Crunchyroll keeps buffering

When Crunchyroll keeps buffering then there is something wrong and you’ll need to perform a little investigation to localize and eventually resolve the problem.

Like any other streaming platform, Crunchyroll streaming is dependent on your internet speed and the software tools you’re using to access and enjoy the platform.

Let’s learn more!

When Crunchyroll is buffering, users should improve their internet speed by reliving the usage and disconnecting other devices from the WiFi. In case the problem persists, the desktop browser should be changed and the streaming resolution lowered.

Why Does Crunchyroll Keep Buffering?

why the crunchyroll keeps buffering

The buffering problem on Crunchyroll, such as on any other streaming platform, mainly comes from a bad or inconsistent internet connection.

However, there are many more reasons why the videos keep buffering so let’s take a look at the most frequently reported causes:

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Device Is Out of Resources:

When your device can’t keep up with the tasks, the videos on any streaming platform start to lag or uncontrollably buffer.

The solution is to relieve the workflow of the device.

Too High Resolution:

When your internet is not fast enough for the resolution selected in Crunchyroll, the videos will need more time to load, therefore they will buffer to catch up.

Lowering the resolution helps!

Bad Internet:

Your internet can be bad in a few ways. It could either be too slow or fluctuate.

What’s interesting is that even if your internet disconnects for only a moment, the Crunchyroll video will buffer for at least 30 seconds. Constant fluctuations lead to a very long buffering.

Let’s next learn how the problem has been solved by the community:

How To Fix When Crunchyroll Keeps Buffering?

how to fix crunchyroll buffereing

To solve the problem with the buffering in Crunchyroll, we’re going to undertake a few chronological methods that will mainly target playback issues on the desktop.

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In case you’re experiencing the buffering problem on a mobile, scroll down to find the respective guide!

Let’s jump into the first method right away:

Method #1 Restart Your Device

The very first approach against choppy playback on Crunchyroll should be to restart your streaming device.

The buffering can be caused by non enough operating system resources and when the device has too many tasks to deal with, you might experience severe buffering.

  • To restart a smartphone, hold the power button and swipe right.
  • To reboot a desktop, press the Windows button > Restart.
  • To restart a TV, use the power button on the remote.

After the restart, ALL services and previously opened applications will be removed from the RAM memory of your device, freeing up some resources.

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Test the Crunchyroll playback now.

Tip: When your device is restarted, open only Crunchyroll before starting other applications in the background.

Method #2 Lower The Resolution

lowering the resolution

When you’re watching episodes on Crunchyroll with a desktop computer, thus via browser, the resolution plays a vital role in how long the videos will buffer.

The higher the resolution is, the more time it would take for the playback to buffer, and sometimes it won’t be able to catch up.

Change the resolution to 720p, below the playback window!

Watching on 1080p, for some users could be problematic, especially when the internet is not fast enough for higher-quality streaming.

The 720p appears to be the sweet spot even for users with lower internet speeds, but if you still experience buffering, make sure to test with 480p.

Note: Resolution lower than 480p, makes the video almost not-watchable!

Method #3 Use A Different Browser

The buffering problem might not be related to the Crunchyroll platform.

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In case you’re experiencing slow buffering on other streaming services, the problem could be related to the browser you’re using.

The best browser recommendation for streaming is Google Chrome.

In case you’re already using Google Chrome, then the cache data of your browser could be causing the buffering problem.

In addition, you should remove ALL extensions (temporary).

Clear Google Chrome Cache:

clear the google chrome cache
  1. In the Google Chrome browser.
  2. Click More in the top-right corner.
  3. Select More Tools and then Clear Browsing Data.
  4. Make sure to choose “All time”.
  5. Check the Cookies and Cached Images and Files.
  6. Finalize by clicking Clear Data.

Remove Extensions:

It’s not necessary to remove your extensions, instead, you can temporarily disable them:

  1. On the top right, click the puzzle icon.
  2. Click the three dots next to each extension.
  3. Press Pause on all Sites.
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When you’re ready, test whether the videos in Crunchyroll will still buffer.

Note: For Crunchyroll, it’s extremely important to disable any AdBlocker extension.

Method #4 Improve Your Internet Speed

improve the internet speed

The main reason why Crunchyroll video keeps buffering is the internet speed and the consistency of packets sent and received.

When your internet is fluctuating or slow, the buffering will always be there and the only solution will be to boost your internet speed.

To improve your internet speed, fulfill the following steps:

  1. Restart your network device.
  2. Exit ALL internet consuming applications.
  3. Stop any active VPN software.
  4. Prevent downloading or streaming on other devices.
  5. Disconnect other devices from your WiFi.

When you’re ready with the steps, make sure to test your internet by attempting to stream content on other video platforms such as YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and more…

Tip: You can test your internet speed here. Internet speed lower than 5 Mbps will definitely produce server buffering when streaming.

Method #5 Use A Hotspot

the mobile hotspot

In case Crunchyroll continues to buffer even after all previous solutions, you can find out for sure why the problem appears by sharing a mobile internet from your smartphone.

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There are two different ways to test via this method so let’s learn more!

On your smartphone:

  1. Turn ON your mobile internet and disable the WiFi.
  2. Open the mobile browser and enter
  3. Test streaming with your mobile internet.

For users that are using laptops or tablets, you can share mobile internet as WiFi by going into the Settings of your device > Personal Hotspot > ON.

From there you only need to connect to the newly created mobile network and test streaming an episode on Crunchyroll.

Note: The buffering will still be there when your mobile device is out of coverage!

Method #6 Stream Something Else!

stream other video

Since the episodes on Crunchyroll are located on a server that you’re accessing in order to stream the videos, the problem might be related to a certain publisher.

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Even if it’s a rare case, such a problem affects ALL episodes and shows related to this particular publisher.

Simply test whether the buffering is there, by streaming different content!

Choose a random episode from a random anime to determine whether the buffering appears on everything or just a number of related content.

In case the problem continues then you would need better internet or a different browser to watch Crunchyroll on.

Note: Sometimes the entire website could be lagging, making ALL contents severely buffer!

Why Does The Crunchyroll App Keeps Buffering?

why crunchyroll keeps on buffering

There is a difference between the desktop (browser version) and the mobile Crunchyroll application.

The buffering on a mobile could be caused by problems related to the application and again, the speed of your internet.

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There are a few methods that you can use to solve the problem:

  1. Restart the Crunchyroll application.
  2. Reboot your mobile device.
  3. Clear the cache data of the Crunchyroll application.
  4. Reconnect your device to the WiFi.
  5. Cleanly reinstall the Crunchyroll application.

In case the problem with the buffering continues to appear, test streaming something else!

When the buffering appears on ALL continents, you would know that it’s either your internet that’s causing the problem or there is temporary maintenance that you should wait out.

Note: Make sure to download the Crunchyroll app only from trusted sources such as Google Play for Android and App Store for iOS devices.

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Quick Recap:

Thus, the Crunchyroll video streaming is buffering because your internet is too slow or fluctuating. The solution includes improving the internet speed, disabling ALL browser extensions, and clearing the cache data, which solves the buffering problem.

Last Thoughts:

Now that we’ve learned why Crunchyroll keeps buffering and what the solution includes, we can prevent the buffering and enjoy smooth playback.

However, in case the problem is persistent, you should check whether Crunchyroll will keep buffering with a different internet.

From there you can draw conclusions on what the next step will be!

We hope that this post was helpful and to find more related topics make sure to check our blog!

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