone feature yet, so you will need the help of TeamViewer and your computer for now.

Nicole B