crunchyroll keeps logging me out

Wondering why Crunchyroll keeps logging me out? Keep reading!

The Crunchyroll application will sign the user off after exiting the app/platform when the login credentials are not saved. In case the disconnects happen while watching content, the Account Password should be changed and the application reinstalled.

This is only part of what might be happening so let’s learn more about why the issue appears:

Why Does Crunchyroll Keep Logging Me Out?

Crunchyroll could be signing you off due to many reasons.

It depends on whether you’re using the Crunchyroll application or viewing the service from a web browser, the causes might be different.

my crunchyroll keeps logging me out

However, we’ve prepared a solution for each scenario!

Here are the possible causes why Crunchyroll is signing you out:

  • Ad-block interference!
  • Internet is slow or fluctuating
  • Improperly selected VPN settings
  • Disabled browsers cookies 
  • Outdated firmware of the Crunchyroll app

Based on whether you’re using the Crunchyroll application or viewing the services straight from the browser, the solution will be different.

Let’s jump straight into the solution guide!

How to Stay Logged In On Crunchyroll? – (Best Fixes)

how stay logged in crunchyroll

Staying logged on Crunchyroll is enabled for some users by default.

If you’re being signed out automatically after a while of inactivity, or every time you exit your browser or app, there’s definitely a problem. 

Fortunately, we’ve extracted the best solutions one could possibly attempt at home! 

Here’s what to do to fix the issue with your Crunchyroll that keeps signing you out:

Solution #1 Enable Automatic WiFi

If you’re a desktop or laptop user, there is one issue you should get resolved.

With wireless adapters and the WiFi receivers inside of laptops, you won’t be automatically connected when you turn on your device.

For your browser to automatically log in to Crunchyroll, you must be connected to the internet when you turn on the app or access it through your browser.

Here’s how to enable the automatic WiFi on your device:

  1. Press the WiFi indicator in the taskbar of your device.
  2. Select the WiFi button.
  3. Press on your home network.
  4. Highlight the button that says “Connect automatically”.
  5. Check if the Crunchyroll issue is now resolved.
Notice: Keep in mind that this solution will only help those who access Crunchyroll through a web browser, or have the app installed on Windows.

Solution #2 Change Your Password

change the password

There’s a chance that your account security got breached.

If someone else is logging on to your Crunchyroll while you’re already signed in you will be disconnected from the service. 

However, if you’ve subscribed to the MEGA FAN or ULTIMATE FAN Crunchyroll plan, you can have up to 4 devices streaming at the same time from your account.

In contrast for the FAN plan and the ad-supported version, only one device is allowed at a time.

If you’re worried that someone is getting into your account, change the password:

  1. Go to the Crunchyroll login screen.
  2. Select the “Forgot Password?button.
  3. Wait to be redirected to the next tab.
  4. Sign into your Account.
  5. Send a confirmation letter to your account.
  6. Open the letter on your email and change the password.
Tip: Never share your Crunchyroll password with anyone!

Solution #3 Enable Browser Cookies

enable the browser cookies

If you’re getting this Crunchyroll problem on a browser, it is most likely due to the fact that you haven’t enabled browser cookies.

The browser cookie is what essentially remembers your registration across the sites and keeps you logged on

So when the Cookies are disabled, Crunchyroll will sign you out every time!

Here’s how to enable the cookies on your browser easily:

  1. Open your browser.
  2. Select the “Tools” or the Gear Icon at the toolbar above.
  3. Go to Internet Options.
  4. Head to Privacy.
  5. Drag the slider to unblock all cookies and enable them.
  6. Sign back into Crunchyroll.
  7. Check if the issue is still there.
Note: If you’re already signed in to Crunchyroll by the time you’re enabling the Cookies, you don’t have to log in again.

Solution #4 Temporarily Disable VPN

If by any chance you have a VPN enabled, this is the reason that Crunchyroll logs you out by itself.

If you log in to Crunchyroll while your location is altered, whenever you’re not using the VPN, Crunchyroll will not log you in automatically.

In that regard, you should temporarily disable your VPN software/extension!

Kill all VPN processes and use your original location to sign into Crunchyroll.

Keep in mind that from now on when accessing Crunchyroll, you will have to use your original location in order to be signed in automatically.

Note: Keep the VPN disabled until the issue is resolved or you’ve found the reason!

Solution #5 Turn OFF AdBlocker

turn off your adblocker

Especially for browser users, the adblocker could prevent Crunchyroll from logging you in automatically.

If you’re using the ad-supported (free) version of Crunchyroll, you may be tempted to use an adblocker, but in most cases, it is detected by Crunchyroll and blocked.

The detection of an Adblocker often results in the user being disconnected from the service!

Temporarily turn OFF the AdBlocker extensions in your browser!

In addition, check your device for installed and activated VPN software and stop/remove the program until the end of this guide.

When ready, test whether Chrucnyroll will sign you off.

Tip: Any AdBlocker can be configured to exclude certain pages. In this case, exclude Crunchyroll.

How to Fix When Crunchyroll App Keeps Logging Me Out?

how to fix the crunchyrollapp

If the Crunchyroll application is signing you out by itself, even when you’re in the middle of an episode, there might be a far more complex problem that we need to solve.

Luckily we have a few solutions in our sleeves for you to attempt and solve the problem permanently.

Here’s what to do if Crunchyroll logs you out by itself:

Fix #1 Update the Crunchyroll App

First, you should make sure that the Crunchyroll app is running its latest firmware version.

Having the latest versions of all applications installed on your device is a priority for their good functionality and compatibility.

This is why we need to keep the app up to date!

Here’s how to update the Crunchyroll app on your device:

  1. Go to the App Store of your device.
  2. Head to “Manage Installed Apps”.
  3. Locate the Crunchyroll app.
  4. Access the Settings of the app.
  5. Press the “Update” button.
Note: Do not cancel the update and be patient until it finishes!

Fix #2 Create Memory of Login

create the memory log in

On iPhone and on some Androids, you could create an automatic login profile for Crunchyroll.

Once you’ve written your login credentials, your phone will most likely ask you whether you want to save the settings for an automatic login next time.

On that prompt, press the “Confirmbutton, and every time you’re on the login screen of the Crunchyroll application you can input your credentials automatically

Alert: Make sure to write your credentials correctly cause if you remember them incorrectly, you will input false credentials every time.

Fix #3 Reinstall Crunchyroll

The last thing you could attempt before wrapping things up is to reinstall the Crunchyroll application from your device.

If there is glitched or corrupted data with the application, reinstalling the app could resolve the signing-off problem at once!

reinstall crunchyroll app

Here’s how to reinstall the Crunchyroll app in easy steps:

  1. Go to the Storage settings of your device.
  2. Head into the Apps section and locate the Crunchyroll app.
  3. Once you’ve found the app uninstall it.
  4. Head back into the App Store of your device.
  5. Search for “Crunchyroll” and download the app.
  6. Check if the issue is still there.

When the application is cleanly installed, the cache data will also be gone.

That means that the first time you’ll need to log in manually and from there on, you should be able to automatically log in each time after saving your credentials.

Test that out!

Tip: Keep the Auto-Updates enabled to always keep the app up to date!

Quick Recap:

Thus, the Crunchyroll application is logging users out because the internet is fluctuating, the browser cookies are disabled or someone is logging into the account. The solution includes addressing each possibility until discovering the true cause!

Wrapping Up:

Now that we’ve learned why Crunchyroll keeps logging me out and how to solve the problem in no time, we’re ready to enjoy our favorite anime without any interruptions.

In case the problem continues it’s recommended to contact Crunchyroll Customer Service for help!

Nicole B