sceptre tv remote not working

Wondering why your Sceptre TV remote not working? Let’s resolve this problem together!

Getting interrupted in the middle of your TV session because of an inactive remote could be quite a bummer.

If you’re sharing this common problem on your remote control too, then we have the best-working and realistic solutions that will fix the issue in a matter of minutes!

When your Sceptre TV’s remote control doesn’t work, the first thing to check should be the batteries.

If everything in the power supply of your remote control looks well and working, check if the connection with the TV is interrupted or there’s a system problem.

Let’s keep reading about the issue with Sceptre remote!

Why Is Sceptre TV Remote Control Not Working?

sceptre tv remote not working

When your Sceptre remote control does not seem to function when pointed toward the TV, this could mean multiple things.

The issue is either at the remote itself or there has been a signal or other connectivity impact/fault with the Sceptre TV device.

Here are all possibilities:

  1. A battery-related issue with the Sceptre TV remote control
  2. A power or hardware issue with the Sceptre TV device
  3. Existing wireless or physical interference in your setup
  4. Unclean remote IR transmitter or Sceptre TV IR receiver
  5. Connectivity issues in the remote’s battery compartment
  6. Software-related problem with your Sceptre television
  7. Your Sceptre TV remote has been hardware-damaged
why is sceptre tv remote control not working

Testing the Sceptre Remote?

Before we proceed with the solutions, we should test the remote first to determine what’s wrong exactly.

It is possible that only some of your Sceptre remote’s functions are not working or if it is the entire remote, the next best step is troubleshooting.

Let’s find out!

  • Increasing/Decreasing the volume (Vol+/Vol- buttons)
  • Changing the broadcasted channel (CH+/CH- buttons)
  • Switching the selected TV input (“INPUT” button)
  • Turning the Sceptre TV ON/OFF (the Power button)
Note: If your remote cannot perform any of the following actions, there’s certainly a fault!

Sceptre TV Remote Not Working9 Working Solutions!

Tip: Follow our steps in consecutive order!

1. Perform a System Power Reset

perform a system power reset

To address any problems with your Sceptre remote or TV, you should perform a complete power reset of the system.

That includes unplugging your TV from the electrical outlet and also taking out the batteries of your remote for several minutes for a “hard reset”.

Here’s how to power reset your Sceptre TV and remote in easy steps:

  1. Turn off the Sceptre TV by pressing the power button.
  2. Unplug the power adapter of the TV from the outlet.
  3. Eject the two AAA batteries inside the remote control.
  4. Insert the batteries of the remote back into the compartment.
  5. Plug the TV’s power cable into the electrical outlet.
  6. Attempt to turn on the Sceptre TV using the remote.
Note: If you couldn’t turn on the Sceptre TV by pressing the power button on the remote, press the button labeled “POWER” on the left-side panel of the TV.

2. Try a Direct Remote Interaction

try a direct remote interaction

If you’re trying to use the remote too far away from the TV, there could be wireless impacts that can be blocking the signal of the remote.

Our next suggestion is to stand as close to your TV as possible while holding the remote and try pressing any button to see if there’s an output.

  • With a clear line of sight, test powering on/off the Sceptre TV
Note: Make sure that there are no objects, furniture, or other wireless devices in between!

3. Reduce Surrounding Interference

If your remote works at times or the problem is recurring, it may all be due to interference surrounding the remote control.

Wireless signal conflicts, also called interference, could disrupt the signal that your Sceptre remote sends and it will not reach its final destination – the TV.

reduce surrounding interference

Here are the causes for potential interference in your setup:

  • Blocked IR line of sight (furniture, household objects, and covers)
  • Wireless devices, such as routers, Bluetooth devices, IR devices
  • Stained TV or remote “eye” (the IR receiver on your TV and remote)
Tip: Closely inspect the Sceptre TV and remote control “IR” transmitter and receiver!

4. Replace the Remote Batteries!

It is highly likely that the batteries of your Sceptre remote had failed to work.

If that’s the case, you should replace the batteries of the remote control with a new set of two AAA batteries and then check if the remote would function fine.

