why does netflix keep crashing on my tv

If you are asking yourself “why does Netflix keep crashing on my TV?” you are at the right place! In this post we will check what are the possible causes and how to troubleshoot them. Keep in mind that there are alot of different smart TV models and menus are different on all of them. Our troubleshooting steps are described as concisely as possible in order to suit as many menus as possible.

Netflix could be crashing due to outdated TV firmware or application version. There is also a possibility that there are data conflicts or network outages that we are going to troubleshoot. By performing a restart, update and even re-installation (if necessary) we hope to get your Netflix working again.

Why Does Netflix Keep Crashing on my TV – Possible Reasons?

If you are wondering why does “Netflix keep crashing on my Roku TV”, or any other kind of smart TV, keep reading to learn and find out the most effective methods recommended by many users having the same or similar issue.

Your first and most important step is to get to know more about the issue so you can get most of the troubleshooting steps above. Your first job is to figure out when these crashes happen and what are the conditions to reproduce the issue.

A crash could occur when launching the app where the most effective solution is to restart your smart TV, and if this doesn’t cut it then you shall proceed with troubleshooting it further.  Of course, there could be an error when either browsing or searching the app or when you attempt to watch a show or a movie.

In that regard we are going to perform several restarts, re-logging and power cycling your TV to cover as many possible causes as we can.

How to Fix Netflix Crashing on My TV?

how to fix netflix keep crashing on tv

Method #1 TV Troubleshooting

Sometimes the issue is found in the TV and not in the Netflix application. First things to do is to make sure that there are no pending updates and your TV is up to date.

Keep in mind that there could be specific errors and crashes related to the type of your TV. For instance, an error could occur only on Apple or Vizio Tvs and the only solution might be contacting the official support team in order to fix the issue.

Although if you’re confident that the issue is not related to your TV feel free to proceed with the next step.

Method #2 Restart

After getting more familiar with the issue as you are applying these troubleshooting methods, it is now a time to perform a firm restart.

A widely recommended solution is to try restarting your Smart TV in the first place. There is a slight chance that this whole issue could be based on improper device booting upon a startup and restarting your TV might get Netflix working again.

In order to properly restart your TV follow the steps bellow:

  • Unplug your TV’s power cable and wait for at least 1 minute
  • During the time your TV is unplugged, hold the power button to discharge it
  • Next, plug your TV Back in, Start it up, and try launching Netflix again


Mind that in order to discharge your TV you must hold the power button for up to 5 seconds. In cases, you’re not being able to discharge your TV, you should wait another 3 minutes of your TV being unplugged and try again.

Method #3 Re-logging

If a restart doesn’t cut it and you’re still wondering about the Netflix crashing issue, there are specific solutions based on your problem. For instance, if the issue occurs upon browsing or searching the app, you could try signing out of the app which might fix your problem. Most of the time re-logging your account is the key to resolve the problem as well as account-related errors.

There are a few ways of singing out of your Netflix account and they will be briefly described below:

  • Using the Settings or the Gear icon located on the Netflix home screen.
  • Using any other screen, in order to log out of your account you must execute the following keys in their specific order: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Up, Up, Up
  • When you find yourself on the sign-out screen, select the Reset button.

Keep in mind that there could be a possibility where the reset button is either described under the name of  “Sign Out” or “Deactivate”.

Method #4 Up to Date

It is common for Smart TV’s to miss an application update and your Netflix crashing issue could be caused exactly by that. As you know Smart TV’s are all different and the updating procedure is different for each model. In that regard, we recommend re-installing the application as well to ensure other glitches that are possible.

By deleting the application and installing it cleanly you will certainly have the latest possible version, so this workaround seems way faster.


Remember that by reinstalling all your personal configurations could be lost and you might have to login to your Netflix account again.

Crashing Problems on Apple and Vizio TVs

“Why does Netflix keep crashing on my apple tv”? is a question many users have and seek further support either from their manufacturer. If you are having Apple or Vizio TV, it is well known for these TV brands to have issues with Netflix application functionalities.

On the other hand, if you had just bought your new Vizio TV and you’re getting ready to watch the recently released shows on Netflix, but your app crashes before you could even choose what to watch, you might be questioning yourself “why does Netflix keep crashing on my Vizio TV”.

You could always seek help in the social networks and forums that could be related to your TV Brand, but we have prepared several troubleshooting techniques that are proven to resolve these well-known Netflix issues.

Apple and Vizio Smart TVs Fixing Process

There are a few steps that might help you resolve any problems you’re having with Netflix either on Apple or Vizio smart TVs.

Check Internet Connection

Commonly, many people don’t have a currently supported or working internet connection and they mistake the crash as the app’s fault.  Upon any prompt given during your session in the app, always check your internet connection as this could be the solution to your problem.

Power Cycle Your TV

As mentioned above, power cycling your device could also help remove any unwanted crashes or errors given during you using the app. This step is fundamental especially if you are using Apple or Vizio TV.


Ensure that your auto update setting is enabled as it is common for Vizio smart TV users to disable this feature as it generates network traffic when updating. As far as the Apple TVs, do the same and ensure that you’re using the latest Netflix version as well, due to many reported issues related to the outdated app.

Bottom Line

Hope now you have good knowledge on how to fix any errors you encounter during your Netflix sessions on your smart TV and have briefly answered the question “why does Netflix keep crashing on my TV”

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