why does netflix keep crashing on my tv

Why does Netflix keep crashing on my TV? Are you wondering?

This common problem can be caused by a variety of factors, including issues with internet connectivity, outdated apps, and even software conflicts.

So, continue reading to uncover the best solutions in no time…

Netflix crashes on TVs may result from corrupted application data or due to outages and unstable internet connections. Troubleshooting these issues can help resolve the problem and restore smooth streaming.

The solution is sometimes as simple as re-installing the Netflix app, and other times harder, requiring extra steps!

Why Does Netflix Keep Crashing On My TV? – Reasons

netflix keep crashing on my smart tv

One of the main reasons for Netflix crashing on a TV is connection problems with the Netflix servers.

This is one of the few possibilities that you can’t solve at home so let’s take a look at everything (local) that might be the culprit for the Netflix crashing issue.

  • A corrupted Netflix application data and cache.
  • An outdated firmware version of the Netflix app.
  • Wi-Fi or Ethernet connectivity issues on the TV.
  • An active VPN or location-altering service (Proxy).
  • Overheating with the TV or potential power issues.

My Smart TV Keeps Crashing On Netflix” – Fix in 8 Steps!

Note: Follow our solutions in chronological order to fix the problem faster!

1. Check the Netflix Server Status!

check the netflix server status

The frequent Netflix crashes on your TV may be related to a Netflix server outage.

This step will teach you how to identify ongoing Netflix service outages that are likely to cause the Netflix app to repeatedly crash on your TV.

Here’s how to identify planned and unplanned Netflix outages!

  1. Open a browser on your mobile device or PC/laptop.
  2. Navigate to help.Netflix.com/en/is-netflix-down.
  3. Check beneath the “Is Netflix Down” announcer.
  • If the announcer says “Netflix is down”, you’ll need to wait for 1-2 hours. 
  • If the announcer says “Netflix is up”, continue with the next step!
Note: Sometimes Netflix outages and maintenance can take longer to be resolved!

2. Diagnose & Solve TV Internet Issues

diagnose and solve tv internet issues

You will get disconnected from the Netflix platform every time the internet connection throttles or your TV unpairs from the Wi-Fi.

To resolve that problem, you first have to check whether the TV is connected to Wi-Fi securely and then identify any issues with your network and equipment.

How to Check Wi-Fi Connection On Most TVs?

  • Go to “Settings” and go to “Wireless” > “Wi-Fi” > “Available Networks”.
Tip: If you cannot find the Wi-Fi setting on your TV, refer to the user manual!

How to Fix When Wi-Fi Keeps Dropping On TV?

how to fix when wifi keeps dropping on tv

In case the Netflix crashes lead you to identify a WiFi problem on your end, well, there are a couple of ways to efficiently troubleshoot the issue.

Follow the steps to optimize the TV’s WiFi:

  1. Power cycle the router by unplugging it from the power!
  2. Reconnecting the service cable from the TV and router.
  3. Switch the TV from the 2.4 GHz WiFi to the 5 GHz WiFi.
  4. Verify that your internet and WiFi are working and fast.
Note: Netflix responds to connect issues by showing a “Connection Error” on screen!

3. Clear Netflix’s App Cache & Data

A very good troubleshooting step that you should undertake in response to the persistent Netflix crashes is to clear the platform’s app cache and data.

clear netflix's app cache and data

Over time, accumulated cached data may cause software faults with the platform, leading to app crashes and unstable performance!

Follow these steps to clear Netflix’s app cache and data on your TV device:

  1. Access the Settings of your TV streaming device.
  2. Navigate to the “Applications” tab in the storage.
  3. Locate the Netflix app from the list of installed apps.
  4. Highlight Netflix and access Advanced Settings.
  5. Choose “Clear Cache” and then “Clear Data” for Netflix.
  6. (Tip) Repeat the steps above for all installed apps.
Note: It’s good to clear Netflix’s cache and data periodically to maintain fast app performance!

4. Enable or Disable VPN Services!

enable or disable vpn services

If you’re still wondering why does Netflix keep crashing on my TV, you should know that the app will kick you out if you have an active VPN service.

If your TV has an in-built VPN service activated or you’ve downloaded a third-party VPN app, you might not be allowed into Netflix.

