can't connect vizio soundbar to smartcast app

Wondering why you can’t connect Vizio soundbar to Smartcast app? We got you covered!

Every user will encounter a connectivity issue with Vizio soundbars at some point in their experience.

When the Vizio soundbar won’t connect to the Smartcast app, it may be because of several possible reasons that we’ll review and address in this guide!

There are many factors that will prevent the Vizio soundbar from connecting to the Smartcast app including the network, (OS) firmware, mobile app, and setup process. When the operation is done correctly there is no reason for the soundbar not to connect.

First, let’s learn the *correct* way of connecting the soundbar to Smartcast app!

How To Connect Vizio Soundbar To Smartcast App?

why unable to connect soundbar

In order to utilize Vizio soundbar remotely is to connect the Smartcast app.

On the other hand, the setup process has to be executed properly in order for the connection to work.

So, if you’re having trouble adding your Vizio soundbar device to the Smartcast app, try the below steps to properly connect the devices before trying any workarounds.

Follow the below steps to add soundbar to Smartcast app:

  1. Download the Smartcast App on your mobile (available for Play Store or App Store).
  2. Connect your mobile and the device to the same WiFi connection.
  3. Tip: Make sure that the network is available.
  4. Then, open the Smartcast app on your mobile.
  5. Tap on the Devices from the bottom navigation bar.
  6. Next, tap on Add Device.
  7. Follow the on-screen instructions to add the soundbar to Smartcast app.

While following the instructions, as the app detects the soundbar, it’ll ask you to enter the WiFi password.

Make sure to connect it with the same network to whom your mobile is.

Keep moving with the instructions by tapping Continue and finally selecting Done to finish the setup process.

If after trying the above steps you face trouble connecting the soundbar to Smartcast app, then follow the troubleshooting solutions further in this guide!

Can’t Connect Vizio Soundbar To Smartcast App – Easy Fix!

why connect the vizion soundbar

We will now move on further in the guide for device troubleshooting and discuss the basic solutions that will easily fix the connectivity issue from the devices.

However, before you get started, verify that your home’s network connection is operational, to exclude this possibility!

Solution #1 Reboot The Setup Devices

One of the life-saving solutions to a connectivity problem on any device is the Power Cycle!

Here is how to power cycle each of your devices:

  1. To reboot the WiFi router, unplug it from the power outlet and wait for 2 minutes, then connect it back to the outlet. Also, make sure that the wires to the router are connected.
  2. To reboot the mobile, tap and hold the power button from the side, then tap on reboot from the option appearing on the screen. Wait for 2 minutes and test.
  3. To reboot the soundbar, turn off it from the power button and then unplug it from the outlet. Then wait for some time and then plug it into the power and turn it on.

After rebooting the devices, then connect your mobile to WiFi and try to hook up the Vizio soundbar and Smartcast app.

If rebooting doesn’t help much, then try other ways!

Solution #2 Check The WiFi Network

check the wifi

To add the Vizio soundbar and Smartcast app, a WiFi connection is crucial. 

Connect To The Same WiFi!

Moreover, it is important that the devices you are attempting to connect are also connected to the same network.

If the soundbar isn’t connecting, it’s possible that you tried to hook up to another network while adding the device to the app.

Check Your Internet (WiFi)

Another possibility is that your home WiFi’s bandwidth is too weak or that there are too many devices connected to the same network.

This often happens when streaming video, updating, downloading and performing many WiFi-dependent tasks at the same time.

The Solution?

the solutions

All you have to do is to disconnect the WiFi from other devices for a while and also go near the router along with the soundbar and mobile if possible.

Then you can use the steps at the beginning of this guide to perform the setup process correctly!

Note: If you notice that your WiFi is unavailable or too weak, you can contact your ISP for help!

Solution #3 Update The Soundbar Firmware

You must update the Vizio soundbar firmware if the connectivity issue with the Smartcast app is still there after the previous methods.

Normally, when the soundbar is linked to the network it updates automatically but sometimes the updates fail, leading to even more issues.

update soundbar firmware

Here is how to manually update the Vizio soundbar firmware:

  1. Connect a Formatted USB drive to your computer.
  2. Via Online Browser navigate to the Vizio Support Page.
  3. Find and download the Current Firmware (latest).
  4. Then go to your computer Downloads and copy the file to the USB.
  5. Turn on the Vizio soundbar (do not plug the USB yet).
  6. While the soundbar is on, disconnect it from the power.
  7. Insert the USB drive into the port.
  8. Then connect the power cord back to the soundbar to turn it on.
  9. After connecting the power cord, the soundbar will begin to flash the front lights.
  10. Once the lights stop flashing, disconnect the USB from the soundbar.

After updating the soundbar firmware we will recommend you that also update your mobile OS version.

This way the connection issue will fix easily. 

Update Mobile Also!

To update the mobile OS version, go to mobile Settings, then to About or System > Update, and then update the version if available.

Otherwise, after updating the systems, follow the correct steps to connect the soundbar to Smartcast app.

Solution #4 Reinstall The Smartcast App

reinstall the smartcast

Even when the app is updated, connection issues still commonly occur.

Sometimes the update does not successfully deploy in the app due to poor network connectivity, and the app will begin causing different issues and not connect to any other device.

Over time the app cache and app data will also build up large storage and the app will not perform appropriately.

Therefore, the only effective way to fix the app issue is its reinstallation and you’ll definitely need to do this before continuing.

Here is how you can reinstall the Smartcast mobile app:

  1. Reach into the Settings on your mobile.
  2. On iOS (hold the app and tap on the “” sign.
  3. Visit the Play Store or App Store.
  4. Search for the Smartcast app in the search bar.
  5. Tap on the Install button to begin the installation process.
  6. Wait until the app installs completely.
  7. Then launch the app and set up your account.

After reinstallation of the app, follow the correct steps and add the soundbar device to the Smartcast app!

Solution #5 Factory Reset The Vizio Soundbar

Resetting the Vizio soundbar is the last but most-efficient option that you should try.

Although resetting the soundbar will erase the data of course you should be free from this issue and you’ll only need to configure the settings.
factory reset the sounbar

Here is how to reset the Vizio soundbar:

  1. Turn off the soundbar and unplug it from the outlet.
  2. Press and hold down the Power button on the soundbar.
  3. While holding plug the power cord into the soundbar.
  4. Wait until you see a blinking light on the soundbar.
  5. As the light blinks, release the Power button.
  6. Wait for a while and then the soundbar will reset.
  7. Follow the steps at the start of the guide to connect Smartcast.

If the Vizio soundbar is still unable to connect to the Smartcast app, there may be a problem with the firmware of the soundbar or with the app.

To get the appropriate assistance further, reach out to Vizio Support and let them know of your issue. 

Their team will then reach out to you soon and help you to fix the issue!

Quick Recap:

Whenever you can’t connect Vizio soundbar to Smartcast app, first reboot all devices, connect the mobile and speaker to the same network and reinstall the Smartcast app.

In case nothing else helps you can manually update the soundbar or perform a Full Reset.

Make sure to check our blog for more guides on the Vizio soundbars!

Nicole B