airplay on tcl roku tv not working

Trying to cast, but is AirPlay on TCL Roku TV not working? We can help you fix it!

Roku TVs and AirPlay make for an incredible combo that allows you to cast anything directly from your iPhone. But that might not work if some configurations are not in place correctly.

AirPlay not working on your TCL Roku TV is due to network settings or TV configurations. Check for updates, and correct settings, or consider resetting the TV to resolve the issue.

We will dive into the solutions below!

Airplay On TCL Roku TV Not Working – All 9 Working Solutions

the solution airplay on tcl roku tv not working

1. Restart The TV

Is the AirPlay not working on TCL Roku TV? Whenever a system issue happens on your TV, the first step to try and fix it is the good ol’ reboot/restart.

That is also called the power cycle because it helps refresh the system (software and hardware).

Here are the correct steps:

  1. Disconnect the TV from the wall while on;
  2. Wait a while;
  3. Plug it into the outlet;
  4. Power on the TV.

Restart On The System

restart the system

The Roku system also allows users to restart the TV through its software.

It should be very effective too:

  1. Press the “Home” button on the remote;
  2. Select “System”;
  3. Go to “System Restart”;
  4. Choose “Restart” and confirm.

2. Check The Network

When trying to cast data from one device to another, there must be enough broadband.

Nowadays, most of us have at least 100Mb/s of internet speed hired. That should be enough for AirPlay! 

However, you must also check if the devices are using the correct frequency:

  • Since TVs can stream high definition, they need a lot of data. Thus, you need to connect your TV to the 5GHz network

If your router only displays one network, that’s probably the 5GHz network. If you are unsure, check your router’s specifications.

Restart The Router

restart your router

If all the network settings are correct, but AirPlay is not working, you should try restarting the router.

Along with that, we recommend restarting the TV and iPhone in this order:

  1. Turn the router off;
  2. Turn the TV and iPhone off;
  3. Wait a few minutes so the devices’ hardware can refresh;
  4. Turn the router on;
  5. Turn your iPhone and TV on too.

3. Ensure Both Devices Are On The Same Network

Beyond ensuring that your TV is picking up the correct frequency out of your router, you must ensure that both your devices are on the same network.

Since we have suggested connecting the TV to the 5GHz network, you will need to do the same on the iPhone:

ensure both of device on same network
  1. Go to its Wi-Fi settings;
  2. Check the networks available;
  3. Connect to the one that displays “5GHz” on its name.

For Older iPhones

However, if your iPhone is a bit older and doesn’t sport 5GHz compatibility, you will need to do the opposite:

  1. Open your TV’s Wi-Fi settings;
  2. Check if the 2.4GHz network is available;
  3. Switch to that connection.
Note: 2.4GHz has more range and is an acceptable frequency for Wi-Fi. However, 5GHz is faster and can transmit much more data without getting clunky.

4. Activate AirPlay Correctly

activate airplay correctly

Is Stil Apple AirPlay not working on TCL Roku TV? That might be a simple matter of forgetting to activate the feature.

For example, you should not take it as a given that your TV has AirPlay activated all the time. 

So here is what you will need to do:

  1. Open the TV’s Settings;
  2. Locate “AirPlay and HomeKit”;
  3. Check the AirPlay settings;
  4. Ensure AirPlay remains activated.

Check Compatibility

Perhaps you know that your TCL Roku TV is compatible with AirPlay, but you haven’t checked whether your iPhone is.

Here are the compatible software versions:

  • iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch with iOS 12.3 or newer;
  • Computers with macOS Mojave 10.14.5 or newer.

5. Update The Roku Software

update your roku software

In troubleshooting the current lack of connectivity, we could also assume that your TV is outdated.

Even if it has AirPlay, its old software will prevent plenty of features from working as intended. 

So let’s check for updates and make the software shine:

  1. Locate the TV’s Settings;
  2. Select the “System” menu;
  3. Head to “System Update”;
  4. Choose “Check Now”;

The Roku system will take a few seconds to scan the servers for a fitting update. If found, you must confirm that you want to install it. After that, you must try using AirPlay again.

6. Check For Mirroring Settings

check the mirroring settings

Although setting AirPlay up should be enough, the Roku TV has a further configuration related to mirroring the multiple casting systems. That includes Chromecast, AirPlay, etc. 

You might need to activate it to make the AirPlay feature work:

  1. On your Roku TV, go to “Settings”;
  2. Locate the “System” option;
  3. Then check “Screen mirroring”;
  4. On “Screen mirroring mode,” you can change between “always allow” and “prompt”;
  5. On “Screen Mirroring Devices,” check which devices are listed.

In that section, you may find your iPhone/iPad. You must check if your device is blocked. If it is, unblock it so you can start casting via AirPlay.

7. Use AirDroid Cast

Suppose that your iOS version is not compatible with AirPlay. Or, rather, your Roku TV doesn’t have the feature for some reason.

Or, more mysteriously, both devices should connect but are not. 

use the airdroid cast

In that case, you can use an app called AirDroid Cast:

  1. Download the AirDroid Cast app on your iPhone/iPad;
  2. Open the browser on your Roku TV;
  3. Go to the AirDroid Cast site;
  4. Ensure both devices are on the same network;
  5. Open the app on your iOS device;
  6. Insert the code displayed on the TV or scan the QR code.

In a few seconds, the TV should start mirroring your iPhone or iPad’s screen. 

Note: AirDroid Cast is a third-party option. That means you don't have official Roku or Apple support on it. If you face issues with the app, you must contact the app's developers.

8. Clear The TV’s Cache

Okay, so your devices are compatible with AirPlay, in theory. However, in practice, you can’t make them work no matter how much you tweak the settings.

In that case, it is worth clearing the TV’s cache.

  1. Click the Home button on the TV remote;
  2. Move the cursor to the “Home” option on the TV;
  3. Click the “Home” button five times in a row;
  4. Click the “Up” button;
  5. Click “Rewind” twice;
  6. Click “Fast forward” twice.

Clearing the TV’s cache is helpful because it gets rid of a lot of data that makes it clunky.

Clearing the cache and restarting it afterward should make AirPlay possible.

9. Reset Your TV

reset tv

Suppose that AirPlay on your TV should be possible, but so far, no solution has fixed the problem.

Then, resetting the TV to its factory defaults might be necessary. 

Here is how to do that on your TCL Roku:

  1. Go to the TV’s settings;
  2. Select “Device preferences”;
  3. Select “Reset”;
  4. Choose “Factory data reset”;
  5. Confirm on “Erase everything.”

Once the factory reset has finished, it is a good idea to check for a software update.

Note: A factory reset will wipe out all the data on your TV, including any apps you have installed, your personal preferences, and your accounts. 

Quick Recap

Tired of AirPlay on TCL Roku TV not working? We are sure that the tips and tricks we just taught will make your TV return to proper work in the blink of an eye!

Always remember to keep the devices on the same network and activate the AirPlay on your TV settings. Do you have more concerns about AirPlay or Roku? Check more articles on the site!

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