wemo smart plug not responding

If your Wemo smart plug not responding, we have got you covered!

By the end of this guide, you will know all major factors that could be impacting your smart plug functionality, as well as some of the best working solutions to the problem.

Your Wemo smart plug could not be responding if there is an issue with the app, a problem with the charge, or a network issue. You must ensure that both the mobile app and smart plug are compatible with your device and if nothing works, try resetting your plug.

Before we come up with any troubleshooting solutions, let’s first take a better look at the possible reasons & causes that can be making your smart plug inactive.

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Why Is Wemo Mini Smart Plug Not Responding?

If your regular Wemo or Wemo mini smart plug is going through some connectivity issues or isn’t responding at all, the issue might be with your network.

Some users suggested that connecting the device to a different WiFi frequency might help, while others share that a simple reboot managed to resolve the problem for them.

We decide to include all the possible causes for this issue and then tackle each of them so regardless of where the problem is coming from, you’ll solve it.

1. Power Malfunction

If there is a power malfunction with the outlet where your smart plug is connected, it is possible that the issue will occur,

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2. Firmware Problem

Outdated firmware on your smartphone might as well cause some issues with your smart plug.

3. App Issue

An issue with the app that you have installed on your smartphone might cause interferences with the smart plug.

4. Network Problem

A network problem or an issue with the connectivity might also make your smart plug unresponsive.

5. Un-Compatibility

Lastly, if your smart plug is not compatible either with your network or smartphone, it will act unresponsively.

Now that we’ve taken a better look into the issue’s major suspects, let’s proceed with the best solutions the Wemo community has to recommend for problem removal!

How To Fix Wemo Smart Plug Not Responding Easily?

fix wemo smart plug not responding

Before we proceed, ensure that you’re not going through a power outage or Wemo’s power supply is temporarily disrupted.

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Solution #1 Reconnect The Smart Plug

Firstly, you should reconnect your smart plug, in case the power supply got temporarily disrupted. This can often occur after a power outage or a heavy thunderstorm in your local area.

To reconnect a smart plug, you must unplug it from the current outlet, wait for at least 5 minutes while it is unplugged.

Then connect it to a different standalone outlet to also exclude the possibility of a faulty wall outlet or power divider.

Solution #2 Reinstall The Mobile App

If your smart plug is unresponsive, it could be related to an issue on your smartphone app.

The easiest way to troubleshoot issues related to the mobile app is to reinstall it and try to reconnect with your smart plug once it has been downloaded back.

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Here are some quick steps on how to reinstall the mobile app:

  1. Go to your phone’s storage and write “Wemo”.
  2. Locate the app inside your phone’s storage and delete it.
  3. Go to your phone’s app store (App Store or Google Play).
  4. In the search field, write down “Wemo”.
  5. Download the first result and install it on your phone again.

Once the app has been reinstalled on your smartphone, open it and enter your Wemo account credentials.

After logging in, go to the “Devices” tab and check whether your switch is now active or not.

Solution #3 Update & Reboot Your Phone

If the issue wasn’t with the mobile app, perhaps your phone is left outdated which might significantly impact the compatibility with your phone and Wemo switch.

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The next solution we recommend is updating your phone’s firmware and rebooting it afterward.

Here are the steps to do it:

  1. On your phone, head to the settings and open the “About” tab.
  2. Head to the “Firmware Version” or “Firmware Update” tab.
  3. Scan for available firmware updates for your phone.
  4. Apply the firmware updates and wait.

Your phone will automatically reboot once the update has been successfully applied, so you won’t have to manually do it unless the issue is still there.

Solution #4 Troubleshoot Network

The next major factor you should diagnose within your configuration is the state of your network.

As you probably know, you will be connecting with your Wemo through WiFi and if either of your devices is disconnected from the network, they will be unable to scan for each other.

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Here are some steps to troubleshoot your network:

  1. Open other devices that are usually connected to your network and check if they are disconnected as well.
  2. Ensure your router is not an object of interference.
  3. Check the wiring throughout your router’s configuration.
  4. Remove any physical interference that might be blocking the network.
  5. Disconnect unnecessary devices from the WiFi.

Once you’re done, try reconnecting your Wemo and determine if the issue is still there.

Note: Keep in mind that your network might be the reason why Wemo smart plug not responding to Alexa or other WiFi devices.

Solution #5 Use Different WiFi Frequency

Users report that Wemo works a lot smoother on a 2.4GHz frequency. Hence, if your Wemo is connected to a 5GHz frequency, this might be the reason it has become unresponsive.

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Note: If your network doesn’t have a 2.4GHz frequency, you have to access your router’s control panel and create one.

To access your router’s configuration, you must paste in a web browser of your PC and use “admin” and “password” for login.

Once you’re in the router’s settings, to create a 2.4GHz network, go to Settings > Networks > Create Network > Network Frequency Set and then choose 2.4GHz.

When ready, connect your Wemo plug to the 2.4Ghz network and check if the problem is still there.

Solution #6 Reset Your Wemo

If nothing worked so far and your device is still unresponsive, we recommend applying a reset to resolve the problem.

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This will restore the factory setting of your Wemo plug and has the highest chance of solving the problem.

Here are the steps to how to perform a factory reset on your Wemo smart plug:

  1. Hold down the power button of your Wemo.
  2. Disconnect it from the power.
  3. Keep holding the power button and connecting it back to the outlet.
  4. Wait for the LED to rapidly flash several times and release the power button.

After a couple of automatic restarts, your Wemo smart switch should now be reset!

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Bottom Line:

To fix a Wemo smart plug, first, reinstall the app on your phone and reconnect it to the power. Next, you can troubleshoot your network, create and try with different WiFi frequencies and lastly perform a reset on your Wemo.

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Now that you know why Wemo smart plug not responding, you should be able to easily solve the problem in no time.

In case our solution did not work, maybe the problem you’re experiencing requires a developer’s attention so feel free to contact Wemo customer service to continue.