tcl tv sound distortion

Modern TVs are full of features; no one can deny it. But sometimes, messing with the incorrect audio settings or tuning the volume high will cause sound problems.

Are you dealing with TCL TV sound distortion? We know how to help!

To troubleshoot sound distortion on your TCL TV, check the internet connection and cables, adjust brightness, and restore audio settings. Additionally, manage the TV’s firmware and address potential sources of magnetic interference.

We truly hope that the issue on your TV is very simple and you can fix it immediately.

Below we will help you understand all the elements that could be at play and what you can do to solve the problem in every situation.

TCL TV Sound Distortion – Causes

reason of tcl tv sound distortion

The newer models of TCL TV are very smooth in presenting multiple exciting features.

Some of them are powered by Roku, meaning you can access any streaming app you want. But are you facing the TCL TV distorted sound issue?

Let’s see what the cause could be:

Unstable Connection

If the distorted sound happens only when you are streaming content, the cause is likely the internet connection.


If you are using any streaming device connected to the TV or an external audio output, the cables might be damaged, defective, or simply not attached firmly.

Audio Settings

Perhaps the current audio settings selected for your TV are not optimal. You could address plenty of configurations and tweak them.

TV’s Firmware

The current firmware installed on your TV might have a code glitch that doesn’t accurately interpret audio data.

When it communicates with the hardware, it creates an audio distortion.

How To Fix The TCL TV Sound Distortion

how fix tcl tv sound distortion

After discovering the multiple potential causes behind the sound distortion of your TCL TV, it is time to investigate your TV.

Below we will suggest many methods you can try out. One of them will certainly adjust the sound experience of your TV.

1. Check The Cables

Sound distortion sounds like something that could result from a bad connection between ports.

If you are using a streaming device connected to the TV or the TV is sending audio to a sound bar or something similar, it could be the cables.

So here are some things you can do:

  • Check that the cable is attached very firmly on both ends. It must connect well to the ports so all data is transmitted correctly. 
  • Detach the cable on both ends and check if there is dust. Remove any dust or debris, and then reconnect.
  • Try a different cable of the same type if possible. 
  • If you are using a soundbar with multiple inputs, try a different one.

2. Ensure The Network Connection

ensure tv network connection

A further potential culprit behind the sound distortion is your internet connection.

If you notice sound distortion while watching content via streaming, that can indicate the bandwidth is unstable or insufficient. 

Here is what you can do to manage that:

  1. Go to the TV’s Settings;
  2. Find the Network Settings;
  3. Check which Wi-Fi network it is connected to.

If your router has a dual-band network, you must connect the TV to the 5GHz frequency. 5GHz is far faster than 2.4GHz.

If your TV is already connected to it, restart the router and see if anything changes.

Tip: Do you have an Ethernet cable lying around? If the TV and the router are somewhat close, you can use the Ethernet cable to create an even faster connection for the TV.

3. Adjust The Screen’s Brightness

adjust tcl tv screen brightness

Have you ever noticed how some light bulbs start buzzing? The same can happen to your TV’s screen when its brightness is too high.

If it does, it serves as an alert that you are setting the brightness to unhealthy levels. 

Here is what you can do:

  1. Open the TV’s display settings;
  2. Find the color and brightness settings;
  3. Lower the brightness until the buzzing stops.

If lowering the brightness doesn’t make the buzzing stop, also turn the TV off. Let the TV rest for a minute, and turn the TV back on.

If it keeps presenting sound distortion, the issue is unrelated to the brightness. 

4. Tweak The Audio Settings

Now onto one of the most obvious possible culprits: the audio settings. Modern TVs allow you to change many audio settings to make the sound suit your preferences.

Some settings, however, will conflict and cause distortions. 

Let’s begin with this:

  1. Press the “*” button on the remote (if you have a Roku TCL model);
  2. Go to the Sound Settings;
  3. Locate the “Volume mode” option;
  4. Toggle it off.

The steps above are recommended for users with a Roku stick or a TCL TV running on the Roku system. But even other TCL models might have the “Volume mode.”

Equalize The Sound

equalize tcl tv sound

Sound distortion can also result from badly equalized sound frequencies. It could lead to more distortion on certain pitches. 

Do the following:

  1. Open the TV’s settings;
  2. Go to the sound/audio settings;
  3. Locate the Equalizer;
  4. Choose “Reset to default” or anything similar.

Adjust The Audio Format

Another setting playing a role in your sound output is the audio format.

Let’s see how to change it:

  1. Open the TV’s settings;
  2. Go to the sound/audio settings;
  3. Locate the audio format settings or “digital audio out”;
  4. Set to “PCM” or “PCM-Stereo.”

If an option can be changed to “Stereo,” you should set it that way too.

5. Power Cycle The TV

power cycle tcl tv

Is this the first time that your TCL TV is presenting sound distortion? In that case, power cycling it correctly might eliminate the problem in a few instants.

Here are the steps that should allow the whole system to refresh:

  1. Unplug the TV from power while it is on;
  2. Wait a few minutes;
  3. Plug it back into power;
  4. Turn the TV on.

If any device is connected to the TV, unplug and power cycle them too.

6. Eliminate Interference

One further cause of sound distortion is magnetic interference in the room. Perhaps there are too many smart devices in the same room as the TV, and they are too close.

In that case, do this:

  1. Turn some of the devices off;
  2. Move them from the room;
  3. Check if the TV’s sound is fine now.

7. Update The TV’s Firmware

update tcl tv firmware

Finally, suppose the sound distortion doesn’t go away with all of the solutions suggested above.

In that case, it is time to check if your TV needs a firmware update. Perhaps it skipped an update, or you toggled automatic updates off.

Let’s do this:

  1. Go to the TV’s Settings;
  2. Open the “System” menu;
  3. Choose “System Update”;
  4. Select “Check Now”;

If an update is available, the TV will prompt you to download it. Wait until the update is completed.

Tip: You can restart the router to force your TV to recognize new data on the network. That can show a new update is available.

8. Reset The TV

reset the tcl tv

If updating the TV doesn’t eliminate the sound distortion, or if there is no update available, you might want to reset the device.

Perhaps the issue is deep within the firmware, and only going back to factory defaults will eliminate it. 

  1. Locate the TV’s settings;
  2. Enter “Device preferences”;
  3. Choose “Reset”;
  4. Confirm on “Factory data reset”;
  5. Choose “Erase everything.”

Factory resetting your TV will force you to set everything up again later. All your account details for apps will be gone.

What We Learned

The TCL TV sound distortion can be fixed in minutes if the problem is not on the TV’s speakers.

With some luck, you will be able to solve the sound problem with the solutions we have listed above.

If none work, you must call TCL support, as your TV might have a physical problem.

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