how to connect alexa to tcl roku tv

If you’re wondering how to connect Alexa to TCL Roku TV, then this guide is for you!

Here we’ll explore and learn everything about connecting the Alexa app (Echo) to a TCL TV Roku and controlling its features with a voice command.

In addition, we will unwrap all scenarios and possible hurdles you might encounter during the process and help you overcome anything.

To connect Roku TV to Alexa, begin by connecting both your mobile (Alexa app) and TCL TV to the same home network.

Then proceed by enabling the Roku skill in the Alexa app and then linking both accounts to establish the pairing and start controlling.

There are many important factors to know so let’s begin with the most important…

Important Alexa to TCL Roku TV Connection Notes!

Before attempting to pair your Alexa devices to TCL Roku TV you should know about the very important factors that are involved.

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Without further ado let’s review the essentials upfront:

alexa to tcl roku tv connection notes

✅ The Roku Skill for the Alexa app is limited in regard to location and is only available in America, the UK, the US, Germany, Canada, Ireland, and Mexico.

✅ The Roku Skill in the Alexa app is available for all TCL Roku TV models as well as the Roku streaming stick devices.

✅ Launching a Roku channel via Alexa voice commands is supported for more than 100+ available channels on the platform.

✅ Starting Netflix on Roku with Alexa voice commands is currently out of support with an unclear estimated date for a resolution.

✅ There are many limitations and voice commands that wouldn’t work so feel free to check the table with supported Alexa to TCL Roku TV commands. 

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How to Connect Alexa to TCL Roku TV in 4 Easy Steps!

Note: The steps below include the entire Roku to Alexa linking process in depth!

1. Preparation: What You Need?

what you need

There are quite a few important factors that you must familiarize yourself with before being able to hook up Alexa to the TCL Roku TV.

To begin with, we should list all the important things that you must be prepared for before you begin the setup process.

Here’s everything:

  • The TCL Roku TV must be running Roku OS 9.1 or later!
  • You can check the version at Settings > System > About.
  • You have to create a free Roku account to be able to sign in.
  • The Alexa mobile app must be downloaded on your phone.
  • TheRoku TV must be connected to the same WiFi as phone
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Important – Controlling TCL Roku TV?

When you have everything necessary, you have to decide how you would control the TCL Roku TV using your Alexa.

If you haven’t got an Alexa speaker such as Echo Dot or Echo Show, you will only be able to send commands through the “Alexa on this phone”, when the app is open.

2. Enable the Alexa – Roku Skill

enable the alexa roku skill

The next important step in the process would be to enable the Roku skill in the Alexa app, which is the fundament of the entire setup.

Without the Roku skill, you wouldn’t be able to add the TV to the Alexa app and gain voice control over the functionalities.

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Here’s how to enable the Roku skill in the Alexa app easily:

  1. Open the Amazon Alexa app on your source device.
  2. Sign into the Amazon account to be able to continue.
  3. Tap on the “More” button at the bottom right menu.
  4. Then, using the Search Field, type in “Roku”.
  5. Tap on “Roku TV – Streaming Stick” when it shows.
  6. When the Roku skill appears, tap on “Enable Skill”.

Once the skill has been enabled, then it’s time to connect the Roku TV to your Alexa!

3. Link Roku Account with Alexa

link roku account with alexa

The final step is to simply link your Roku account to the Alexa application. If you’re out of the correct menu, go back to the “More” button > Settings > TV & Video > Roku.

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From there you will be prompted to sign into your Roku account, while still in the Alexa application.

Upon signing in, you would need to select Accept and Continue as well as follow all of the on-screen prompts until the end.

When ready, you will have to tap on the “LINK DEVICES” button to conclude the process and finally add the TCL Roku TV to the Alexa application.

Note: Once linked, you will be able to operate the TCL Roku TV with Alexa's voice commands!

4. Test Controlling TCL Roku TV

test controlling tcl roku tv

The TCL Roku TV will appear in the “Devices” tab in your Alexa app when both devices and accounts are linked and working together.

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From there you would be able to use the Alexa voice commands from any connected Echo device in your home or from the Alexa on your phone!

  • Alexa on This Phone – Simply open the app, tap on the “Alexa button”
  • For Amazon Echo – Simply say “Alexa [voice command] your Roku!

The easiest command you can attempt would be – Alexa, launch YouTube on Roku!

Info: If the TCL Roku TV responds and YouTube opens up, then the linking is successful.
Useful Alexa Voice Commands for TCL Roku TV
EntertainmentTV FunctionalityMedia Playback
Alexa, search for comediesAlexa, turn on kitchen RokuAlexa, rewind on kitchen Roku
Alexa, show documentariesAlexa, raise Roku volume to [%]Alexa, pause bedroom Roku
Alexa, find [specific movie]Alexa, mute the bedroom RokuAlexa, fast-forward on Roku 
Alexa, start episode 3Alexa, change Roku channelAlexa, go home on my Roku
Alexa, start next episodeAlexa, switch Roku to HDMI 2Alexa, start [App] on Roku

How to Turn ON and OFF TCL Roku TV with Alexa?

In order to be able to turn ON and OFF your TV with Alexa voice command you have to locate an option typically called “Fast TV Start”.

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On most TVs that option might be with a different name so we recommend checking the user’s manual or searching online how to enable it!

Alert: For this feature to work, the TCL Roku TV must be connected directly to the outlet without any smart plugs in between.

Why is Alexa Not Connecting to TCL Roku TV?

why is alexa not connecting to tcl roku tv

We’ve now learned how to connect TCL Roku TV to Alexa correctly and in case something is not quite working – we got you covered.

There is one rule when connecting any device to the Alexa app, which is that both instances must be connected to the same home WiFi network! 

  • Connect your Alexa mobile and Roku TV to the same network!

In case that doesn’t resolve the problem, feel free to test some of the tips below:

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1. Power Cycle your Equipment

power cycle your equipment

To power cycle the TCL Roku TV, unplug the power adapter from the wall for 60 seconds, and in the meantime, reboot your mobile phone as well.

Then scroll up in the guide to the steps of connecting Alexa to the TCL Roku TV, then test establishing the link again, correctly.

2. Sign Out/In the Alexa Application

Sometimes you wouldn’t be able to enable skills or add devices to the Alexa app due to a minor bug in the Alexa app.

sign out in the alexa application

Users have learned to overcome this hurdle by simply signing out from their Alexa accounts on the mobile app and simply signing in again after.

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3. Update Roku’s Firmware

In case you’ve missed updating TCL Roku TV’s firmware and you’re running a version older than Roku OS 9.1, then your Alexa won’t connect.

To update the TCL Roku TV go to Settings > System > System Update > Check Now > Update Now.

update the roku’s firmware

4. Reinstall the Alexa Application

Perhaps the harshest method against any Alexa app connectivity issues would be to perform a clean reinstallation.

You can remove apps on your mobile from Settings > Apps > Alexa > Uninstall and then simply download “Alexa” cleanly from Google Play or the App Store.

reinstall the alexa application

Need More Help?

In case you’re unable to connect your Alexa to the TCL Roku TV you can seek help from both instances – Amazon Customer Service as well as Roku Support.

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Feel free to share the issue you’re facing as well as what you’ve already attempted to receive adequate and qualified help!

Quick Recap:

Here we’ve learned exactly how to connect Alexa to TCL Roku TV, and what to do when the connection won’t work.

We’ve learned that the Roku Skill must be enabled for the account link to work and for the user to be able to operate the TCL TV through Alexa!

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