roku no picture only sound

Roku no picture only sound is something quite popular among Roku users and there could be quite a few possible factors behind the problem.

It’s important whether you’re using a Roku stick or Roku TV, since the reasons for the missing picture might be different.

Let’s explore more!

The reason why the Roku picture is missing and only the sound is there could be due to a faulty HDMI connection on either side.

The HDMI video connection involves the TV port, HDMI cable, and Roku stick HDMI connector which has to be thoroughly inspected.

Why Roku TV No Picture Only Sound?

why roku no picture only sound

Let’s unwrap all possibilities why the Roku picture is gone but the sound is there:

  1. HDMI connection problem.
  2. Faulty TV HDMI input port.
  3. Unclean or obstructed ports.
  4. Temporal or power problem.
  5. Unmatching resolution/format.
  6. Outdated Roku firmware version.
  7. HW issue or Roku is overheating.

These are only the general possibilities behind the missing Roku picture and there are a lot more surrounding factors.

It’s all included in the following solution guide!

How To Fix When Roku No Picture Only Sound?

Note: The steps below apply for both Roku TV and Roku streaming stick users!
connect roku stick directly

1. Connect Roku Stick Directly!

If you’re using a Roku stick, we strongly recommend removing any HDMI extenders and plugging the device directly into the TV’s HDMI port.  

The next important step is to select the correct HDMI Source from the settings on your TV, in order to display the interface of your Roku.

In case you can hear the sounds from the many but the picture remains black keep reading.

Is There an HDMI Cable Involved?

If you’re using a Roku TV and you’ve connected an HDMI source device the cable might be the culprit.

The same goes if there is an HDMI extender between the TV and your Roku stick.

Tip: Test your Roku device while connected directly without any third-party devices in the setup!

2. Use Another TV HDMI Port

use another tv hdmi port

The reason why you can’t see, but you can hear your Roku might be related to the HDMI input ports on your TV. This is why it’s important to test connecting your Roku stick to another port.

  • If you’re using a Roku TV, jump to the next step!

Almost any TV nowadays has more than one HDMI port, in fact, there should be at least 3 ports including 3 back + 1 side HDMI.

The side HDMI tends to be used most frequently and when the connector starts to insert loosely, the video or audio channel of your Roku might be impacted.

Tip: Try connecting your Roku stick to ALL HDMI ports on your TV.

3. Clean The HDMI Ports

clean the hdmi ports

Regardless of whether you’re using a Roku stick or Roku TV, when the picture is not there, cleaning the HDMI ports is a priority.

You’ll need to clean all accumulated dirt, debris, and hair as well as, remove any sort of obstructions within the HDMI port of your TV.

When using a Roku stick, the connector has to be closely inspected whether there is any damage or not.

In addition, the Roku stick HDMI connector has to be plugged in tightly in order to deliver high-quality pictures on the TV screen.

Important: Never use liquids when cleaning any of the ports on your devices!

4. Power Cycle the Roku Setup!

power cycle the roku setup

Regardless of whether you’re using a Roku stick or Roku TV, when the picture is gone and you can only hear sounds, the entire issue could simply be temporary.

This means that by performing a power cycle, all Roku services will be rebooted, hence the picture should appear!

  • Simply disconnect your Roku TV or Roku stuck from the HDMI and/or power!

Then, it’s recommended to wait for at least 60 seconds for the Roku TV or streaming stick to discharge.

When you later turn on the device, the Roku menu should appear on the screen.

5. Check Video Format Compatibility

check video format compatibility

Sometimes the reason why only the picture is not appearing on your Roku is that the TV might not support certain media formats.

This might be the reason why only the audio appears since different TV shows and movies have different format audio/video tracks.

The supported video/audio formats by Roku can be found in the table below:

AudioVideoImagePlaylistRoku Support?

Hence, if you’re attempting to stream content with unsupported Video Format, and supported Audio Format, only the sound will appear. 

Tip: If you’re unsure what the format of the content is, try streaming something else!

6. Change The Roku Resolution

When you only hear the sound but can’t see the Roku interface, it could be quite challenging to navigate through the settings.

Well, unless you connect your Roku to another TV only to switch from one resolution to another.

  • If you’re using a Roku TV, jump to the next step!

Here’s how to change the resolution on your Roku in easy steps:

  1. Press the Home button.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Next, tap on Display Type.
  4. Choose 720p or 1080p.
  5. Press OK, to confirm.
change the roku resolution

Which Resolution is for my TV?

  • For a 24-inch monitor/TV select 720p
  • For a 32+ inches TV, select 1080p

Hence, the conclusion is that we need to select the correct resolution for our TV or monitor in order for the Roku picture to appear.

If you’re not a techy person and you’re not familiar with the resolution formats, our advice would be to test all available resolutions.

Note: Now when the correct resolution has been selected, connect the Roku to the TV.

7. Update Roku Firmware Version

update roku firmware version

This is another method that requires connecting your Roku to a TV or receiver that will allow you to navigate through the menus.

This way you would be able to update the version and test whether the picture will be back when you connect the stick back to the TV.

  • To update Roku, go into Settings > System > System Update!

The update shouldn’t take too long and when the stick is updated, you can reconnect it back directly to the TV and test whether this would work.

8. Check Roku for Overheating

Sometimes, even if rarely, the Roku TV or Roku stick might start overheating which ultimately leads to a disruption in the device’s performance.

check roku for overheating

Luckily, we’ve prepared several quick cures for overheating whether it is on your Roku TV or Roku stick:

  • Remove any heat conductors near your Roku TV or Roku streaming stick.
  • Clean the ventilation openings on your Roku stick or TV with a soft cloth.
  • Lower the streaming resolution to preserve Roku device system resources.
  • Open a window to let in fresh air into the Roku device’s room to lower the heat.

With the possibility of Roku overheating excluded, proceed with the next steps!

9. Use a Shorter HDMI Cable!

Quite often, when only the picture on your Roku is gone but the sound is there, it happens when you attempt to stream 4K content through a long HDMI cable.

In order for Roku TV 4K to display high-resolution content, the HDMI cable shouldn’t be longer than 32 feet.

In that regard, check whether your Roku would be able to stream lower-resolution content with the current HDMI cable, or test with a shorter cable in length.

use a shorter hdmi cable

Looking For an HDMI Cable?

If you’re looking for a short, Roku 4K-compatible HDMI cable we strongly recommend getting the JSAUX HDMI Cable 6FT 4K Ultra HDMI Cable.

In case you need an extender for your Roku streaming stick then get the VCE HDMI Extension Cable (Mate to Female) Adapter.

Note: The HDMI extenders can also disrupt the 4K content on your Roku TV!

Still, Need Help?

If you still need help, then the only thing left to do is contact Roku Customer Service and report the issue you’re experiencing. Don’t forget to share the solution that you’ve attempted in this guide to save as much time as possible. Good luck!

Quick Recap:

Hence, when the Roku no picture only sound issue occurs, we need to inspect the HDMI ports or reconnect the Roku stick to the TV.

In case that doesn’t help, the resolution on both instances should be matched as well as Roku device firmware updated.

We hope that this guide was helpful so follow us for more!

Nicole B