Netflix is not available in all countries and using an IP from an unsupported region blocks the connection to the servers.

The same goes the other way around – if you’re in a country that doesn’t support Netflix, the only way to watch would be by enabling a VPN, so let’s learn more!

How to Deactivate In-Built VPN Service?

  • Access the settings of your TV and go to “Connections” > “VPN” > “Disable”!

How to Activate a VPN to Access Netflix?

how to activate a vpn to access netflix

We recommend using Atlas VPN for Apple or Android TVs. If your TV is running another OS, then simply check for available VPN apps in the TV’s content store.

When you open the VPN, you will be able to alter your virtual location to a country, where Netflix is supported to watch.

Note: For guaranteed Netflix support, connect to a UK or US server!

5. Update the Netflix Application

If there’s a pending update for the Netflix app, it’s crucial to carry out the upgrade as soon as possible to exclude this possibility.

It’s easy to update Netflix, even when the app crashes and you’re unable to currently do anything within the app.

update the netflix application

Follow these steps to update the Netflix app on most TV devices:

  1. Access the Content Store of your TV device.
  2. Head to the Settings of the application.
  3. Access the “Manage Installed Apps” option.
  4. Scroll down and locate the Netflix app.
  5. Highlight Netflix and press “Check for Updates”.
  6. Wait for your TV to download all updates.
  7. Press on the “Update” or “Start Update” button.
Note: The steps above might not apply to all TV brands and models so refer to the TV’s user manual for the exact update process steps.

6. Pay the Netflix Subscription Fee!

pay the netflix subscription fee

On some TVs, you may get thrown out of Netflix if your account has been suspended due to unpaid subscription fees.

It is necessary to look into your account’s subscription status and make sure that you have paid the monthly fee and that your payment information is correct.

How to Pay Netflix Subscription Fee?

  1. Sign in to your Netflix account through an online browser!
  2. Choose the Administrator Profile (not marked with ‘kids’).
  3. Choose “Restart Subscription” from the prompt that opens.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to renew the payment info.
  5. Press the “Subscribe button to complete the transaction.
Note: Feel free to set “Automatic Renewal” for your Netflix account for automatic payments!

7. Reinstall the Netflix TV App!

reinstall the netflix tv app

To address all issues with the Netflix platform at once, it is enough to Uninstall and Reinstall the Netflix app cleanly on the TV.

Sometimes the reason why Netflix constantly crashes is due to serious file corruption that can’t be helped without entirely removing the Netflix app…

Follow these steps to reinstall the Netflix app on your TV device:

  1. Access the Settings of the smart TV.
  2. Navigate to “Applications” next.
  3. Scroll down and locate Netflix.
  4. Highlight the app and press “OK”.
  5. In the settings, choose “Uninstall”.
  6. Wait for the Netflix app to be removed.
  7. Go to the Content Store on your TV.
  8. Use the search field to locate Netflix.
  9. Once found, download the platform.
Note: You will be signed out from your Netflix account after the reinstallation process!

8. Factory Reset the Smart TV

factory reset the smart tv

It’s unlikely for the Netflix app to keep crashing after attempting all of the solutions in this guide, but if it does, the issue might be on your TV’s end.

So, the first step is to check whether other apps such as YouTube, Hulu, and Amazon Prime are also crashing, exactly like Netflix.

In case your TV makes the app crash, follow the steps to factory reset:

  1. Press the “Home” or “Menu” TV remote button!
  2. Go into “Settings” and then “Advanced Settings”.
  3. Next, select “Factory Data Reset” or simply “Reset”.
  4. Ensure to select “Erase Everything” and then “OK”.
Tip: Some TV models have a “RESET” button pinhole, for users to reach in using a sharp object like a needle or paperclip and hold the reset button.

Bonus Tip: Visit Netflix’s Help Center!

contact netflix support center

Netflix provides a variety of troubleshooting methods to users who experience issues with the platform.

Their well-designed help center can help with any problem related to the platform for smart TV’s, so navigate to the Netflix Support Center.

Best of luck!

Quick Recap:

Now you know why Netflix keeps crashing on my TV and to resolve the issue, update the app to the latest version and clear the cache data.

In case that doesn’t help diagnose your internet connection and check for any outages before reinstalling the Netflix app!

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