how to connect alexa to tcl roku tv

Wondering how to connect Alexa to TCL Roku TV? You’ve come to the right place!

Here we will discuss the most efficient methods to pair Alexa with your Roku TV and share any details bound with the process you should be aware of.

Although it sounds quite easy, there are specific things you should know before attempting to pair your Alexa to your TCL Roku TV.

The process of connecting your Alexa involves some simple steps that should be executed carefully to avoid any unwanted complexities. You should download the Alexa app on your smartphone and select “Roku” in the options tab.

Enable the chosen skill and enter the specific Roku Information your TV has.

This way you will successfully establish a connection between both devices but make sure to follow our methods as we will assist with helpful tips and recommendations throughout the post.

How to Add Alexa Devices Through Roku?

It is well-known that there are useful screen-sharing features starred in Roku TV. It is compatible with tablets and computers but also with Windows 8.1.

You now have the opportunity to pair devices with your Roku TV like Alexa and the process involves some simple steps.

In order to pair a device that could be connected with Roku, you should head to Settings on your Roku TV and select “PC and Devices”.

Afterward click on “Add Device” and when your Roku TV appears on your drop-down menu, select it in order to connect.

How to pair Alexa to Roku TV should no longer be an issue if those steps were followed and executed properly.

How to Connect Alexa to TCL Roku TV Easily?

how to connect alexa to roku tv

The first thing you must do in order to pair Alexa with your TCL Roku TV is to download the mobile app. Alexa manufacturers have it in the app store for apple products and google play for android users.

Through this app, you will be able to access the pairing tab in the settings and select what device you want to connect your Alexa with.

A big bonus is that when using the app, you will be able to use voice commands in order to turn on/off your Roku TV and Alexa will eventually respond if you have them paired.

There are plenty of voice commands for Alexa software to respond to and powering your device on and off is just a small part of them.


Without further ado here is how to connect Alexa to your TCL Roku smart TV:

Step #1. Launch the Alexa app on your smartphone and select the hamburger icon in the upper left.

Step #2. Go to “Settings” >” TV & Video” > “Roku” and then press “Enable Skill”.

Step #3. Next, enter your Roku account information and press Accept & Continue.

Step #4. If you have successfully entered the information, you will be redirected to a screen that will have “Accept and Continue” at the bottom.

Step #5. On the next page, you will have to select which device you want to control with Alexa and select it.

Step #6. Your last step is to specify which Alexa device you wish to control the chosen TCL Roku TV and select it.

Finally, you will be granted the opportunity to link any other Alexa devices with your TV, and if there are none, press return to Roku.

Keep in mind that this method will also be effective on TCL Roku TVs and will also link Alexa to your TV when applied.

After performing these steps, everything should be set up and ready to go.

If you still have a question on how to pair Alexa to Roku TV feel free to keep reading as we will list more efficient methods that you can try.

How to Use Alexa on TCL Roku TV?

As we mentioned earlier there are plenty of advantages when using Alexa on Roku TV and a bunch of voice commands that it can recognize.

You can change the channel of your Roku TV, have decent playback control, control the volume variously and turn off/on your Roku TV.

Controlling your Roku TV via voice commands could seriously ease up your watching sessions and bring an enjoyable experience.

Although there still isn’t voice recognition for some apps, you are able to almost fully control your Smart Roku TV using only your voice.

Next, let’s see what voice commands there are.

What Are Alexa Voice Commands Limitations?

Amazon Alexa can command Roku TV in many ways. It can change channels, lower or raise the volume and turn it off and on as mentioned previously in the article.

However, there are slight limitations that could really be frustrating sometimes as Alexa can’t launch Netflix or Vudu on your Roku TV.

You can pause or resume a show through Alexa, but you can’t tell her to start it in the first place.

Although you can still search for series such as Breaking Bad, you can’t tell her specifically which episode to start playing.

This little inconvenience is about to be troubleshot and soon you will be able to tell Alexa many specific things that are related to episodes and non-general things.

Supported Alexa Roku TV Voice Commands

Keep in mind that you should link the specific Alexa device with your Roku TV because you won’t be able to interact with Roku voice commands via any other unlinked Alexa device throughout your household.

If you still have any questions on how to connect Alexa to TCL Roku TV, feel free to scroll back in the article and re-read to find the answer for anything you still hadn’t known.

Here are some of the voice commands you will be able to use on your Roku TV upon successful pairing with your Alexa device:

  • Alexa, pause Roku
  • Alexa, Launch HBO NOW on Roku
  • Alexa, launch Prime Video on Roku
  • Show me action movies on Roku

However, if you are currently using smart Roku TV, there are also some bonus voice commands you will be able to use such as, turning on/off Roku, turning up the volume, or mute Roku.

Even though these voice commands could really come in handy sometimes, don’t panic if your Alexa device doesn’t support them as they will probably come out with an update in the future.

Alexa Cannot Connect to Roku TV

If you want to know how to connect Alexa to Roku TV, but unfortunately you had an issue with pairing, there are a few troubleshooting methods you could try to resolve this issue.

You can attempt restarting your network, and power cycling your TV to see if the problem is common.

If this doesn’t work and you still hear the voice message “I had trouble communicating with Roku” from your Alexa, there are a few more things you could attempt.

Check Your Internet Connection

Many people commonly mistake that there is something improper with the Alexa device, but everything is based on a bad connection, and restarting your router might resolve the issue.

Always make sure to check your connection before moving on with some further troubleshooting methods.

Reinstall Your Streaming Apps

Keep in mind that this whole issue could be based on improper firmware update of the app, and reinstalling it or downgrading it to the older version might resolve the problem.

Malfunctioning streaming apps such as Netflix, Vudu, HBO, and others could really be causing signal interruptions from your Roku TV to your Alexa.

Power Cycle Your Roku TV

To power cycle, your Roku TV simply plug it out from the power outlet and wait for about 3 minutes before powering it back on.

This way you will successfully reboot all services and ensure to prevent any glitches that might prevent Alexa from connecting to your Roku TV.

Bottom Line

We hope that now you have a better understanding of how to pair Alexa with Roku TV and any bound questions you had.

The process could be based on simple steps, but if executed improperly you might not be able to properly connect your Alexa device with your current Roku smart TV.

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