how to turn off closed caption on tcl tv

Asking how to turn off closed caption on TCL TV? Here you will learn exactly how!

Disabling the closed caption on your Roku TCL TV is really simple, as long as you’re able to navigate through the settings.

Here you’ll learn the path through the menu to find and disable closed captains as well as how to stop them for a specific feed.

You can disable closed captions generated by your Roku TCL TV from the settings tab. If that doesn’t seem to shut them down, ensure that the captions are also disabled from your channel’s settings or the content you’re watching currently.

Let’s now move on to disabling the closed captions on your device’s side.

How To Turn Off Closed Caption On TCL Roku TV?

turn off closed caption on tcl tv

As we’ve mentioned above, turning off closed captions on any TV is dependent on two factors.

The first is your TV’s internal settings (captions generated by your own device) and the second one is the CC that your content may be providing.

Method 1: Disable Internal TCL Roku TV CC

To stop the internal TCL TV closed captions you would need to reach the settings. These captions can be used by channels that have support.

Certain channels with adaptation for closed caption generation by your own Roku TV deliver them on your screen.

Therefore, you must make sure that the CC feature of your Roku TV is disabled if you want to stop them from appearing any longer.

Here is how to disable the closed captions feature on your TCL TV:

Step #1 Go To Home Screen On Your TCL TV

internal settings cc

Go to the home screen of your TCL Roku TV, so if you have to turn it on, do it now. In order to disable the closed captions, you must have access to the settings.

Once your TCL Roku TV is ready to go, proceed with the next step.

Step #2 Navigate To The Settings

Once you’re on the home screen, you will want to navigate to the settings to turn off the closed captions.

There is a specific feature that turns the closed captions ON/OFF.

In that regard, here is how to navigate to the settings of the closed captions:

  1. Make sure you’re on the home screen on your TCL Roku TV.
  2. Grab your Roku remote and press the Settings button.
  3. Once you’re in the options configuration, locate the “Accessibility”.
  4. Press it using the “OK” on your remote.
  5. Use the arrows to navigate to the “Captions mode” tab.
  6. Press OK on your Roku remote.

Now you’re in the closed captions configuration of your Roku TCL TV. In order to shut them off, proceed with the next step.

Step #3 Disable Closed Captions

Once you’ve located the closed captions settings on your TCL Roku TV, you will want to disable them.

Fortunately, that can be easily done by highlighting the activation slider with your remote and pressing OK.

Once the button that indicates the state of the feature turns gray, you will know that your TCL Roku TV no longer has closed captions enabled.

Turning CC On?

A certain number of users have trouble turning their TCL Roku TV’s closed captions on once they have disabled them.

You can do it from the same tab in the settings of your device, that is Settings > Accessibility > Captions Mode > Slider (ON).

This is how you turn the CC on your Roku TV, ON and OFF.

Let’s now learn how to turn off closed caption on TCL TV for each channel/broadcast individually.

Method 2: Disable CC From Channel Setting

tcl channel settings

Even though you have disabled the CC from your TCL Roku TV settings, you might still see captions on certain channels and broadcasts across your TV list.

This is why our next method is to disable the CC through the channel’ settings.

Note: Disabling the CC from a certain channel’s settings might not apply to the rest of your channels if they have a built-in CC. 

Therefore, you have to disable the CC for each channel individually.

Having said that, here is how to disable the CC from your TCL TV’s channel settings.

Step #1 Go To The Desired Channel

Your first step is to actually navigate to the desired channel you wish to disable the CC for.

Since most of the bigger channel networks have a settings tab on their own, you will want to start watching the channel on your TCL TV first and disable the captions manually.

You can browse through your TV’s channel list using the Channel UP/DOWN buttons on your Roku TCL TV remote.

Once you’ve found the channel you wish to remove the CC for, proceed with the next step.

Step #2 Check For Settings Tab

Since not all of the channels have a settings tab, the ones with enabled CC tend to have one.

In that regard, you must check if the channel you’re currently watching on your TCL TV has a settings tab in the first place.

You can check by pressing the “Infobutton on your TCL Roku remote. From the information tab, you should see a tab that has a variety of settings in it.

For example, in the HBO channel, there is a Closed Caption feature next to the screenshot button in the settings tab.

Note: If there is no settings menu then you’re seeing subtitles, not captions!

Once the settings tab is opened, move on to the next step to understand how to disable the closed captions.

Step #3 Disable The Closed Caption For The Channel

Once you’ve found the settings configuration, you should also see a closed captions feature that will allow you to disable or enable the function.

As we’ve mentioned, if the channel has a CC in the first place, it’s almost guaranteed that you will be able to find such a feature in its settings.

Lastly, to disable the CC for the given channel, you must press the OK button once you’ve highlighted that feature to disable it.

To disable closed captions on TCL TV, first, you have to turn off the feature from the Settings > Accessibility > Captions Mode. To turn off CC individually for channels, you must find a settings configuration for the given broadcast and do it from there.

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Bottom Line:

We hope that after learning how to turn off closed caption on TCL TV, you’re able to control what CC you see on your TCL Roku TV.

Having random captions at the bottom of your screen even when you don’t read them might be quite bothering you, so disabling them is always an option!

Nicole B