tcl tv half screen darker

Is your TCL TV half screen darker? Well, this is quite a common issue so keep reading!

If you are experiencing the same issue, do not worry because this guide is specially prepared to address all possibilities that are concerning this exact issue!

If your TCL TV’s half screen is dark, the problem might be related to the HDMI-connected device, the TV itself, or the picture settings. Consider troubleshooting each of these areas to identify and resolve the issue.

In this case, all you need to do is inspect the TV cable connections, power cycle your TV, and start excluding possibilities one by one!

So, before we dig deeper into the guide, let’s check the possibilities!

Why is TCL TV Top Half Screen Darker?

why is top half screen darker

Here are all of the possibilities why half of the TCL TV screen is darker than the other:

  • Misconfigured TCL TV picture settings.
  • Video input with poor quality picture.
  • Loose or faulty TV cables and wires.
  • An outdated TCL TV firmware version.
  • A faulty TV backlighting or LED strips.
  • Power surge in the TV power supply.

TCL TV Half Screen Darker6 Easy Solutions to Try!

For now, we’ll exclude the possibility of a hardware TCL TV failure.

So, we’ll attempt many other solutions that will surely address every other possibility, and without further ado, let’s jump in!

1. Soft Reset the TCL Television!

The first step is to power cycle your TCL TV for at least 5 full minutes.

This is an excellent way to begin the troubleshooting, and will address 2 possibilities – software bugs and overheating!  

soft reset the tcl television

In addition, this is a perfect method for clearing out all temporary issues from your TV, memory, and software and discharging the control board. The best part is that it’s very easy to execute!

Here is how to soft reset your TCL TV in easy steps:

  1. Turn off the TV using the remote control.
  2. Unplug the TV switch from the wall socket.
  3. Hold the TV’s power button for 20 seconds.
  4. Leave your TCL TV unplugged for 5 minutes.
  5. Re-connect the TCL TV to the power and test.

In case the soft-reset method didn’t work, continue with the upcoming solutions!

2. Inspect the TV HDMI Source!

Note: If you're not viewing an HDMI source on your TCL TV, skip this step!
inspect hdmi connection

The next step is to inspect the TV HDMI connection since half of the TCL TV screen might be darker, due to an HDMI defect.

The possibilities involve a defective or dirty port, a loose HDMI connection between the TV and the source, as well as a faulty cable or simply, a source issue.

Here’s how to inspect the TCL TV HDMI cable connection in easy steps:

  1. First, locate the HDMI cable to your TV and video source.
  2. Next, disconnect the cable from the HDMI port on the TV.
  3. Check the cable for any damage such as cuts, or rips.
  4. Gently blow onto the port connector on your TV and cable.
  5. Remove any obstructions from the cable or TCL TV port.
  6. Then, firmly reconnect the HDMI cable back to the TV port.
  7. Hold and gently wiggle the cable to ensure a tight connection.

One More Thing!

Test whether half of the screen is darker when you’re viewing a channel or app on the TCL TV, rather than an HDMI input source feed.

Info: In case half of the screen is darker only on HDMI sources, switch to a different HDMI port or troubleshoot the HDMI source device.

3. Check for TCL TV Firmware Update

check for tcl tv firmware update

The TCL TV might frequently experience screen issues due to outdated software. So, the best next step would be to check whether there are any available firmware updates.

If yes, then you’ll need to carry out the update manually by following the straightforward steps we’ve listed below!

Note: A working internet connection on your TCL TV is crucial for software updates!

Here is how to check for the TCL TV software update:

  1. First, press the Home button on your TCL TV remote control. 
  2. Next, go over to the Settings menu of TV from the top right.
  3. Scroll down in the menu and select Device Preferences”.
  4. Choose the About option and then click “System Update”. 
  5. Wait until the update pop-up, then select “Network Update”.
Info: When your TCL TV detects an available update, it will prompt you to choose the “OK” button to confirm and continue the process.

4. Reset the TCL TV Picture Settings!

reset the tcl tv picture settings

If your TCL TV’s half-screen still appears darker, it could be due to insufficient brightness, contrast, or other picture settings.

Instead of configuring each one, try resetting your TV’s picture settings to save time and restore your TV’s picture settings to their default state. 

Here is how to reset the TCL TV picture settings in easy steps:

  1. Press “Home” on the TCL TV remote.
  2. Navigate to your TV Settings menu.
  3. Find and select “Picture Settings”.
  4. Select “Picture Reset” from the list.

Your TV’s picture settings will be reset automatically if you follow the steps above.

If your TV’s half-screen remains dark, do not worry; just keep reading to do some more troubleshooting.

5. Factory Reset Your TCL TV

In case none of the solutions helped and half of the TCL TV screen is still darker, perhaps the best course of action would be the factory reset process.

factory reset your tcl tv

This method completely reinstalls the operating system of your TV, deleting everything permanently but providing a fresh start!

Alert: The data loss of this method is irreversible!

Here is how to factory reset the TCL TV in easy steps:

  1. First, press the Home” button on the TV remote.
  2. Go to your TV Settings menu from the top right.
  3. Find and select ”Device Preference” > “Reset”.
  4. Next, select the “Factory Data Reset” option.
  5. Then choose “Erase Everything” and enter PIN.

The reset process of the TV can take a few minutes, so be patient until the process finishes and your TV reboots. After that, set up your TCL TV and connect it to the internet to activate the OS.

Note: In case half the TCL TV screen is still darker, soft-reset the television again!

6. Inspect Power Supply & Fuse!

check the power supply

Any TV requires a constant power supply, so if your TCL TV is blinking half screen darker, it’s most likely due to voltage fluctuations.

If your TV is turning on, it does not necessarily mean that it is receiving full voltage, and any A/C fluctuations might impact the TCL TV picture!


  • Inspect the TV power outlet.
  • Test the TV for a blown fuse.

Step #1 Inspect the TV Electrical Outlet:

  1. Unplug your TCL TV from the electrical outlet.
  2. Unplug any surge protectors or extension cords.
  3. Acquire a wired lamp or bulb to perform a test.
  4. Plug the lamp directly into the TV power outlet.
  5. If the light is flickering, then the A/C is not stable.
  6. If the light is not flickering, then the outlet works.
inspect the tv electrical outlet

Step #2 Test the TCL TV For Blow Fuse:

  1. First, turn OFF and unplug the TCL TV from the power.
  2. Then, unscrew and remove the back cover of the TV.
  3. Locate and access the TV power supply (main) board.
  4. Look closely to find the small cylindrical glass tube fuse.
  5. Carefully inspect the fuse for damage or discoloration.
  6. Also, test the TV fuse for Continuity using a Multimeter.
  7. Contact the multimeter probes with the ends of the fuse!
  8. Check the fuse continuity results:
  • If the multimeter shows continuity and no discoloration, it is functional.
  • If the multimeter does not show continuity, you need to replace the fuse.
Note: The recommendation for inexperienced users is to check the TV’s warranty or repair the device in a qualified service store.

Need More Help?

contact tcl support

In case half of the TCL TV screen is darker, it’s likely that there is a hardware issue with the TV, that requires a professional inspection.

However, the best course of action would be to check the product’s warranty and contact the local merchant for a replacement or a warranty repair! 

Tip: You can also contact TCL Support for more assistance!

Quick Recap:

If your TCL TV half screen darker, power cycle your TV for 5 minutes, disconnect HDMI sources, and switch the TV to a different power outlet. In case half of the screen is still darker, proceed with updating the firmware and restoring the TCL TV’s initial settings!

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