vizio sound bar remote not working

In this post, we are fixing the Vizio sound bar remote not working issue, which is a hot topic across the technical forums recently.

Each model of Vizio sound bar comes with a dedicated remote, which is used for the basic interaction commands such as turning it on and off, volume adjustment, and settings.

If you are experiencing issues with your Vizio remote, keep reading to reveal how to troubleshoot it.

To resolve your Vizio sound bar remote issue, you should carry out several troubleshooting methods. Some of them include power cycling both, the remote and the sound bar as well as replacing batteries and getting rid of any objects that might be in the line of sight of your IR sensor.

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Later in the post, we will address the software and discuss possible causes along with their solution.

These are the methods that are proven to resolve Vizio sound bar remote issues and we also included helpful recommendations and tips that you cannot go wrong with.

How to Fix Vizio Sound Bar Remote Not Working Issue?

vizio sound bar remote control not working

The recommendation here is to apply the following methods in numerical order and check if the issue is still there every time upon completing a step.

Method #1 Check Line of Sight

It is well known that Vizio remotes are using Infrared (IR) sensors to interact with the soundbar.

In that regard it is important for the soundbar receiver to be wide open, facing the direction of the remote transmitter.

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Both devices need to have a clear line of sight or direct view in order to communicate with each other.

Make sure that there is no object or an obstacle blocking the direct air path for the infrared signals as this might be the cause of the remote not working problem.

Use the Vizio remote as close as possible to the soundbar while you apply our next methods to ensure that the line of sight will interfere as a false alarm cause.

Method #2 Replace Batteries

While it is a rare occasion, sometimes a fresh battery is all that it takes to get your Vizio soundbar remote working again.

The non-rechargeable batteries on the Vizio remote are probably the biggest downside but also the cheapest to replace.

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So, if you haven’t checked the batteries in a while, make sure that they are not worn out.

Batteries are also a well-known reason for Vizio sound bar remote display not working, so if you are experiencing troubles with the screen, replacing the batteries should be your first step.

After all, there is no point in troubleshooting further if batteries are out of power. If your batteries are just fine let’s proceed with our next troubleshooting method.

Method #3 Power Cycle Your Vizio Remote

The sound bar remote issue might be related to software conflicts and power cycle can easily reboot all services.

To power cycle the remote, simply take the batteries out and press each button twice. Make sure that the remote remains without batteries for at least 3 minutes.

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This method will power cycle your remote and hopefully resolve any internal issues. Take your time with it as each button has to be pressed exactly twice, regardless of where you start or order.

We recommend performing a power cycle even if you have just inserted a brand new pair of batteries.

Method #4 Power Cycle Your Vizio Soundbar

Sometimes the remote non-working issue is found in the receiver instead of the remote. Power cycling the Vizio soundbar could not be easier and here is how to do it safely.

  • Turn off the Vizio sound bar (the power button is located on the right or left side of the device)
  • Unplug the soundbar from the power
  • Press and Hold the Power Button for about 30 to 40 seconds
  • Plug the Vizio sound bar back in the power outlet
  • Press the Power Button to turn it on
  • Test the remote
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If power cycling your sound bar did resolve your issue, it means that there is a potential software issue that should be addressed.

Otherwise, it might cause a wide range of similar problems in the future so our next method will show you how to permanently solve it.

Method #4 Firmware Update

If power cycling resolves the issue, you need a software update. Even if your remote is now working perfectly, we highly recommend following this step carefully to ensure no troubles in the future.

To update your Vizio soundbar firmware you need to acquire the latest version. You can do this in two ways.

The faster way to get the software is by navigating to Vizio’s official website homepage. The software downloads can be found under the support tab.

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The other way to acquire the latest software is to contact the dedicated Vizio customer service. Here is how to do it properly:

  • Contact Vizio official customer service on 877-698-4946
  • Explain that you’re looking to update your soundbar firmware to the latest possible version.
  • Provide them your device serial number & any additional info they need
  • Acquire the latest software version

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How to Update Vizio Soundbar Firmware?

The software is a common reason for Vizio sound bar remote control not working and in order to troubleshoot it, you should update the firmware.

Once you have the latest possible version, take a USB flash drive and transfer the software onto it.

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Format the USB Flash drive storage beforehand, so the firmware can be the one and only thing in there.

  • Ensure that the sound bar is plugged into the power outlet and press the Power Button
  • Disconnect it from the power outlet while it is on.
  • Plug in the USB flash drive containing the latest firmware.
  • Connect the soundbar back to the power outlet (the first two LED indicators should light on as a sign that the device is entering update mode).
  • The rest of the LED indicators will start lighting up as the update progresses
  • Once the LEDs turn off, the update is complete
  • Remove the USB from the soundbar
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Now you can turn on the sound bar by pressing the Power Button and enjoy.

You can now be in peace knowing that the remote non-working issue will never appear again.

Vizio Sound Bar Remote Still Not Working?

Unfortunately, the above-described methods are the only troubleshooting workaround that are addressing Vizio sound bar remote issues.

If you still experience issues, and you purchased the soundbar less than 12 months ago, contact Vizio and ask for a replacement.

You might have to carry out a long list of troubleshooting steps before they ship a brand new remote, but if you have applied all methods correctly, you will be aware of the outcome.

Vizio sound bar remote display not working is not a straightforward clue that the device is dead, but still, this is the first sign of not working hardware.

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If your warranty is expired you can order a soundbar remote separately through several retailers online.

Bottom Line

The Vizio soundbar remote non-working problem could be caused by drop damage, water exposure, or severe pressure.

If your remote has suffered any of these recently you might need to replace the whole device.

We can safely conclude that the issue can be easily resolved by applying the above-described methods if there is an internal conflict issue.

In contrast, the Vizio sound bar remote not working issue could be far more serious and might require further attention and effort.

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