wyze error code 90 after firmware update

Wondering why Wyze error code 90 after firmware update appears? Continue reading!

The Wyze ecosystem comes with amazing features, including the ability to connect wirelessly or through wires both indoors and outdoors.

However, with Wyze, there have been reports of error code “90” after a firmware update. 

Let’s unwrap what this means and how to fix it in minutes!

The Wyze Error Code “90” appears on the app while accessing your Wyze camera, which indicates that your device is OFFLINE. This error only comes because of bad network connectivity and usually appears after a firmware update. The solution is simple!

Let’s learn how you can fix the Wyze Error Code 90 from your device:

How To Fix Wyze Error Code 90 After Firmware Update?

how fix wyze error code 90

If the Wyze error code 90 appears after you update the firmware on your device, the device has withdrawn from the network as a consequence of the update.

The problem may be quickly rectified if you make sure to adhere to the instructions exactly as described.

Let’s begin!

Solution #1 Reboot Wyze Device!

Freshly resetting the Wyze device is a very quick and efficient method that you should begin troubleshooting with.

The reason for poor network connectivity might also be on your Wyze device’s side, so performing a Power Cycle would be the most appropriate method.

Here is how you can reboot your Wyze unit:

  1. Turn OFF/Disconnect your Wyze device.
  2. Wait for about 2 minutes!
  3. Turn ON your Wyze device.
  4. Open the Wyze App.
  5. Access the device to check whether the error is gone.
Tip: Keeping the Wyze device disconnected for longer refreshes the services better!

Solution #2 Reinstall Wyze Application

reinstall wyze app

When an app is used repeatedly without the cache or app data being cleared, a lot of bugs frequently develop.

It’s possible that the app version you’re using to upgrade the firmware on your smartphone has significant errors, or that the cache or app data in the memory is full.

Solution: Reinstalling the Wyze application will fix everything from the app!

Here is how you can easily reinstall the Wyze app:

  1. Go to Settings > Apps/Storage tab.
  2. Uninstall the Wyze App.
  3. Visit Play Store or App Store.
  4. Search for the Wyze App from the search bar.
  5. Download the application and sign in.

You would now need to re-set up your Wyze device to the application and in case you’re wondering how to keep reading the next solution!

Solution #3 Re-Setup Wyze Device To App

reset up wyze app

Now that the Wyze application is cleanly installed on your device, it’s time to re-add the Wyze device to the app.

It’s easy but performing the method correctly is essential for any error codes such as error “90” that were experienced shortly ago.

Here is how you can re-set up your Wyze unit to the app:

  1. Open the Wyze App.
  2. Click on the pencil icon to Edit Devices.
  3. Now next select your Wyze device. 
  4. Tap on the red icon from the front of the device name to delete the device.
  5. Tap to complete the unpairing process.
  6. Relaunch the app and tap on the New Device + button.
  7. Choose your Wyze Device and its Type from the categories.
  8. Tap Next to connect your device to WiFi.
  9. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup process.

When the Wyze device has been linked to the application, we no longer expect to see error 90 so feel free to experiment.

In case you were able to bring up the error, keep reading further!

Solution #4 Check Network Specifications

check network specification

If you have gotten an alert that your “Device is Offline”, then there is something wrong with your network or with the camera network configuration.

Error 90 often appears after a firmware upgrade that was not complete due to an outage in your network!


Wyze products only support a 2.4GHz WiFi band with WPA/WPA2 protocol!

Here is the way to check your WiFi specifications:

  1. Open the Wyze App and unpair your device from the app.
  2. Connect your device to WiFi and go to your mobile browser.
  3. Type into the browser to access your network gateway.
  4. Use Admin/Password or Admin/Admin to sign in.
  5. Go to the Security tab.
  6. Tap on WPA Settings.
  7. Make sure your WiFi is set up to WPA2 or WPA/WPA2.
  8. Ensure that WIFi mode is set to 802.11 b/g/n.
  9. Save the settings and log out from your gateway settings.
  10. Power Cycle your network router.
  11. Pair back your Wyze device to the app from Solution #3.

When you enter the application now and select your Wyze device, error 90 should no longer appear but in case it does, perhaps we need to dig deeper.

Let’s move on!

Solution #5 Downgrade Wyze Firmware 

downgrade the firmware

If your issue persists after attempting all the aforementioned solutions, it is likely for the problem to be due to the firmware that is recently updated.

Perhaps there was a network outage that hindered the firmware from updating correctly and now we need to revert the changes.

Here is how you can flash the firmware:

  1. Remove the card from the device and connect it to the laptop/PC.
  2. Format the MicroSD card into FAT32.
  3. Visit Wyze Firmware Update, and download the previous software version.
  4. Rename the downloaded file to “demo.bin
  5. Copy the firmware file to the MicroSD card and insert it into the camera.
  6. Hold down the Reset button from the camera and release it when its light turns purple.
  7. Wait for 5 seconds until the system resets.
  8. Open the Wyze app and check for the error.

With the older firmware, we no longer expect to see the error.

In case the issue continues on your Wyze Doorbell or Wyze Camera we got some device-specific solutions for you below!

How To Fix Wyze Doorbell Error Code 90?

how to fix the doorbell

If you get “Error Code 90” while attempting to access your doorbell camera via the app, this indicates that your doorbell has lost network access.

The app will also alert you with the notice “Please check your internet connection or power cycle device” as well.

Here is a list of steps to help you remove error 90 from your Wyze Doorbell:

  1. Power cycle the Wyze Doorbell by unplugging it for 10 seconds from the power!
  2. Test with a different WiFi, by sharing a hotspot from your smartphone.
  3. Reinstall the Wyze app from your mobile Play Store or App Store.
  4. Re-add your Wyze doorbell in the app by following the steps in the manual.
  5. Check the Doorbell connected USB port for a breakage.
  6. Update Doorbell Firmware from Account > Firmware Update > Doorbell.

Factory Reset Doorbell?

factory reset doorbell

Ultimately you should perform a Factory Reset on your Wyze Doorbell. 

Simply press the Setup button from the back of the Doorbell until the solid yellow light flashes, and then release the button.

But by doing this, every setting of your Doorbell from the app will be removed.

When the resets are complete, re-add the Doorbell to the updated Wyze app.

Tip: Use Solution #3 to re-add your Wyze Doorbell to the app!

How To Fix Wyze Camera Error Code 90?

how fix wyze camera

The Wyze camera frequently loses its network connection, and when you use the app to access the device, it displays error code 90, thus the “device is offline”.

The only way to resolve the problem is to reconnect the camera to the WiFi or restart your network router/modem.

In case your camera refuses to connect because of an internet problem, it’s best to contact your ISP to find a solution before moving forward.

Without the internet, error 90 almost certainly appears!

Need Help?

If you feel that the issue is now beyond your control after using everything in our guide, don’t hesitate to seek expert assistance.

The Wyze Support crew is the most helpful team at your disposal to assist you from here on. 

Tip: Don’t forget to share what you’ve already tested in our guide!

Quick Recap:

Hence, all you need to do when error code 90 appears in the Wyze app is to restart the network router and the involved Wyze device. When the problem appears after a firmware upgrade, in the worst-case scenario you might need to downgrade the OS version!

Wrapping Up:

In this guide, we have learned how you can fix when Wyze error code 90 after firmware update appears in quick steps.

Simply follow our guide completely and make sure that everything is set up correctly to make sure error 90 will never appear again!

Keep trying and don’t forget to seek assistance if the error persists. Good luck!

Nicole B