Unfortunately, we can’t skip this step!

replace the remote batteries

Here’s how to replace the batteries of your Sceptre remote easily:

  1. Remove the battery compartment latch from your remote.
  2. Take out the two batteries of your Sceptre remote control.
  3. Install brand-new AAA batteries into the Sceptre remote.
  4. Close the battery compartment and try using the remote.
Note: In case the Sceptre TV remote is not working even with fresh batteries, keep reading!

5. Disable the HDMI Control Option!

The Sceptre TV has an option called “CEC” also known as HDMI-CEC on other TV models as well.

This feature basically allows HDMI-connected devices to control the TV using their own remote, controller, and any other type of input device.

disable the hdmi control option
Note: Find the action buttons on your Sceptre TV panel so you can navigate in the menus!

Follow the steps to disable the “CEC” option on a Sceptre TV in easy steps:

  1. Press the Menu from the physical TV buttons!
  2. Then use Volume +” and “” to scroll down.
  3. Next, highlight and select the “CEC” feature.
  4. Set the CEC Control to “OFF” to stop it.
  5. Set Device Auto Power to “OFF” as well.

This will prevent other devices from controlling your TV, which might bring the functionality of your Sceptre TV remote.

In case that doesn’t help either, well, proceed further in the guide!

6. Temporarily Unplug All Devices!

temporarily unplug all devices

Any third-party devices connected to your Sceptre TV could be causing another type of interference with the remote.

Especially if the connected device has a remote of its own, this could cause a conflict with the signal of your Sceptre TV’s remote control.

  • Disconnect all external devices plugged into your Sceptre TV and test!

What Type of External Devices?

Though this is not a common occurrence, when consoles, streaming sticks, cable boxes, and other signal receivers are connected to your TV, they may interfere.

To test this theory out, unplug all of your TV’s external devices and test whether the remote works on a naked TV.

Tip: Keep only the power cable of your Sceptre TV plugged in and test!

7. Clean the Battery Compartment

clean the battery compartment

Too much dirt or debris in the battery compartment of your Sceptre remote may prevent the batteries from establishing clear contact with the electrical poles.

This could disrupt the power supply of your Sceptre remote and prevent it from interacting with the TV.

Follow these instructions to clean the battery compartment of your Sceptre remote:

  1. Place the remote with the buttons facing down.
  2. Gently remove the battery compartment cover.
  3. Eject the two AAA batteries inside the remote
  4. Use a cloth to clean the electrical poles and spring.
  5. Collect all dust and debris from the batteries as well.
  6. Install the batteries in the correct way in the remote.
Alert: Avoid installing the batteries while the compartment is still wet!

8. Reset the Sceptre Remote

reset the sceptre remote

To resolve issues with the overall condition of your Sceptre remote, the reset should help.

It’s a quick and effective way to resolve any remote issues without having to interact with the TV. This method will not erase any of your data, content, or TV settings so proceed confidently!

Here’s how to perform a reset on your Sceptre remote easily:

  1. Eject the batteries from the Sceptre remote control.
  2. Press and hold the power button for 15 seconds.
  3. Then press other remote buttons for 2 seconds each.
  4. Reinstall the batteries and test the remote functionality.
Tip: To make the remote reset even more effective, combine the method with a TV restart!

9. Factory Reset Sceptre TV

factory reset sceptre tv

In case nothing else helps, perhaps a factory reset on the TV itself will get the job done. Well, this method comes with a downside – all settings and TV data will be permanently erased.

  • You only need the action TV panel buttons (no remote) to perform a reset!
  1. Using the action buttons go to Settings.
  2. From there select Device Preferences.
  3. Choose the “Reset” option from the list.
  4. Then select the “Factory Data Reset
  5. Lastly, select “Erase Everything”.
Note: In case that doesn’t help contact Sceptre Customer Service for additional assistance!

Quick Recap:

We’ve learned that when the Sceptre TV remote not working, the best solution is to power cycle your Sceptre system and replace the batteries of the remote. If the issue persists, reset the Sceptre remote and unplug all external devices connected to the TV. 

You can find more helpful content in our technical blog!

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