wemo light switch blinking orange

Is your Wemo light switch blinking orange? The blinking status light indicates that something is wrong with your Wemo device and it needs to be fixed.

An orange light on your WeMo switch generally means it can’t connect to a network. If the light is a mixture of orange and white, the switches seem to be in setup mode.

Before you try something, make sure your internet connection is working properly and that your phone is connected to the same network as the switches.

First, we must understand what the orange blinking light means, as well as the orange in combination with other color means.

Keep reading to find out more.

Reasons Why the Wemo Light is Flashing Orange

Because the orange light does not always blink on its own, we’ll go over the meanings of all the color combinations with the orange light.

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We’ll start by talking about what the orange light represents when it’s just blinking by itself, and then we’ll talk about color combinations.

Orange Blinking Light on Wemo

If Wemo is simply blinking orange, it means there is a problem with the Wifi connection; the most likely cause is that the connection has been lost totally.

When the indicator is just flickering orange, it usually indicates a problem with network connectivity.

The orange light will continue to blink if something is unsupported and does not like your Wemo connecting to the wifi.

Orange and Green Light Blinking Lights on Wemo

If your Wemo device is blinking green and orange, it’s most likely because you’re using it for the first time, or because you just did a factory reset.

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Your Wemo gadget is in setup mode if the Green and Orange lights are flashing in unison.

When your device is in setup mode this means that it is waiting to be configured for the first time since opening the device.

An Orange and White Blinking Lights on Wemo

The Orange and White blinking lights, like the Green and Orange combo lights, indicate that your device is in Setup Mode.

The Wemo small, Wemo Bridge, and Smart Plug all include orange and white blinking lights. This signifies the Wemo is in setup mode if you have any of these devices.

If the Wemo device is blinking White only, it means the firmware needs to be updated.

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White/Blue and Red Blinking Lights on Wemo

If the Wemo light blinks White, Blue, and Red at the same time, the device is rebooting, resetting, or restarting.

This type of blinking light is quite harmless, and all it takes is a little patience to wait for the device to complete the restarting, rebooting, or resetting procedure, which should take only a few hours.

How to Fix Wemo Light Switch Blinking Orange

fix wemo light switch blinking orange

Now that we’ve gone over the various types of Wemo blinking lights, let’s have a look at our quick fixes for the Orange light blinking problem.

Method 1. Check for Available WiFi

If your network has been disrupted for some reason, Wemo may not be able to connect to the internet.

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If you have a smartphone, you may check if you have WIFI by looking at the right top of your screen. If your WIFI coverage is still sporadic for some reason, and your phone’s internet isn’t working, you’ll need to check your network.

There are various online network speed testing tools you may use to see if your network is up and running and, if there are any problems, to diagnose them.

Note: You can also contact your internet service provider to ask if there is any planned maintenance or repair work in the region.

Method 2. Check the Internet’s Connection

If you have run the speed tests and it showed that your connection isn’t very strong and unreliable, this is the main reason the Orange light is blinking.

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We will look at some steps you can take to improve this in your home, and these steps should help with the current issue:

Step #1. Restarting the Router

The first thing you should do is restart your router; this is a smart place to start when trying to solve your blinking light problem.

  1. Turn your router off
  2. Unplug the device’s power supply
  3. Leave it alone for a few minutes
  4. Reconnect the power cord

Check your smart device’s internet connection once you’ve completed the previous procedures. If you have found the connection to be more stable, please do check to see if the orange light is still blinking.

Step #2. Move the Location of the Router

If Wemo still won’t connect to the internet after resolving the issue, try moving the router closer to the device.

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Depending on the network’s GHz, carefully choose the next position of your routine.

The closer your router is to Wemo, the more GHz your network has. Try switching to the other WiFi if you have more than one.

Step #3. Try to Reconnect Wemo

Completely disconnect the Wemo device from the already connected WIFI, make sure to “Forget” the connection, and then retry to connect from the beginning.

If the above still doesn’t work, please move on to the next method.

Method 3. Restart the Wemo Device

Restarting the Wemo device is a fairly simple way to resolve the blinking light issue.

Simple solutions may appear to be a crude approach to a problem, yet many users have found that they have assisted them in resolving the issue.

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There are two very straightforward ways in which you can restart the Wemo device. One is to perform a power cycle and the other is to press the power button.

Performing a Power Cycle

To power cycle your Wemo device :

  1. Let its battery completely empty out
  2. Wait a few hours before recharging it
  3. Recharge the device
  4. Try again

Note: This gets rid of any temporal issues and this should hopefully resolve the orange light issue.

Method 4. Factory Reset the Device

Resetting the Wemo device to factory settings is one of the last options for dealing with the problem.

If you go forward with this, keep in mind that it will wipe out all of the device’s configurations and settings, but it should fix the blinking orange light issue we’re having.

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Please follow these steps to make a factory reset:

  1. To use the Wemo App, go to the App Store and search for Wemo.
  2. Find the device you wish to reset to factory settings.
  3. Select the Edit arrow.
  4. Choose the Reset Option.
  5. Follow the directions on the screen.
  6. Restore the factory settings of the Wemo.

If the above methods haven’t helped to resolve the issue of the Belkin Wemo light switch blinking orange even after reset; we would strongly suggest reaching out to the Wemos support team. They will run through some further troubleshooting steps and help stop the light from blinking.

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The orange light on the Wemo light switch always means the same thing: there’s a problem with the WiFi connection. Of course, this could be due to localized power outages or a software fault. It is critical to inspect your home network on a regular basis.

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Bottom Line

You should be able to solve it if it happens again now that you know why the Wemo switch orange light is blinking, if the Wemo light switch blinking orange continues please do try the methods again to make sure no steps have been missed.

This problem could be caused by a short internet outage, so wait a few hours or contact your internet provider before jumping to any conclusions.

If the Wemo switch orange light blinking continues to be a problem for you, please contact their support team for assistance.