vizio sound bar keep turning off

Wondering why the Vizio sound bar keep turning off? Well, you’ve just found the answer!

Unusual behavior in the Vizio soundbar’s power activity could mean multiple things.

It is possible that the Vizio soundbar is having issues with the equipment, insufficient power from the source, or the cables are not installed properly.

Keep reading to find out more.

Vizio soundbar may shut down unexpectedly due to issues with the electrical outlet or power adapter, “Eco Mode” settings, or loose cables. Check and address these factors to resolve the problem.

Let’s investigate further!

Why Does Vizio Sound Bar Keep Turning Off?

why vizio sound bar keeps shutting off

If your Vizio soundbar is randomly powering off or rebooting, the issue is primarily caused by a power outage with the device.

If the power supply is not enough to keep the current circulating in the hardware of the soundbar, all types of power malfunctions could occur spontaneously.

Let’s review the possibilities for power issues with the Vizio soundbar:

  • The power cable of the soundbar is damaged.
  • The electrical outlet of the Vizio soundbar is bad.
  • A temporal hardware/software soundbar issue.
  • An activated “Eco Mode” on the Vizio soundbar.
  • Misconfigured Vizio soundbar activity settings.
  • A damaged Vizio soundbar hardware/equipment.

Is Vizio Soundbar Restarting or Rebooting?

is vizio soundbar restarting or rebooting

It is quite necessary to point out whether the Vizio soundbar shuts down entirely or simply turns off and restarts after a few seconds by itself.

If the soundbar is shutting down and you must press the “Power” button to turn it on, it might be caused by overheating or a hardware problem.

Let’s learn how to solve this!

How Do I Stop My Vizio Sound Bar From Turning Off?

Tip: Try to determine how long it takes for the Vizio soundbar to turn off after being turned on!

1. Unplug the Soundbar From Power

unplug the soundbar from power

A potential power issue with the soundbar could result in a fluctuating soundbar power supply.

If the power income of the Vizio soundbar is not constant, the audio device may occasionally shut down, reboot, and stay powered off for an undetermined amount of time.

Follow these steps to apply a “power cycle” to the Vizio soundbar:

  1. First, find the power button on the soundbar.
  2. Next, hold the power button for 3-5 seconds.
  3. Then, unplug the power cable of the soundbar.
  4. Wait for 60 seconds until the device discharges.
  5. Next, reconnect the power cable of the soundbar.
  6. Press the power button on the device to turn it on.
  7. Wait for up to 5 minutes to test the Vizio soundbar.
Note: Double-check if the power button on the Vizio soundbar is not stuck or broken!

2. Inspect the Power Adapter!

inspect the power adapter

One of the major reasons for the unexplained Vizio soundbar shut-downs is potentially a loose or damaged power adapter.

Not connecting the power cable of the soundbar securely on both ends could result in an issue with the electricity supply of the device, resulting in powering off.

  • Inspect the power equipment of your Vizio soundbar thoroughly!

Once the power adapter is secured, hold the powerbutton on the soundbar for at least 10 seconds and determine if the device is now functional.

Note: If the power cable of the soundbar is damaged, purchase a new universal adapter!

3. Unplug All Third-Party Cables

unplug all third-party cables

If there are too many externally-connected devices to the Vizio soundbar, there could be a recurring software conflict, causing the soundbar to power off randomly.

To determine if the unusual behavior of the soundbar is influenced by another device, you should unplug them!

  • Unplug all cables from the soundbar (except for the power adapter)!

Using Vizio Soundbar Wirelessly?

If there are no external devices physically connected to the soundbar, unpair all devices (the subwoofer included) paired via Bluetooth to the soundbar.

The random shutdowns could also be a result of an unstable wireless connection with an unidentified third-party device.

Tip: Avoid connecting devices to the soundbar until the end of this guide!

4. Test With a Different Power Outlet!

test with a different power outlet

One of the reasons why Vizio sound bar keep turning off is due to a faulty power outlet. So, it’s essential to test with an alternative power outlet, by plugging the soundbar directly.

