wemo light switch blinking orange

Wemo light switch blinking orange seems to be causing issues and you’re looking for a solution?

Worry no more because you just came across the best article where you will learn all about Wemo light indications and how to deal with them.

If Wemo’s light is blinking in orange color, it often means that your device cannot connect to Wi-Fi. Frequently, the orange light is accompanied by another colored light and in combination, it could mean something totally different so stick around to find out!

We will begin this post by first taking a look at the basic things you should be aware of when it comes to Wemo lightning indications.

Why Is My Wemo Light Switch Flashing Orange?

why is my wemo light switch blinking orange

As in many of the cases, the orange light doesn’t blink by itself, we will get you familiar with the meaning of all different color combinations with orange light.

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We will begin with a standalone orange flashing and then talk separately about each different color combination.

Wemo Blinking In Orange

If Wemo is blinking in orange color only, this will indicate Wifi connection loss.

Almost every time the orange light on its own indicates issues with the network connectivity.

However, it could also indicate the Wifi connectivity troubles of your Wemo. If anything is unsupported and doesn’t let Wemo connect to the Wifi the orange light will still blink.

Wemo Switch Blinking Orange And Green

If Wemo is blinking in a green and orange color combination, it is most likely that you’ve plugged Wemo for the first time or just performed a factory reset.

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Green and orange light flashing in sync means that your device is in setup mode.

Setup mode means that your device is in the standby phase and it is waiting to be configured for first use.

Wemo Blinking In Orange And White

If your Wemo is blinking in orange and white, it still means that your device is in setup mode just like when it was orange and green.

Orange and white flashing combo is usual for Wemo mini smart plug and Wemo bridge. However, if you happen to have any of these devices, don’t worry as your Wemo is in setup mode.

On the other hand, if your Wemo is blinking in white only, it could mean an update of its firmware.

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Wemo Is Blinking In White/Blue/Red

If your Wemo light switch is blinking in white, blue, and red all at once, it means that it is either restarting, resetting, or rebooting.

As you probably figured out already, this kind of blinking doesn’t represent any threat too and you should probably wait for a couple of hours for it to go away.

How To Fix Wemo Light Switch Blinking Orange?

how to fix wemo light switch blinking orange

Now that you know what the different kinds of Wemo blinking mean, it is time to troubleshoot the only lightning that indicates an issue, the orange one.

Our steps will be related to checking the condition of Wifi in your household because as you’ve already learned, orange blinking is caused due to the inability of Wemo to connect with the network.

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Let’s start with the easiest steps first.

Step #1 Check If You Have Internet

One of the reasons Wemo could not have available internet is if your network has been interrupted for some reason.

Using your phone, for instance, check at the right bottom of the screen if you have available Wifi.

If for some reason the Wifi coverage is compromised and you don’t have the internet on your phone too, you must check your network. 

There are many free online network speed test tools to check your network in case of any issues.

You can also call your supplier to find out if there is scheduled maintenance that you’re not aware of.

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Step #2 Check Internet Connection

If you’ve determined that you don’t have a strong and reliable internet connection your Wemo will definitely blink in orange.

There are some proven techniques to apply at home so let’s take a look:

Restart Router

If your Wemo light blinking in orange firstly you can try to restart your router.

Turn off your router and unplug its power supply. Let it be for several minutes and plug the power cord back in.

After performing these steps, check if you have available internet on your phone.

Note: If the network is now fine check your Wemo for orange light blinking.

Relocate Router

If you’ve fixed your internet but Wemo still doesn’t have internet, you can try to reposition the router closer to Wemo.

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Depending on the GHz of the network, you should carefully consider the next placement for your router.

The more GHz your network has, the closer your router has to be to Wemo. If you’ve got more than one WiFi, try switching to the other one.

Reconnect Wemo

Entirely disconnect Wemo from the currently connected WiFi, forget the connection and connect again from scratch. If this does not work, you shall take further measures in our next step.

Step #3 Restart Wemo

A simple, yet effective way to get rid of the blinking orange light is to restart Wemo.

We know it may sound like a primitive approach to the issue, but many users reported this workaround was effective, so we’ve decided to include it.

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You can restart Wemo in two ways. One is the normal restart which is performed with the power button and the other one is the power cycle.

The power cycle is well-known to be more effective than the normal restart, so we will first get you familiar with the power cycle.

To power cycle Wemo, you must drain its power and start it up again. This is performed by letting its battery empty up and waiting for a few hours before charging again.

This will definitely get rid of any temporal issues and hopefully, the orange light will be gone for good.

Step #4 Factory Reset Wemo

One of the last actions against the issue would be to reset your Wemo to factory default settings.

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This process will erase all of its configurations and settings and it should be able to resolve the blinking orange light if the problem is in Wemo.

To factory reset Wemo, open the Wemo App and find the device you are willing to restore to default settings.

Tap on the edit arrow and then select Reset Options. Follow the on-screen instructions and reset your Wemo to factory settings.

Step #5 Contact Wemo Support

If nothing so far managed to stop the orange light from blinking, the last thing before you contact Wemo support would be to ensure that everything is working.

If the device is connected to the network successfully but the light is still there, then there’s definitely a bug that should be addressed directly by the supplier.

If your warranty is still intact you might get lucky but perhaps Wemo customer service will come up with a reliable solution that will help you get rid of the orange light.

The orange light on Wemo light switch will always mean the same thing, a connectivity issue. Of course, the problem could be caused due to power issues or a software glitch so don’t forget to inspect your network every now and then.

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In addition, you can do a maintenance restart every week to avoid this issue appearing in the future.

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Bottom Line:

Now that you know why the Wemo light switch blinking orange, you should be able to fix the internet flow to your device.

After all, this inconvenience could be based on a temporary internet outage, so make sure to wait for a few hours or call your supplier before making any conclusions.

If another smart home device of yours doesn’t work, you can check for solutions in our technical blog!