crunchyroll error 1015

Having trouble with Crunchyroll Error 1015? Let’s figure out how to fix this!

Crunchyroll is one of the most popular anime streaming platforms.

When you’re prevented from watching a show on the platform and error 1015 appears, then something is blocking your access.

The reason could be related to your Crunchyroll Account.

Let’s learn more!

This error appears when you have been temporarily blocked by the owner to access this service for a certain amount of time. In addition, this can happen because of a poor connection or third-party software, as well as the result of suspicious Account activity.

Let’s next learn more about what error 1015 on Crunchyroll means!

About Error 1015 Crunchyroll…

about crunchyroll error 1015

The message “error 1015 you are being rated limited” is displayed when your device IP address is blocked from the server.

This can occur for a number of reasons, including any issue with your device, a bad internet connection, an outdated app version, or because of any third-party software such as a VPN.

Occasionally, issues are caused by VPN, therefore turning it off will be helpful.

If Crunchyroll notices any suspicious activity associated with your account, it may temporarily block your account access.

This is why we’re about to explore multiple ways to solve the error!

Let’s jump right in!

How To Fix Crunchyroll Error 1015 In Easy Solutions!

how fix the crunchyroll error

The solution to the Crunchyroll 1015 Error revolves around addressing each possibility that we suspect.

That includes your host device, your Crunchyroll application, and account as well as the internet connectivity, which on its own, remains the primary target.

Let’s jump straight in!

Solution #1 Restart App & Host Device

When error 1015 appears on Crunchyroll, users should attempt to solve the problem by performing a restart on their device and application.

Sometimes when the connectivity problems can be solved by performing a restart on ALL services, which is what we’re about to do!

Here is how to restart your Crunchyroll app and host device: 

  1. Press and hold the Power button for 3 seconds.
  2. This will turn OFF any smartphone device.
  3. If you’re using a power cord, disconnect the cable from the power.
  4. When the device is back on, start only the Crunchyroll app.

With a fresh start now est weather Error 1015 will appear and in case it does, proceed further!

Note: Also try other solutions from below if this won’t work.

Solution #2 Clear App Cache

clear the app cache

The App cache is used to call the data quickly whenever you open the app. After a long time without updating, the app cache becomes full due to many unnecessary files.

In order to boost the application’s performance and solve Error 1015, Crunchyroll cached data has to be cleared.

Here is a guide to clearing the app cache:

Clear App Cache In Android:

  1. Go to Settings and open the App from the menu.
  2. Click on the Installed Applications.
  3. Select the Crunchyroll app from the menu.
  4. Tap on Storage and click on the Clear App Cache button.

Clear App Cache In iOS:

  1. Go to the Settings app.
  2. Look for your Crunchyroll App on the bottom.
  3. Click on the Clear App Data button.

When the application cache has been deleted, test whether Error 1015 will appear again!

Note: Clearing the App Cache Data will disconnect you from your Crunchyroll Account.

Solution #3 Reinstall Crunchyroll App

reinstall the app

There is a chance that Crunchyroll displays Error 1015 due to the outdated version of the app.

So, it’s better to install the latest version of the app by completely reinstalling the application from scratch.

This will ensure a fresh start after which the error should be gone for good!

Here are the steps to reinstall the Crunchyroll app:

Reinstall The App On Android:

  1. Go to the Settings.
  2. Open the Storage/App tab and find the Crunchyroll app.
  3. Uninstall the Crunchyroll application.
  4. From the Google Play Store, re-acquire the Crunchyroll app.
  5. Sign in to your Crunchyroll Account.

Reinstall The App On iOS:

  1. Hold the Crunchyroll App icon and tap on the “X” mark to Uninstall.
  2. Launch the App Store.
  3. Download the latest version of the Crunchyroll app.
  4. Sign in to your Crunchyroll Account.

With the application freshly installed on your device, test whether Error 1015 

Solution #4 Restart Router And Modem

restart the router

Crunchyroll operates when it gets a good internet connection. But whenever it receives insufficient internet, it is unable to load content on the Crunchyroll app.

Perhaps that’s the reason why Error 1015 appears when you attempt to watch something on the app.

You need to restart your router or modem/router, to refresh the internet connection!

Here is a way to restart your router manually:

  1. Unplug the router and modem from the Power Source!
  2. Wait for 1 minute and plug the modem back into the power socket.
  3. Before turning on the router, wait a minute or two. 
  4. Wait until the modem’s panel lights turn completely green.
  5. Connect your device to the internet and then open Crunchyroll.

It’s important to make sure that your WiFi/Internet is currently working before proceeding!

Tip: You can carry out a free internet speed test online!

Solution #5 Reset The DNS Settings

reset the dns settings

With a poor internet connection, Crunchyroll is incapable of connecting to its servers, and that’s why it cannot load data and show errors on the screen.

If you have restarted your router and modem but are still facing an error, then change the DNS settings to boost the network speed. 

Tip: It is suggested to use a Windows computer device for operation!

Follow the below steps to reset DNS settings:

  1. Go to the “Network and Internet Settings”.
  2. Click on your Wi-Fi Network.
  3. Go to the “Advanced Settings”.
  4. Change the DNS settings to: “Manual”.
  5. Set the DNS Settings using the Public Google DNS Server:
  • Primary:
  • Secondary:

Then make sure to save the changes, reconnect your Crunchyroll app host device to the WiFi, and restart the application to test.

In case the problem is now gone, congratulations!

When the problem is persistent we’ll need to dig deeper!

Solution #6 Disable Your VPN

disable the vpn

Most of the time, Crunchyroll displays errors such as “1015” due to the use of any third-party software such as a VPN.

However, VPNs have extra protection when used on other sites. 

  • This location-altering service could be blocking your Crunchyroll access!

Here are the steps to temporarily disable/stop your VPN:

  1. Uninstall any VPN app from your smartphone! 
  2. Pause the VPN extension from your browser. 
  3. Restart the Crunchyroll application or refresh the browser.
  4. Log out from the app and log in again in the Crunchyroll app. 
Tip: When the error is resolved, you can easily use VPN again to access Crunchyroll.

Solution #7 Switch To Another Browser

switch another browser

Many users have reported that, by switching from the current browser to another,  the error got resolved.

That’s making us think that something with the browser’s cache might be related to Error 1015 on Crunchyroll. We need to either switch to another browser or clear the cache.

The easiest way is to open Microsoft Edge and test the Crchyroll browser version!

If you are currently using Chrome, then try Opera as a good replacement. This will help you identify the problem and understand what the reason is. Good Luck!

Note: Opera is available on all mobile and desktop applications!

Solution #8 Contact Crunchyroll Support

contact the support

After trying every solution in this guide, but the problem is still there, the next best step is to seek assistance from Crunchyroll themselves.

You can either learn more about your problem at the Cruchyrull Help Page or contact them directly by describing your issue in a ticket.

It’s important to mention what you’ve already attempted to be able to save as much time as possible for both instances!

Note: Responses take up to a few business days to arrive. Be patient!

Quick Recap:

Here we’ve learned that there are many possible ways to resolve the Crunchyroll 1015 error. It’s important to restart your device, router, and Crunchyroll application after which you need to clear the app cache or delete its data. In most cases that’s enough!

Wrapping Up!

In this guide, we have thoroughly covered the solution to Crunchyroll Error 1015.

In case you’ve attempted ALL solutions in this guide and nothing managed to help, you’ll definitely need to contact Crunchyroll Support and report your problem.

Something is out of the ordinary! Looking for more information on the Crunchyroll Issue? 

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