tcl tv white light blinking

Wondering why the TCL TV white light blinking? Well, identifying the behavior of the TCL TV is easy whenever there’s an indicating blinking light.

So, we will unwrap the causes and the reason behind the persistent white light on the TCL TV and come up with a proper way to fix the issue!

  • The blinking white light on the TCL TV occurs whenever the device is stuck in “Standby” mode.

To fix the TCL TV white light blinking issue, power cycle the TV and identify any underlying issues with the backlight or with the TCL television remote control.

Let’s dig deeper!

Why is TCL TV Blinking White Light?

why is tcl tv blinking white light

The white light on your TCL TV usually indicates that the TV is in Standby Mode. Typically, this problem can be fixed simply by power resetting the TV.

However, if the white light persists, there are a variety of troubleshooting solutions to attempt so let’s first check the potential causes:

  • The TV is stuck on standby mode and cannot be reverted.
  • There’s an issue with the broadband or Wi-Fi connection.
  • The TCL remote control has disconnected from the TV.
  • The white light of the TV is indicating a defective backlight.

The white light doesn’t necessarily mean that the TCL TV is having trouble functioning. The standby mode is an indication that the TV is connected to power and ready to use.

However, the persistence of the white light could indicate another type of issue so let’s keep reading!

7 Ways to Fix When TCL TV White Light Blinking?

1. Deactivate TCL TV Status Light

deactivate tcl tv status light

There’s a way to deactivate all status LED lights on the TCL TV through the settings, as long as the device is turned on.

All you need is a functional remote control and a clear line of sight with the TV to access the settings and deactivate the white LED light.

Here’s how to turn off the status light on the TCL TV in easy steps:

  1. Press the “Homebutton on the remote control.
  2. Scroll up or down and highlight the “Settings” tab.
  3. Press the “OK” button on the remote control to enter.
  4. Push the right arrow button and choose “Power”.
  5. Press the right arrow button and select “Standby LED”.
  6. Push the right arrow button and then, select “Off”.
  7. Exit the power menu of the TCL TV and then test.
Note: You will acquire access to more custom configurations in the “Power” TV menu!

2. Conduct a TCL TV Power Cycle

conduct a tcl tv power cycle

If the white light is still there, it is strongly recommended to conduct a power cycle process. It’s the simplest troubleshooting method and will not erase anything from your TCL TV.

The way this works is by circulating the power of the TV, refreshing all services, and providing a fresh start!

Here’s how to perform a power cycle on the TCL TV:

  1. Press the power button on the TCL remote control.
  2. Disconnect the power cable of the TV from the wall.
  3. Wait for 60 seconds while the TV is unplugged.
  4. Re-attach the power adapter of the TV to power.
  5. Press the power button on the TCL TV remote and test.
Tip: While the TCL TV is unplugged, inspect the condition of all cables and equipment.

3. Re-Program the TCL Remote

reprogram the tcl remote

Another cause for the persistent white light on the TCL TV is when the remote control gets unpaired from the television.

The steps for reconnecting the remote are simple, as long as the batteries are functional and the IR “eye” of the remote has a clear view of the TV receiver!

Follow these instructions to program the TCL remote with your TV:

  1. Turn on the TCL TV and via the remote, go to the home page.
  2. Press and hold the “HOME” and “OK” buttons on the remote.
  3. Hold the buttons until you see the on-screen animation.
  4. Press the “Power” or “VOL+” buttons to start the programming.

TCL TV Remote Control Won’t Pair?

Here are a couple of troubleshooting steps when the TCL remote won’t program:

tcl tv remote control wont pair
  • Discharge the remote by removing the batteries for 30 seconds.
  • Replace the TCL TV remote’s batteries with 2 x AAA batteries.
  • Eject the remote batteries and hold the button “1” for 60 seconds.

Not Using TCL Remote Control?

If you’re attempting to program an alternative remote control to the TCL TV, the steps cannot be that different.

