crunchyroll ads not loading

Wondering why Crunchyroll ads not loading, preventing the shows from playing?

Here’s how the issue goes:

If you’re trying to watch a show, the Crunchyroll Ads Chunk will come on, and one of the four ads will keep loading that never finishes.

The only solution is to refresh the episode and scroll the timeline to continue watching from where the ads last started. It’s frustrating!

When one of the ads keeps loading, users should re-log from their Crunchyroll accounts and clear the App Cache Data or Browser History & Cookies. In case that doesn’t help, any activated AdBlockers or VPN software should be temporarily disabled!

Why Crunchyroll Ad Not Loading?

The primary reason why Crunchyroll Ads are not loading is because of the video player.

why my crunchyroll ads not loading

Some users reported that the frequency of the problem is not consistent but usually appears when more than a few episodes are watched at a time.

This speaks for itself so let’s learn more!

Here are some of the reasons why Crunchyroll Ads are not loading:

  • Incidental Account Issue
  • App/Browser-related Problem
  • Built-up Cache Data
  • Activated AdBlocker or VPN
  • WiFi/Internet fluctuations

As you can see, the reasons for the Crunchyroll Ads not loading are not many so it would be easy for us to address each possibility individually.

Next, we’ll proceed with the best-working and proven methods and solve the problem with the ads in no time at all. 

How To Fix When Crunchyroll Ads Not Loading?

how to fix the crunchyroll ads

To solve the problem we’re going to undertake the best-working solution guide, which follows a chronological order, and also helps with the issue identification.

With a bit of luck, by the end of this guide, we’ll know why Ads are not loading on Crunchyroll and how to solve the problem!

Let’s jump into the first solution:

Solution #1 Re-Log From Crunchyroll Account

The very first solution would be to Sign Out of your Crunchyroll Account and log in to check whether this can serve as a temporary solution.

The logging will basically refresh the video player, regardless of whether the application or browser version is used.

That makes the solution universal for any user:

  1. In the browser or application, locate the Sign Out.
  2. When you’re disconnected from your Crunchyroll account, wait.
  3. After a few moments, insert your login credentials and Sign In.
  4. Locate your favorite anime and start watching.

Wait until the first Advertising Block appears and make sure that all 4 ads play out in the way they are supposed to.

In case the problem appears right away and one of the ads keeps loading and loading, then the problem is more complex than we expected.

Let’s proceed with the next solution and work by the method of exclusion!

Solution #2 Restart The App/Browser

restart your browser

The next step is to restart the Crunchyroll platform. It does not matter whether you’re using the application (console, smartphone, tablet) or the browser version for desktop computers.

Simply restart the application or the browser used to stream anime from Crunchyroll.

The platform reboot will restart ALL services including the video player! What’s interesting is that on smart devices, when the application is exited, it’s not actually closed.

You’ll need to completely close the process by removing the app from the temporary memory of the device!

Tip: The desktop users should close the browser, not only the Crunchyroll tab!

Solution #3 Clear App Cache/Cookies

Another powerful solution for when the Crunchyroll ads are not loading is to clear the Cache Data for both, the browser and application users.

The process is quite different for both instances so we’re going to describe how it’s done both for app and browser users!

Here’s how to clear the Crunchyroll Cache Data in a few easy steps:

clear the cache

Clear Cache Data On Crunchyroll App:

  1. Open Settings on your mobile device!
  2. Go to Apps Menu (on iOS open the app’s tab).
  3. Choose Installed Applications.
  4. Press on the Crunchyroll app.
  5. From there select Clear App Data/Cache.

Clear Browser Cache Data:

  1. Open the Settings of your browser!
  2. On the top-right press More.
  3. From there choose More Tools.
  4. In the Menu, choose Clear Browsing Data.
  5. Make sure to select All Time.
  6. Check the boxes with Cookies and Cached Images And Files.
  7. Select Clear Data.

Once you’re ready, when opening the Crunchyroll app/website, you’ll notice that you’re logged out of your account.

This is a sign that clearing the cache was successful so Sign In and watch a show to determine whether one of the ads in the advertising block will fail to load.

Note: Users should clear the cache of the most frequently used apps every once in a while!

Solution #4 Stop AdBlocker

stop your adblocker

One of the most harmful software in regard to Ads is enabled AdBlocker. The Crunchyroll ads will not be able to play when your AdBlocker extension or software is preventing them from loading.

In that regard, you’ll need to add Crunchyroll as an exception or stop the AdBlocker!

Here’s how to identify and manage AdBlocker software:

  1. Open the Crunchyroll website (no other tabs open).
  2. On the top of your browser, check the extensions (puzzle piece icon).
  3. In case you see an AdBlocker, click the 3 dots “More Actions”.
  4. Choose Pause on This Side, or Pause on ALL Sites.
  5. Refresh the page and start a Crunchyroll show episode.

The first ad block should be a couple of minutes after the episode starts so be patient and check whether any of the ads will fail to load.

In case they still continue to load endlessly, from the AdBlocker “More Actions” menu choose “Remove From Browser”.

Note: In addition, also check for enabled VPN software/extension and disable this as well.

Solution #5 Check WiFi Connectivity

check the wifi connectivity

The Crunchyroll ads might not be loaded when the internet connection to the device is slow or fluctuating.

What’s interesting is that the shows set to a lower resolution will not buffer, while higher-resolution ads will struggle to keep up. 

In that set of thoughts, our next best guess for the issue is the internet connection.

It’s important to determine whether your internet is the problem here.

Use a free internet speed test to see how fast the internet connection is and identify where the problem is coming from.

  • Below 5Mbps, the Crunchyroll ads are expected to be laggy.
  • More than 15Mbps the ads should not get stuck on “loading”.

In case your internet is not the problem, let’s proceed with learning what the next best step would be. Perhaps it is too soon to draw a conclusion!

Note: Crunchyroll ads will lag when the internet is not stable.

Crunchyroll App Ads Not Loading Still?

crunhyroll problem still there

When you’ve attempted everything in this post and nothing helped, you know that this might be a bit more complicated than we thought.

The best recommendation is to test Crunchyroll on another machine and WiFi altogether, to be able to recognize the source of the problem.

Next Steps For Desktop Crunchyroll:

For example, the Desktop Browser should be replaced with an alternative to test with, in addition, users should not install any Extensions at all, and similar networking tools.

Also, the test should be performed with a cleared browser history and stable internet connection!

Next Steps For Mobile Crunchyroll:

When the Crunchyroll Ads are not loading on your mobile device, hence via the application, users should deinstall any AdBlocker apps from the device’s storage.

In addition, a test should be performed only after a clean installation and connected to a strong signal cellular!

In case you’re unable to recognize the problem, contact Crunchyroll Customer Service for help!

Update To Crunchyroll Premium?

update to crunchyroll premium

It’s worth mentioning that upgrading to Crunchyroll Premium solves the problem instantly.

Thinking about this, no ads means that there is nothing for the player to suck on, therefore your streaming experience will not be interrupted. 

Note: The Crunchyroll (no ads) premium subscription costs $7.99 per month!

Quick Recap:

Thus, the Crunchyroll Ads are not loading because of an internet problem, or corrupted Cache Data related either to a browser or an app. We’ve learned that to solve the problem we need to disable any sort of AdBlockers and verify our internet connection!

Final Thoughts:

Now that we’ve learned why Crunchyroll Ads not loading, which essentially requires us to refresh the browser or restart the app to continue watching.

It’s really frustrating so we hope this solution reaches as many impacted users as possible. 

We hope that this post truly helped and for more relevant content, check our tech blog!

Nicole B