Roku no picture only sound

If you are having the Roku no picture only sound issue and you are wondering how to resolve it, you have come to the right post.

This is a common issue that many Roku users are struggling with and there are also a bunch of troubleshooting methods you could attempt in order to remove this frustrating problem.

Most of the time, the issue could be based on inappropriate cables & accessories. It is recommended to make sure that the TV’s HDMI and power cable are working correctly and check if they are plugged all the way in.

If this doesn’t work, there are some common alternatives such as power cycling your Roku device or check for software updates as a black screen could occasionally interrupt your experience due to outdated firmware.

How to Fix Roku no Picture Only Sound Issue?

fix Roku no picture only sound

If you are able to hear the sound of your Roku TV but the picture is black, you are struggling with an issue that many Roku users are currently having.

Although there are plenty of things to apply to your TV in order to remove the issue, most of them are proven to be effective.

Keep reading, as we list some of the best troubleshooting methods to try recommended by users having the same issue as yours.

Method #1 Check Cables & Accessories

Your first method is to check if the HDMI cable is set up correctly and if it’s plugged all the way into the corresponding HDMI slot. If you own an alternate HDMI cable, try plugging it in, just in case the one you are currently using is malfunctioning.

If you are using a home cinema or an HDMI Splitter, try plugging the HDMI cable directly into your Roku device just in case if your third-party device has developed a fault.

By doing this you might find out if the issue is with the HDMI cable or your splitter and AV receiver.

HDMI cables are easy to replace but if you are having issues with the splitter or AV receiver you might want to consider replacement with a newer model.

Method #2 Change the HDMI Input

Another thing you can try is to change your HDMI input just in case the currently used slot does not work anymore.

If your TV is in possession of more than one HDMI input slot, try plugging the Roku device’s cable into another slot and see if the issue is resolved.

Also, keep in mind to change HDMI inputs on your TV in order to test once they have been swapped over.

If this method does not resolve the Roku no TV picture but only sound issue, feel free to move on with the next method we are about to share with you.

Method #3 Try with Another TV

If you had checked if all the cables were embedded correctly, here you will determine if the issue is with your TV.

In order to do this, unplug all of the Roku cables that are currently plugged with the TV and connect them with another TV you want to try with.

You may find that the other TV set shows pictures perfectly and you will have to consider troubleshooting the malfunctioning TV further.

There are plenty of things that could be wrong with your TV and result in Roku no picture only sound, and there are a few effective things you can try in order to remove this frustrating issue.

  • Check if another content media has the same issue
  • First check if your TV is outdated, and if it is make sure to download the latest version of the firmware your TV is currently running
  • See if your Roku device’s picture output is perfectly compatible with the TV in question and make sure that your Roku device is also updated

If by now you have identified that the issue is coming from your TV, then there is no point in troubleshooting the Roku device.

Method #4 Reset Roku Device to Factory Default

If all else failed, as a last resort you can factory reset your Roku device. Note that all personal configurations and settings will be permanently lost after the rest.

Here is how to perform a factory reset on a Roku device:

  • Press the Home button on your Roku remote
  • Navigate and select Settings
  • Go to System
  • Choose Advanced System Settings
  • Select Factory Reset
  • Follow the on-screen instructions

At this point, your Roku device will be restored to its default settings and now you can feel free to check if there is a video when playing Roku content.

How to Fix TCL Roku TV Has Audio but No Video?

tcl roku tv has audio but no video

If your TCL Roku TV is having a problem displaying the video but the audio is still there, there are a few things to try in order to resolve the frustrating problem.

Keep in mind that the methods we are about to list are proven to be effective only on TCL Roku TVs and applying them on other TVs might not result in a successful outcome.

Check Resolution Output

Note that this method is not proven to work every time, but we have found many cases in which people simply change their resolution and the video comes back.

Sometimes the issue is found in the HDMI cable even though resolution change helps.

We recommend testing your cable for similar issues on other devices.

  • From the home page, head to Settings
  • Then click on Display Type then check the current setting
  • If the option is not set to Automatic make sure to change it once, or twice

Hopefully, your issue will resolve once the resolution is disturbed.


If there seems to be no change, try setting the current resolution to 720p or 1080p.

For many users, such low resolution might be unacceptable but if it resolves the issue, it’s worth it even though this method is inconvenient.

If you still aren’t aware of why Roku has no video only sound, make sure to go back to the article and read the corresponding method once again.

Check for Software Updates

A basic solution to try is updating your Roku device to see if the issue has something to do with outdated Firmware.

Keeping your devices updated is an essential obligation with your device, no matter what kind of software it is running, and checking if there are new firmware updates is recommended to be performed on a daily basis.

In order to check your TCL Roku device for updates follow these steps:

  1. From the home page, head to Settings.
  1. Click on System and then head to the System update tab.
  1. If your device isn’t up to date, click the OK button on your remote and run the update.
  1. Once the update has been completed, see if the issue persists.


Keep in mind that it is also important updating your TV and not the Roku device only, because this type of issue can be caused by the TV itself as we discussed a while ago.

If still having the TCL Roku TV has audio but there isn’t video make sure to go back in the article and read the troubleshooting methods once again, as this might explain properly how to deal with the issue and eventually resolve it.

Bottom Line

We hope that now you are able to properly deal with the issue of Roku no picture only sound and make sure that you get rid of this frustrating black screen.

The issue is widely popular across the technical forums and now you have a solution!

We hope you enjoy your favorite shows on Roku without interruptions.

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