Any power strips or dividers might be forming power insufficiency, which surely, turns off the device.

Simply, take your soundbar near another power outlet in your home, wait for 5-6 seconds, and press the ‘power’ button.

Remain alert of the power state of the soundbar and whether it will shut down in the next 5-10 minutes.

Important – Indirect Connection!

don't use indirect connection

Do not use any third-party strips, power dividers, or connectors to supply your Vizio soundbar with power.

Those devices are one of the primary suspects for power issues in any Vizio setup.

Tip: If the previous outlet of the soundbar is malfunctioning, avoid plugging anything there!

5. Deactivate Vizio’s “Eco Mode” Feature

The “Eco Mode” of the Vizio soundbar dramatically reduces the power consumption of the device for the sake of saving extra power.

However, when unused, the soundbar may shut down when not being used for quite a while, which can sometimes appear like an actual problem.

deactivate vizio's eco mode feature

Here’s how to deactivate the Vizio soundbar’s eco mode:

  1. First, access the Settings of the soundbar.
  2. Next, press the “Previous” remote button.
  3. Then, highlight the “Power Saving Mode
  4. Hit the “OK” remote button to toggle on/off.

Once the Eco mode has been disabled, the Vizio soundbar should no longer automatically turn off due to inactivity.

So, turn on the soundbar, and wait for about 10 minutes to test the situation.

6. Preventing Soundbar Overheating!

One of the primary causes for the unprecedented shutdown of the Vizio soundbar’s hardware is CPU overheating.

preventing soundbar overheating

Once the maximum thermal margin of the hardware has been reached, the soundbar will shut down to preserve the device’s internal components from heat damage.

Here are a couple of clever ways to prevent Vizio soundbar overheating:

  • Clean all dust around the soundbar and on the unit’s ventilation vents.
  • Dislocate all head conductors in close range to your Vizio soundbar.
  • Position the soundbar in a well-ventilated area free of dust accumulation.
  • Prevent direct sunlight from shining directly onto your Vizio soundbar.

How to Tell if the Soundbar is Overheating?

The soundbar’s top and side panels should be hot to the touch if the hardware temperature is highly elevated.

In addition, it can recognize overheating when the soundbar turns off by itself after a few minutes of usage and does not come on automatically.

how to tell if the soundbar is overheating
Alert: Overheating can be lethal to your soundbar if exposed for too long!

7. Restore Initial Soundbar Settings!

Perhaps, the problem with the Vizio soundbar could be software-related, which might translate into a system bug or simply, a glitch.

The best solution to address all possibilities at once would be to conduct a factory reset, which will erase all content and settings.

Follow these steps to perform a factory reset on the VIzio soundbar:

  1. Locate the “Bluetooth” and “Volume Down” on the soundbar.
  2. Hold both of the buttons for up to 5 seconds until there’s a flash.
  3. Once all 12 LEDs of the soundbar flash, release the buttons.
  4. Wait for another 1-2 minutes until the factory reset is complete.
restore initial soundbar settings

The factory reset will erase all configurations, activated features, and extra settings established on the soundbar.

The changes made by the factory reset are irreversible and you must set up the device from scratch and pair the Vizio subwoofer again.

Note: Test whether the Vizo soundbar will turn off when not paired with the subwoofer!

Any Recent Power Outage?

So, in case of a recent power outage in your home, chances are that the A/C line is still unstable and fluctuating, which makes some electrical appliances turn off.

In those cases, you can check whether the lights in your home are flickering or are too weak, which will suggest the true culprit.

Tip: In case nothing from this guide helped, we recommend checking the soundbar’s warranty and bringing the device to the local merchant for reclamation.

Quick Recap:

Hence, the reason why the Vizio sound bar keeps turning off is due to issues with the power income. To correct the problem, power cycle the soundbar first, inspect the condition of all installed cables, deactivate the “Eco Mode”, and if necessary, perform a factory reset.

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