So, simply inspect the user manual of the remote control or look up online the exact programming steps for your remote. 

Tip: If the remote’s hardware has been damaged, consider purchasing a replacement.

4. Update the Firmware of the TV

update the firmware of the tv

If you’re able to interact with the TV while the white indicator light is still on, it is recommended to update the firmware of the TCL TV.

It is possible that the standby mode is caused by a pending firmware update that must be installed through the settings of the TV (manually).

Follow these instructions to update the firmware of the TCL TV:

  1. Navigate to the Settings of the TV.
  2. Press “System” and go to “About”.
  3. Then, press on “System Update”.
  4. Next, select “Network Update”.
  5. Follow the dialog instructions.
Alert: The TCL TV must be connected to the internet in order to download the firmware update!

5. Restart the Network Router

restart the network router

Another troubleshooting option you should undertake is to restart the network router. This solution is most helpful if the TCL TV is connected to Wi-Fi and blinking white.

In those cases, it’s considerably possible that a slow internet connection is the culprit for all this fuss…

  • Unplug the power cable of the network device and wait for 30 seconds!

Once the router restarts, wait for the “Internet” lamp to turn solid green, meaning that the router has established a connection with the ISP’s servers.

We also recommend verifying that the WiFi is operating normally, by testing the network using a secondary device such as a smartphone.

how to reconnect tcl tv to the wifi

How to Reconnect TCL TV to the WiFi?

  1. On TCL Andoird, go to Settings > Network & Internet > Select Network.
  2. On TCL Roku TV, go to Settings > Network > Set Up > Wireless or Wired.
Tip: Reconnecting from the WiFi might resolve potential wireless issues!

6. Restore the Default TCL TV Settings

If all else fails, we recommend performing a factory reset on the TCL TV to resolve the white blinking light error.

It’s extremely easy to initialize TCL TV to default settings since there’s an in-built reset button on the back of the TCL TV.

restore the default tcl tv settings

Here’s how to factory reset a TCL TV in easy steps:

  1. Thoroughly inspect the back panel of the TCL TV.
  2. Locate the reset pinhole on the back of the device.
  3. Insert a paperclip into the hole to press the button.
  4. Hold the reset button for about 10 to 15 seconds.
  5. Wait until the display goes off and TCL TV restarts.
Note: The factory reset may take up to 3 minutes until the TV’s default settings are restored.

7. Identify TCL TV Backlight Issues!

Another problem that can lead to the white blinking light problem is a defective LED in the backlight of the TV.

identify tcl tv backlight issues

Fixing the problem, however, requires specialized technical skills, so it is going to be difficult to repair a hardware-related issue at home, completely on your own…

What Are the Signs of a Bad TV Backlight?

  • Dim screen points on the display.
  • Dark sections on the TV’ screen.
  • Light spot section occurrences. 
  • Half dark/green display TV picture.

How to Identify Issues with TCL TV’s Backlight?

All you’re going to need is a flashlight to determine if the TCL TV backlight is bad. You could use your phone’s flashlight to shine on the surface of the TV screen to uncover bad areas. 

Note: The faulty screen areas are typically dark spots! 

How to Contact TCL Television Support?

As a last-ditch effort, it is recommended to get in touch directly with TLC and discuss the problem further.

contact customer support

Dial the 1-877-300-8837 line to get in touch with a TCL agent and associate in terms of fixing the white indicator light problem on the TV. Their working hours are as follows:

  • Monday – Friday 9 AM to 12 AM, ET
  • Saturday – Sunday 9 AM to 6 PM, ET
Reminder: In case of a defective TCL TV backlight, check the product’s warranty!

Quick Recap:

Hence, to fix the TCL white light blinking, access the settings and deactivate the “Status Light” option. If the indicator is still on, power cycle the TCL TV, check if the TCL remote is programmed, and conduct a factory reset to restore the initial television settings!

Follow us for more accurate troubleshooting info!

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