how to reset a wemo switch

If ever you’re trying to look for a complete and comprehensive guide on how to reset a WeMo switch, you are just on the perfect page at the perfect time.

In this tutorial, we will be walking you through the steps on how you can perform a reset on your WeMo switch.

You can easily perform a reset of your WeMo Light Switch by locating the reset button or by resetting it through the WeMo smartphone app!

But, before we dive straight into that topic, let us first discuss why you would want to reset your WeMo Light Switch.

What Are the Reasons to Reset Your WeMo Switch?

Just like any other device, you won’t just reset your WeMo Switch randomly.

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More often than not, users choose to reset it if they experience a couple of problems or changes within the network they are in.

You can perform a reset to your WeMo Switch if you get or experience any of the following scenarios.

Light Switch Suddenly Lost Connection

It’s not an uncommon feat when your WeMo Light Switch suddenly lost connection. And normally, you would have to fix it by resetting your WeMo Switch.  

When You Changed Your WiFi Router Settings

Another reason why you would want to reset your WeMo Switch is when the WiFi router settings have changed.

Now, normally, this would only apply to the changing of the password since that is the security feature. Moreover, it could also apply if:

  • You changed your WiFi password
  • You used a different WiFi modem or router
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Erase Stored or Saved Settings

Do you want to remove or modify a couple of data or information from your WeMo Switch? If you are, then the only way to do it is to reset your WeMo Switch.

Setup Has Failed

And last, but most definitely not least would be the instance when the setup of your WeMo Light Switch has failed.

Regardless of the kind of WeMo Switch you’re dealing with, you’ll need to reset it when it is not properly set up.

Those are the most common reasons why you would want to reset your WeMo Light Switch. Now that we know the reasons, what’s the process of resetting your WeMo dimmer switch?

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Methods on How to Reset a WeMo Switch

reset wemo switch

So, if you’re trying to find the process of how to reset a WeMo dimmer switch, this is what you came for!

For this process, we’ll be explaining two (2) methods: Resetting through the WeMo app and resetting manually.

Don’t worry, though, because we’ll walk you through both methods so you can check what would work best for you!

1. Resetting Manually

This process would entail going up to your WeMo Light Switch and finding the reset button.

In fact, the procedure can easily be summarized into a few easy and simple steps:

  1. Walk up to your WeMo Switch device.
  2. Try to find the reset button on your device.
  3. It’ll usually be a separate button from all the usual buttons that it has.
  4. Press or press and hold the button
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Note: Some WeMo switches would require you just to press a button, while some would require you to press and hold.

For the WeMo dimmer switch, you simply have to remove the cover plate of the device, then press and hold the Bar for more than five seconds.

You will know that you’ve reset it when the light turns blue.

I Can’t Find the Reset Button, Where Is It?

In resetting it manually, you’d have to press the button that would reboot and reset it.

But with that small piece of device, you will, for sure ask, where is the WeMo Light Switch reset button?

Different WeMo Switches and devices have different reset buttons. To be sure of the device that you have, you can check the user manual.

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Moreover, it’s usually the bar beneath the toggle or the button of the switch. So, it’ll be wise to remove the cover plate.

And that’s it! That’s the first method of resetting your WeMo Switch. Let’s now go to the second and the last method, which is…

2. Resetting Through the WeMo App

Unlike the first method, in this method, you’ll be able to reset your WeMo device without walking up to the device itself.

Follow these steps to be successful in resetting it.

Step #1: Access the WeMo App

The first thing you have to do is to access the WeMo app on your smartphone.

If you’ve been using your WeMo Light Switch, you should have the app. Otherwise, you can download it from either the App Store or the Google Play Store.

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Step #2: Select “Edit”

When you’ve successfully launched the app, the next thing you want to do is to go to Edit, which is at the top-right part of the screen.

Clicking on Edit will reveal a few settings that you aren’t able to find on the main interface.

Step #3: Hit Reset Options

After clicking Edit, click the right-side facing arrow on the switch that you want to reset and select Reset Options.

Step #4: Factory Restore

When you click that, you’ll be given three (3) options: Clear Personalized Info, Change W-Fi, and Factory Restore.

Clear Personalized Info is the option that you can look into that would remove anything that’s customized icons, functions, names, or any type of data that’s stored on the WeMo device.

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Take note, that this option is not a factory reset, but would reset the information stored.

Change WiFi is the option to reconnect the device to a new WiFI, along with all your data.

Factory Restore

Then lastly, the Factory Restore is the setting or the option that would erase and reset all settings.

If you do this, it will revert all the settings on your WeMo Switch to be back to how you purchased it from the factory.

This process is easy and the only requirement is that your device needs to be connected to the same WiFi network where your WeMo Switch is connected.

But, in less than five minutes, you’ll be able to reset it without standing up!

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If you’re trying to find out how to reset a Wemo Switch, you can reset it through the WeMo smartphone app or by resetting it through the device!

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You’ll find many guides out there that’ll claim to teach you how to reset a WeMo Switch. But, most of them would be incomplete, they’ll just cover either of these processes.

With our guide, though, we have it complete. So, you can freely do the method that suits you better!

No need for a separate guide, you can find all of what you’re looking for here!