sceptre tv hdmi not working

Are you wondering why the Sceptre TV HDMI not working? Well, this guide will help you out!

We know that unexpected failure of your TV HDMI connection can be very frustrating, especially when planning to watch your favorite show.

There is no need to panic, we will walk you through a simple and short steps guide to quickly troubleshoot your Sceptre TV HDMI video transfer…

If your Sceptre TV HDMI is not working, reboot all the HDMI-connected devices and make sure that the correct HDMI source is selected. Then, inspect the HDMI cable and the input ports on the Sceptre TV.

Let’s move forward to unwrap more!

Why is Sceptre TV HDMI Video/Audio Not Working?

why does my sceptre tv hdmi not working

Many potential causes will make your Sceptre TV interrupt video or audio transmission from the HDMI-connected device, which can be pretty bothersome. 

There is a wide variety of possibilities, but we’ve managed to produce a summary containing all of them, so let’s quickly take a look:

  • Incorrect HDMI input source selected on the TV.
  • Loose or disconnected HDMI cable connections.
  • Dirt buildup or clogged HDMI ports on the device.
  • Software or electrical fluctuations with your units.
  • An outdated firmware version on your Sceptre TV.
  • Defective or wiggly HDMI port on the TV or source.
  • Incorrect audio or video Sceptre TV HDMI settings.
  • A damaged, incompatible, or worn-out HDMI cable.

Yes, there are many possibilities for video/audio loss with an HDMI connection on your TV, but the solution guide below covers them all.

So, without any hesitation, jump into the steps guide!

How to Fix When Sceptre TV HDMI Not Working?

fix the sceptre tv hdmi not working
Note: Make sure to implement each troubleshooting step consecutively! 

1. Power Cycle Your Sceptre TV

The very first thing you have to do is to reboot and power cycle your Sceptre TV.

This simple step works wonders to resolve temporary and minor glitches in your system and discharge the device’s internal hardware. 

This method restarts the HDMI connection between the Sceptre TV and your source, so feel free to perform the same steps on both devices.

  • To perform a power cycle, unplug your device from the power for 60 seconds!

This will provide enough time for your Sceptre TV and source device to reboot their operating system and refresh all services.

When ready, turn on both devices and test whether the HDMI audio and video will work how they are supposed to function.

Tip: Verify that the power outlet for the Sceptre TV is fully functional!

2. Switch the TV Input Source!

switch the tv input source

If your Sceptre TV is set to an incorrect HDMI input source, you will only see a black screen because nothing is connected.

You can confirm that a wrong HDMI input is selected when your Sceptre displays a No Signal” message, and to fix this, you need to switch to the correct input. 

Here are the simple steps to check your TV’s input source:

  1. First, take a look at the back TV panel.
  2. Locate the connected HDMI cable port.
  3. Look for a number under the HDMI port.
  4. Note HDMI 1, HDMI 2, or HDMI 3/ARC.
  5. Next, press the “Source” remote button.
  6. Cycle through the HDMI input source.

If your TV is set to the same input source as the HDMI port, that’s great.

Otherwise, set your TV to the correct input source and check whether the video and audio will appear. 

If everything is correctly configured, but HDMI is still not working on your Sceptre TV, then you need to focus on other possibilities. So, keep reading the guide…

3. Inspect the HDMI Connections

inspect the hdmi connections

There is a good possibility that a loose or frayed HDMI cable or port connection is preventing your HDMI from working on your Sceptre TV.

So, you must inspect and reconnect the HDMI cable connection to your TV and external devices to ensure a secure and working connection.

Here is how to inspect the HDMI cable connections:

  1. First, power off and unplug your Sceptre TV from the outlet.
  2. Then, locate the HDMI cable connection between your units.
  3. Disconnect the HDMI cable from your TV and source device.
  4. Inspect the entire length of the HDMI cable for any damage.
  5. Check the HDMI ports for obstruction or dust accumulation.
  6. Switch the HDMI cable ends and securely reconnect the port.
  7. Gently wiggle the HDMI cable to verify the connection is tight.

Once you are sure that the physical connection between both devices is solid and your Sceptre TV is set to the correct input source, test the HDMI audio and video. 

Tip: Test whether the screen will flicker or show any image when wiggling the HDMI cable!

4. Switch to Another HDMI Port

switch to the another port

Another thing you can do is test plugging your HDMI cable into another HDMI port on your TV because Sceptre TVs usually have 3 to 4 HDMI ports.

This ideal fix will also help you determine whether the fault is with your source device or if the currently used TV port is no longer working.

Here are the simple steps to switch to another HDMI port:

  1. First, power off and unplug your Sceptre TV.
  2. Unplug the HDMI cable from the current port.
  3. Connect the cable to TV HDMI 1 or HDMI 2.
  4. Tip: If possible, use an HDMI port on the back.

We also recommend plugging the HDMI cable into a different HDMI output port on your source device to identify port-related issues further.

When you are done, change the input source on your Sceptre TV by pressing the “Source button and test whether the HDMI connection works!

Reminder: If you’ve plugged the source device into HDMI 2 on the Sceptre TV, you must select HDMI input 2 from the sources menu.

5. Test With a Different HDMI Cable!

test with a different cable

Another very beneficial method that will immediately suggest whether the HDMI issue is on the TV’s end or with equipment is to test with a proven HDMI cable.

It’s likely that the entire issue comes from a low-cost HDMI cable, which has malfunctioned and is no longer working…

So, if you have a replacement HDMI cable, feel free to test whether your Sceptre TV and source will be able to communicate with a fresh connection.

If the Sceptre TV HDMI is not working even with a proven-to-work HDMI cable, then you’re probably facing a system bug with the television.

Sceptre TV HDMI Audio Not Working?

In case the HDMI video transfer is working, but only the audio is not there, then you must check the volume of the source device.

Also, you need to verify that the device is not muted and that the streaming content has a valid audio track.

Reminder: If you have a soundbar connected, check the volume of the soundbar!

6. Test the HDMI Video Source Output

test the hdmi video source

The reason why the HDMI is not working on your Sceptre TV might be due to the source device and not your Sceptre TV.

This is why if you have a secondary HDMI monitor at home or a TV that you can use for testing, you should connect the source device to an alternative output.

This way, you’ll be able to immediately tell whether the issue comes from your Sceptre TV or from the source device.

You can also do this the opposite way, by connecting a different HDMI source such as a console, computer, or set-top-box only to check if the Sceptre TV HDMI works!

Why is the ARC HDMI Not Working Sceptre TV?

The HDMI ARC on your Sceptre TV is meant for audio output, and will playback the sound from any HDMI-connected devices onto a connected audio output player.

why arc hdmi not working

If you want to use the ARC HDMI on your Sceptre TV for HDMI input from your source, you will only see a black screen.

However, if you have a soundbar connected to the ARC, but the audio is not working, verify that your Sceptre TV is not muted and the volume is low.

Use your remote to increase the volume on your Sceptre TV and your soundbar, and in case the audio doesn’t work, replace the HDMI.

Tip: If you want more help and professional guidance, contact Sceptre Support!

Quick Recap:

Thus when your Sceptre TV HDMI not working, first, reboot all your HDMI-connected devices, and reconnect the HDMI cable from the HDMI ports.

Also, check the input source on your Sceptre TV and switch to another HDMI port, if possible, with a proven HDMI cable link!

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