how to turn off voice guide on sceptre tv

Can’t figure out how to turn off voice guide on Sceptre TV? Stick around by the end of this guide to learn exactly how!

There are easy mod menus in your television which you can control and toggle the voice activity on/off.

We will make sure to cover all of the details surrounding the process and include everything in a simple step-by-step guide!

To turn off Voice guide on Sceptre TV, you have to go to the menu and enter the Voice Guidance tab. From there, you will see the Voice Guidance Feature at the top, which you can change by tapping “OK” on your remote and turning it OFF.

If you have never done it before you suggest reading the entire guide where we’ll discuss how to disable/enable the feature and later, how to configure it.

How To Turn Off Voice On Sceptre TV?

turn off voice guide on sceptre tv

The voice guidance feature is generally meant for people with sight impairment.

It will revert all of the inputs you’re making to your TV to speech, therefore giving you an automated voice of what you’re currently doing.

If it’s not necessary, many people find this frustrating since it’s hard for them to navigate to the disable button.

Let’s guide you through the complete process of how to disable the voice guidance on your Sceptre TV.

Step #1 Prepare Your Setup

To disable the feature in the first place, you must prepare your setup.

This includes making sure your volume is high enough, so you could distinguish events from when the feature is enabled and disabled.

Make sure to also boot your TV and head to the menu tab from where we are going to begin.

Last but not least, double-check if you have an audible output sound device, that could actually transform the inputs to automated speech.

Step #2 Navigate To The Settings

settings sceptre tv

Once you have your setup ready and you will be able to tell when the voice guidance is off.

The next thing you have to do is navigate to your TV’ settings.

We assume you’re already at the menu (home screen), and from there you will have to select the “Settings” label to enter the options.

Once you’re in the settings, proceed with our next step…

Step #3 Locate The Voice Guidance Feature

To find the voice guidance feature, you must access multiple tabs on your Sceptre TV.

Follow the instructions down below to reach the voice guidance feature in your TV’s menu:

  1. From the settings, tap “Channel” on your remote and then press the enter.
  2. You will be redirected to the “SETUP” tab, from where you have to go to page 2/3.
  3. Once on the second page, highlight the first label, which is “Voice Guidance”.
  4. Tap “OK” on your remote to enter the configuration.

NOTE: If changing pages confuses you, you can easily navigate throughout your settings pages with the arrow buttons.

Press the “Arrow/Left” button once, to reach the 2/3 page in your Settings menu.

Once you’ve located the voice guidance feature, let’s disable it.

Step #4 Disable The Voice Guidance

disable voice guidance

At this point, you should be already in the “Voice Guidance” tab and the first feature you will actually see is the setting you will want to disable.

As the first label appearing in the “Voice Guidance” tab is the voice guidance feature itself. You will want to highlight the label, press “OK” and then press the down arrow once.

After highlighting the “OFF” button, tap “OK” again and the voice guidance will be stopped until further notice.

Note: Anytime you wish to re-enable the feature, go to the very same tab and highlight “Voice Guidance”.

Press OK, but instead of highlighting “OFF”, you will want to toggle the “ON” button.

This is how to turn off voice guide on Sceptre TV, but that will completely disable the feature.

If you find the voice guidance helpful but it’s not quite what you would expect, read along to learn more about the feature and how to configure it.

How To Configure Voice Guidance?

configure voice guidance

If you don’t want to disable the voice guidance completely, but configure its volume/speed/pitch, there is an easy way to do so.

You can configure these settings in the voice guidance tab by clicking “Voice Guidance” on the 2nd page of the setup menu.

We will now get you familiar with all configurations available for your Sceptre TV’s voice guidance!


By highlighting and clicking the “Volume” label in the voice guidance menu, you can control the speaker’s strength, which you will hear as an output.

You will be provided with a variety of strength levels to choose from.


If the speech seems too slow or fast for you, you can configure this, under the “Speed” label.

You can either fasten the speech up or slow it down if you can’t quite understand what does the guidance states.


Lastly, you will be able to configure the pitch of your assistant’s speech.

You can also choose the accents and choose from the variety of pronouns, to match your language’s taste!

Those are all the settings you can configure in your voice guidance’ speech! Feel free to tweak the settings and configure the feature to work as per your needs.

If you’re having trouble, you can always disable it completely following the guide above.

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Bottom Line:

Thus, to disable the voice guidance on your Sceptre TV, go to the menu and open the settings. Navigate to the “Setup” tab and head to the second page, using the left arrow button once. Select “Voice Guidance” and then tap on “Voice Guidance” again. Press the down arrow once, to highlight “OFF” and then “OK” to disable the feature.

Now when you know how to turn off voice guide on Sceptre TV, we hope you were able to relieve yourself of that constant automated voice messing with your experience.

This feature is meant for a specific group of people and if you do not actually need it, it’s pretty annoying to have.

However, if you want to configure the feature as per your needs, simply scroll up and reach about each functionality and what it does.

If you’re interested in more of our guides, make sure to check out our online technical blog, under the link of this post!

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