why does hulu keep restarting my show

If you are asking yourself “why does Hulu keep restarting my show?”, read along to reveal how we managed to resolve the issue permanently.

We know how frustrating it is for Hulu users whenever the app suddenly decides to start the episode from the beginning when you are already 25 minutes into the show.

In order to help you resolve your issue, we went deep into forum conversations to find out where the issue is coming from and how to fix it.

It turns out that not all common fixes that you will find online such as installing and updating do not work in most cases.

In fact, only several workarounds have proven to actually work and help many people with Hulu issues just like yours.

Without further ado, let’s first take a look at why Hulu behaves this way.

Why Does Hulu Application Restarts Episodes?

We found out that this issue appears on any type of TV and device so we can quickly exclude any causes that are device-specific.

Considering that many people tried to restart their routers and even contacted their ethernet suppliers, we can also exclude the network from the list of possible causes.

Apparently, the issue was found in the cached data existing on the device in which Hulu is settled.

What Is Cached Data?

The cached data simply contains information about your personal application settings and even if you remove and install the app cleanly, the cached data will still remain untouched.

Even if the application used to behave normally before, the cache data sometimes gets corrupted, causing a variety of playout issues.

Why Cached Data Causes Hulu Playout Issues?

The answer to the question “Why does Hulu keep restarting my show?”, still remains a mystery to the Hulu community and it looks like something that requires a developer’s touch.

Luckily, we know how to fix it.

Some people actually reported that even after contacting the Hulu support team, the issue occurs again after a certain time.

So, in order to save you a lot of time and many emails back and forth with the support team, we will provide you with a simple fix that you can apply each time when the Hulu app starts restarting shows.


We could not find a case in which the issue re-appeared after applying this workaround but keep in mind that you can do it anytime without any complications.

How to Resolve Hulu App Restarting Episodes?

hulu keep restarting show

First of all, we need to mention that this workaround applies only to cases in which Hulu keeps repeating shows from the beginning.

Regardless of the device, you are using you need to ensure that it does not have any pending firmware updates.

STEP 1: Up to Date

Simply navigate to the device inbuilt menu and look for the software update tab. Apply any pending updates and ensure that your device is up to date.

The same applies to the Hulu application. To check if your Hulu application is up-to-date you can go to the App Setting > Updates.

STEP 2: Clear Cached Data

Once ready it is time to troubleshoot the Hulu app by clearing the cached data.

Note that after deleting the cached data your personal settings within the application will be deleted so take a last look at all settings in order to recover them easily.

To delete your Hulu cached data follow the steps below:

Note: Setting names are different on all devices, so we will try to explain it very concisely:

  • Close the Hulu application
  • Navigate to your device/TV settings.
  • Locate the “App” section. (It might be named “System Apps”.)
  • Scroll down until you find the Hulu app and press on it.
  • Once within the folder, you should be provided with an option to clear its cached data.
  • Confirm by pressing “OK”

STEP 3: Reboot

After you are ready, make sure to turn off your device and turn it back on, to prevent further complications.

Then you can either log-in to the Hulu app and check if the issue is still there or you can re-install the app to ensure a fresh start.

Common Hulu Issues & How to Solve Them

hulu keeps repeating

In case you experience weird issues with the Hulu application, here are a few troubleshooting methods that are well-known to resolve various issues with the playout.

STEP 1: Check Your Network Speed 

You can easily check your network speed by running a network speed test online.

Another action you can take is to restart your router by plugging it out from the power source for at least 3 minutes and then turning it back on.

This way you will ensure that Hulu is not impacted by a slow network connection.

STEP 2: Clean Installation

Sometimes application files are forming conflicts and re-installing the application can resolve a wide range of playout issues.

It is also healthy to restart your device after reinstalling the Hulu application.

STEP 3: Cleaning Up Unnecessary Data (Hulu Browser)

This step applies to people watching Hulu from an online browser. Applying the above-listed methods you can resolve many browser-related problems that could impact Hulu playout.

It is well-known for browsers to build up data, that could eventually impact Hulu performance.

Here are a few troubleshooting tips to apply if Hulu behaves inappropriately when loaded from an online browser:

  • Clear your flash cache and history.
  • Reset your browser licenses, again from the settings menu.
  • Make sure that the browser is up to date.
  • Reinstall the browser

Now let’s take a look at some frequently asked questions by people with the same Hulu issues, like yours:

Frequently Asked Questions

How to clear cache all at once?

If you want to delete the cache data for all your applications, you can follow the tutorial we’ve provided above, but this time locate an option that will delete all app cache.

If your device does not allow you to erase the whole cache all at once, you might have to delete the data one by one.

How to find my device’s internal storage?

Each device has a different operating system and locating the internal storage could be challenging for some people.

The internal storage getaway can be found in the general menu on each device.

Again, the name of the tab will be different on each device so you might have to explore the menu before you can find where all applications are stored.

Why does Hulu keep restarting my show?

The issue is coming from a corrupted cached data, stored within the device’s internal storage.

By clearing the cached data, you are allowing the software to create a clean one, that is certainly not corrupted.

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Bottom Line

We hope our post was able to resolve the issue where Hulu keeps repeating the same episode over and over again.

If you are still experiencing problems with Hulu playout, your issue might be related to something else.

If at some point you realize that your case requires deeper attention you can always contact the official Hulu support for further assistance.

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