crunchyroll pause button keeps popping up

Wondering why the Crunchyroll Pause Button keeps popping up? Keep reading!

This could be frustrating but the problem is primarily reported to be involved with the mobile application while the browser version of Crunchyroll does not experience this issue.

In this guide, we’ll explore ALL possibilities and help you solve the “pause” problem in a matter of minutes!

When Crunchyroll is constantly pausing and unpausing the playback even without the display being touched users need to reinstall the application. In addition, any external devices such as headphones have to be unplugged or disconnected.

Let’s next learn more about why the pause button keeps interrupting the playout!

Why Pause Button Keeps Popping Up On Crunchyroll?

why the pause button keeps popping up

We need to identify the possibilities before jumping into the solution guide to save as much time as possible.

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While the Crunchyroll playout is on the screen, by tapping twice you can pause the playback, and we’ll see a Pause Button on the middle of the screen which resumes the stream.

The problem translates into pausing the playback without the screen being touched.

Here are some of the possibilities of the playout to be paused by itself:

  • Connected Output Device (headphones, subwoofer, wireless speakers).
  • Crunchyroll application problems such as Outdated Software.
  • Device Touch Screen Issue (screen is wet) or False Inputs.
  • Browser Issues related to HTML5 rendering.

Next, we’re going to explore these possibilities and help you solve the spontaneous pauses of your Crunchyroll streaming on smart devices as well as desktop computers!

Crunchyroll Pause Button Keeps Popping Up – Fixed

When the problem with the random Crunchyroll pauses persists without proper reasoning, there is a solution guide that manages to help a lot of people.

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how fix the crunchyroll pause button

It does not matter whether the issue appears only on the mobile app or browser, we’re here to help so let’s jump right in!

Solution #1 Restart App & Source Device

This solution is universal and applies to everyone that watches Crunchyroll on a smartphone, computer, laptop, TV, or even a console.

The most frequent reports of random pausing on Crunchyroll are on touch-screen devices which align with the situation of the majority.

Simply close the Crunchyroll application and Shut Down your source device!

After a few moments, turn back on your device and open the Crunchyroll application. Feel free to test whether the problem continues after the power cycle.

In case the pauses are not less frequent we’ve got progress so let’s continue further in our guide!

Note: Keeping your source device OFF for longer provides better power circulation!

Solution #2 Update Crunchyroll App

update the crunchyroll app

The next and crucial step that we cannot proceed without is to update the Crunchyroll application and make sure that we’re using the most recent Firmware.

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It’s that important because some of the online conversations about this problem end with “tried everything and nothing worked”.

That only suggests that the problem is on Crunchyroll’s side and a hotfix update is expected.

This is why we’ve prepared guides on how to update Crunchyroll on different devices:

Update Crunchyroll App On Smartphone:

On Android open Google Play > Tap on the Profile Icon > Manage Apps > Crunchyroll > Update.

On iOS open the App Store > Crunchyroll > Press on the Update button.

Update Crunchyroll App On A TV:

You can update the Crunchyroll application on a smart TV by pressing the Home Button > Apps > Crunchyroll  > Auto Update.

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This will ensure that the Crunchyroll app will be up to date.

Update Crunchyroll App On PlayStation:

To update the Crunchyroll application on a PlayStation 4 or 5, you need to highlight the app and press the Options button.

In the menu, there is an option for you to select “Check For Update”.

Note: After the update, feel free to test whether the pause button will keep popping up.

Solution #3 Disconnect Speakers!

disconnect the speakers

By speakers we mean any third-party devices connected to your Crunchyroll sources devices such as Headphones, Wireless Speakers, Soundbars, and Subwoofers.

These devices often have a Pause button somewhere on their panel, allowing the user to pause the playback.

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When these Pause buttons are not working or being accidentally pressed, the Crunchyroll playout will pause, the first glance, without proper reasoning.

This leads to a misconception that something is wrong with the application, where the issue has an entirely different nature.

Disconnect ALL wireless receivers and hardwired speakers from your source device!

Now you can test whether Crunchyroll playout will continue to pause when there are no external devices that can cause spontaneous playback pauses.

Note: It’s also recommended to completely exit the app and enter again after.

Solution #4 Reinstall The App

reinstall the crunchyroll app

One of the most powerful solutions is to completely remove the application and then cleanly install the software on your device.

In most cases that turns out to be the only solution that’s actually effective and in case you’ve reached this far in the guide, this should help!

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Here’s how to reinstall the Crunchyroll app on various devices:

Reinstall Crunchyroll App On Smartphone:

Performing a clean installation of the Crunchyroll app is easy on iPhones. Simply hold the icon until it starts to *jiggle* and tap on the “x” mark to confirm removing the app.

On Android, reach the into the Settings > Apps & Storage > Crunchyroll> Uninstall

Re-acquiring the application is easy on both platforms. Open the App Store or Google Play and freshly download the Crunchyroll application back on your device.

Reinstall Crunchyroll App On A TV:

To completely remove the Crunchyroll application from your Smart TV, you need to press the Home Button and navigate into the Apps tab.

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reinstall the app on tv

From there you’ll be able to use the search field to locate and select Crunchyroll, which will essentially allow you to uninstall the application.

The Smart TVs are equipped with an in-built App Store, for example, Android TVs have Google Play, from where users can freshly download the Crunchyroll app on their devices.

Reinstall  Crunchyroll App On PlayStation:

Removing apps on PlayStation is the easiest thing ever. Users only need to highlight the Crunchyroll app from the Home Screen (Content Launcher) and press the Options button to reveal the settings.

From there to remove the app, select Delete.

Later the Crunchy roll application can be re-acquired from the PlayStation Store.

Note: After the clean installation users need to log in to their accounts!

Solution #5 Disable AdBlocker!

disable the adblocker

It’s important for free Crunchyroll accounts to never install an AdBlocker against the ads in the application since this often leads to playout interruptions.

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How this works is that Crunchyroll hates AdBlockers, preventing users from skipping ads by not allowing them to proceed.

Perhaps that’s why the Crunchyroll Pause won’t go away!

Smartphone users need to delete any AdBlocker or location-altering software such as VPN and restart the Crunchyroll application to test.

In contrast, desktop users need to remove/pause the AdBlocker from the browser’s extensions. This will prevent the Pause button from appearing!

Note: Firefox browser users should switch to Google Chrome and test Crunchyroll.

Solution #6 Seek Help

Now that we’ve tried everything and nothing managed to work, thus the pause button stops the playout every 5-10 seconds, we need to seek help from professionals.

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The best way to contact Crunchyroll is by filling in the information on their Support Ticket Page.

seek for help

You’ll have to provide information about the problem, and also describe what you’ve already tried to save as much time as possible.

Make sure to insert your correct email address so you will be able to read the response as soon as they answer. Good Luck!

Note: The support response might take several business days.

Quick Recap:

Thus, the Crunchyroll Pause button stops the playout every 10-15 seconds because an external audio playback device is causing interference. Another possibility would be an outdated app version so users need to Uninstall > Install the Crunchyroll app cleanly.

Final Thoughts:

Now that we’ve learned why Crunchyroll Pause Button keeps popping up every few seconds, essentially interrupting the playout, we can solve the problem in a matter of minutes!

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What’s important is to remember to disable AdBlocker regardless of whether you’re using a Premium or a Free Crunchyroll account. They don’t like the software so it’s best to disable it.

We hope that this post was helpful and that you’ve learned something new!

More relevant guides such as this one, are found in our tech blog!

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