sceptre tv won't turn on

When your Sceptre TV won’t turn on with the blue light still on, it is safe to assume that there is no serious issue with the device.

However, there are many things that could be involved and the blue light might not disappear so remain invested throughout this guide!

Sceptre TV will not turn on and show a blue light when there is an interruption in the power supply either on the outlet’s end or your TV’s port.

In addition, it’s also possible that the Sceptre TV is not turning on due to a software or remote issue!

Let’s learn more about the Sceptre TV blue light first!

Sceptre TV Not Turning ON + Blue Light?

reasons why a sceptre tv won’t turn on

In most cases where the blue light occurs on your Sceptre TV, you are rendered from enjoying your TV entertainment sessions.

It is because the blue light only tends to occur whenever your TV cannot be turned on, so both of the issues are related to one another.

  • The blue light could either be related to TV hardware or TV software!

When Does the Blue Light Occur?

It’s worth mentioning that once the Sceptre TV shows up a blue light on the bottom panel, you will be unable to turn the device on.

Walking out from that, it is necessary to troubleshoot both the software and hardware of your TV to resolve this blue light error indication.

5 Reasons Why a Sceptre TV Won’t Turn On?

  1. There’s an issue with the Sceptre TV’s power supply
  2. The electrical outlet of the Sceptre TV is not working
  3. There’s a problem with the wiring connection of the TV
  4. The TV remote’s batteries died or the device is not working
  5. You’ve accidentally selected an empty input on your TV
Notice: On one hand, it is a good thing that your TV’s indicators are working, since this means that the hardware is functioning properly!

Sceptre TV Won’t Turn On Blue Light7 Working Solutions!

Tip: Follow our steps consecutively!

1. Select the Correct TV Source!

select the correct tv source

The first thing that you need to do is verify that you have not selected an empty HDMI input in the source menu of your Sceptre TV.

Once an empty source is selected, the screen of your TV will become pitch black, and many buttons on the remote will not perform a function.

  • To test the TV, select a source with a connected device or choose “Watch TV”

Here’s how to correct the source on your Sceptre TV:

  1. Press the “SOURCE” button on the Sceptre remote control.
  2. Use the left/right arrow buttons to highlight a source.
  3. Press the “OK” button to select the source you’ve highlighted.
Alert: If you’re using the Sceptre TV with third-party devices primarily, choose an HDMI input of an external device that is proven to work, in order to test the TV!

2. Press the In-Built Power Button

The in-built power button on the back of your Sceptre TV allows starting up the device, when no remote control is available.

If you couldn’t turn on the Sceptre TV with the remote control’s power button, then determine if the device will start up after pressing the back panel button!

press the in-built power button
  • To turn on your Sceptre TV, hold the power button for 3 seconds!

Sceptre TV Action Buttons:

  • Vol (+) and Vol (-) buttons
  • CH (+) and CH (-) buttons
  • MENU and Source buttons
  • POWER button
Tip: Hold the Power button for 10 seconds to shutdown the TV and press once to turn on!

3. Force Restart the Sceptre TV

The force restart is a helpful solution when your TV doesn’t turn on, stays on a black screen, or does not respond to the remote at all.

To achieve this type of restart, you must unplug the power cable of the TV from the electrical outlet, and wait for a particular amount of time.

force restart the sceptre tv

Follow these steps to force a restart on your Sceptre TV:

  1. Disconnect the power adapter of your TV from the outlet.
  2. Aim the remote and hold the power button for 15 seconds.
  3. Wait for an extra 60 seconds before reattaching the adapter.
  4. Plug your Sceptre TV back into the power outlet and test.
Note: Make sure that all connections on the power adapter and outlet’s end are secured to verify that the device is receiving power.

4. Inspect ALL Cable Connections!

The next necessary factor we must review is the cable connections of your Sceptre TV.

If one or more of the cables in your TV’s wiring seem damaged (especially the power adapter), your TV may be showing a blue light and won’t be able to turn on!

inspect all cable connections

Here are the optional and mandatory cables in your Sceptre TV setup:

  • (Mandatory) Power adapter – connects your TV with power.
  • (Optional) Service cable – connects a TV service to your Sceptre device
  • (Optional) HDMI/Video cable – connects an external device to your TV
Note: It’s also important to check the HDMI or video cable used in your setup since the TV screen might appear black when the cable is faulty.

Replacing the Power Adapter?

If you suspect that the power adapter of your Sceptre TV has gone faulty, the replacement we recommend is a type B female-to-male 125 volts adapter.

Fortunately, Sceptre TV use only universal power cords so finding a replacement is not difficult at all and can be done online!

Tip: The best option available would be getting a replacement power cable from Sceptre!

5. Unplug Unnecessary Equipment

unplug unnecessary equipment

All types of external and third-party devices should be removed from your Sceptre TV’ set up to diagnose the exact problem with your device.

Anything from consoles, TV boxes, and power connectors, to computers and other HDMI devices could be interfering with the TV screen!

  • Simply unplug ALL devices connected with HDMI, Coax, or RCA cables!

Other External Devices?

You should also disconnect all connectors that extend the power cable of your TV, connect with the outlet, or split a cable in your TV’ setup.

If there’s a fault with any of the following appliances, the problem will also be transferred to your Sceptre TV so connect directly to the power!

It’s important to remove the following devices from your Sceptre TV setup: 

  • Power dividers/strips
  • Outlet connectors
  • Power cord extenders
  • Coax splitters
  • Digital antennas
Pro Tip: Keep all third-party devices disconnected from the TV until the end of the guide!

6. Connect the TV to a Different Outlet

connect the tv to a different outlet

If even the indicator light of your Sceptre TV is working, it is highly likely that this problem may have something to do with the power outlet.

If there has been a power surge or the outlet has power fluctuations, your TV won’t turn on and will probably show a blue light.

  • Test the power outlet by plugging in a phone charger!

Also, test whether your Sceptre TV will turn on when connected to a different outlet, if possible, from another room in your home.

This will take AC from a different fuse, which might eliminate possible power fluctuations preventing the Sceptre TV from turning on.

Reminder: If you can, test by plugging the TV directly into the new electrical outlet.

7. Check the Sceptre TV Remote!

If you’re not able to turn on your Sceptre TV by using the remote, then there are quite a few different possibilities.

First, verify that your TV turns on by pressing the physical power button, and if yes, then proceed with the tips below to troubleshoot your remote!

check the sceptre tv remote


First remove the batteries from the remote, and hold the power button for 30 seconds. Then press ALL buttons at least twice each, and test turning on the TV.

Clean the “Eye”

There is an IR transmitter on the tip of the remote as well as an IR receiver on the front panel of the Sceptre TV. 

Replace Batteries

The Sceptre remote uses two AAA batteries in its compartment so ensure to test with a fresh pair before drawing conclusions.

Sceptre TV Still Not Turning On?

sceptre tv still not turning on

In case you weren’t able to turn on the Sceptre TV by using the solutions in this guide, it’s likely that you’re facing a more-complicated issue.

The next step is to contact Sceptre Support for more information and help or contact the local merchant in order to claim your warranty!

Quick Recap:

When Sceptre TV won’t turn on, you should power cycle the device first and connect the unit to an alternative power outlet. It is mandatory to inspect all cable connections, verify that a functional source is selected, and try turning on the TV with the hardware button!

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