sceptre tv volume goes up by itself

Sometimes the Sceptre TV volume goes up by itself. Are you experiencing this? We understand how annoying it is. Thus, we will help you solve it!

If your Sceptre TV’s volume is going up on its own, it is time to check the multiple audio settings, examine if the output is defective, or power cycle your TV.

Additionally, it is recommended to check your remote’s and TV’s buttons, check for a firmware update, or even reset the TV to the factory default.

Below we will help you understand what could be the problem with your TV and which approaches are appropriate. 

Sceptre TV Volume Goes Up By Itself – Reasons

reason why sceptre tv volume goes up by itself

The Sceptre TV allows you to tweak plenty of audio settings to have the best experience watching movies or playing games.

However, some users report that the Sceptre TV volume goes up and down by itself.

Let’s check what could be the cause:

Faulty Remote Control

The volume up button might be stuck, or its mechanism sends the wrong commands. 

Auto Volume Option

Auto volume adapts the TV’s audio on its own. Such a function might always bring the volume up even if you lower it manually.

TV’s Button is Stuck

You might also want to check if the volume button on your TV (if it has one) is stuck in the pressed position.

Software Issue

It is possible that a software issue on your TV is causing the volume to fluctuate involuntarily. 

Fix The Sceptre TV Volume Going Up

how fix sceptre tv volume goes up by itself

Having audio issues on the TV is very annoying since it disturbs all the pleasure of watching TV.

The automatic volume changing on the Sceptre TV is a well-known issue. Thus we can recommend you the best solutions. Check below.

1. Check The Auto Volume Setting

Some models of the Sceptre TV brand have an option called “auto volume.”

That is responsible for adjusting the sound while watching different shows or playing games.

It works similarly to an equalizer. However, it could be bothersome if it makes the sound louder than necessary. 

  1. Open the TV’s Settings;
  2. Locate the audio settings;
  3. Look for the “Auto Volume” option;
  4. If it is on, toggle it off.

Perhaps the option is already toggled off. In that case, you might want to test setting it on.

Maybe the auto volume option will adjust your audio volume correctly! 

2. Power Cycle Your TV

power cycle spectre tv

Power cycling a TV is not simply turning it off and on again. Rather, it consists of systematically following some steps that intend to refresh the TV’s system.

Such a method can end annoying problems such as the volume going up by itself.

Do the following:

  1. Turn the TV on for a while;
  2. Turn it off and unplug it from power;
  3. Wait a few minutes;
  4. Plug it again and turn it on;

Then, try watching some content and check if the volume goes up by itself.

3. Examine The External Output

examine the external output

Here goes food for thought: maybe the issue doesn’t lie in your TV but rather in the device connected to your TV.

For example, suppose you have a soundbar connected, but it still allows you to control the volume from the TV’s remote.

In that case, you might want to check where the issue lies exactly. You can perform some quick tests:

  • Disconnect the soundbar (or any other sound device) from the TV and check if the TV’s volume still goes up on its own;
  • Try a different external output. That can tell you whether the problem lies in the TV sending audio to outputs or the device. 
  • If you use HDMI, your TV probably has two or more ports. In that case, switch between ports to see if the problem is solved.

If you find out that the issue lies only in the sound device, the best solution is to check if the device has a new firmware update available. If not, reset it to its factory settings.

4. Tweak The Audio Settings

Another likely cause of the volume going up is that the audio settings on your TV are not chosen optimally.

Even though the TV should come from the factory fully ready to go, it is worth checking that.

tweak tv audio settings

Here is what you must do:

  1. Press the Menu button on the remote;
  2. Select “Sound” and press enter;
  3. Enter into “Sound Settings”;
  4. Switch between Sound Modes and test to see if one of them gets the volume to stay steady.

Investigate The Advanced Settings

The Sceptre TV system has plenty of audio settings that you can mess with.

Here is what you need to know:

  • The Surround Mode can be either activated or deactivated. Its purpose is to make the sound feel “wider” in the environment where the TV is.
  • Analog Audio, if available, allows switching between Stereo and Mono.
  • Are you using Digital Audio? In that case, the optimal format is PCM.
  • Moreover, you can access the equalizer and tweak it. If unsure, just leave it on the standard, or one of the presets available.

In situations like the one at hand, it is uncertain whether the issue is truly related to the audio settings just mentioned.

However, checking them will not harm you.

5. Check Your Remote Control

check your tv remote

One possibility that the volume goes up by itself is that your remote control is defective or its volume button is stuck.

Even if it doesn’t make the volume go up all the time, it could sometimes activate by itself.

Depending on the type of control you have, you can clean it:

  1. Remove the batteries (if there are any);
  2. If your remote is USB-C-rechargeable, unplug the TV;
  3. Grab a toothpick and a soft cloth;
  4. Use the cloth to remove the overall dust from the remote;
  5. Use the toothpick to remove clogged debris from the buttons;
  6. Check the volume button and dislodge it if necessary.

After that, turn the TV on and test to see if anything has changed. If not, try watching TV with the remote off (remove its batteries if possible).

If you discover that the remote is defective, there are two options:

  • Contact Sceptre and ask for a new remote (if your TV is still under warranty);
  • Buy a new remote to replace the defective one.
Note: If your remote is defective, but the TV is under warranty, disassembling it to try and fix it yourself will void the TV's warranty.

6. Examine The TV’s Buttons

examine the tv buttons

Nowadays, we rarely use the TV’s buttons since they are small and hidden on the sides. Some TVs also don’t even have buttons.

Thus, it is worth checking this possibility only if you have recently used the buttons on your TV.

Do this:

  1. Locate the volume buttons on the TV;
  2. Remove dust from them;
  3. Check if any of them looks stuck;
  4. Grab a toothpick and try to correct their position.

Again, if your TV is still under warranty, you are entitled to call Sceptre and ask for a repair or a new device.

7. Update The TV’s Software

Some audio issues on the Sceptre TV, including the volume going up by itself, can be caused by a lack of software updates.

update sceptre tv software

Here is how you can update your Sceptre TV and get rid of the problem:

  1. Press the Menu button on the remote;
  2. Locate “User preferences”;
  3. Click on “About”;
  4. Choose “System update”;
  5. Allow the system to check for a new firmware update;
  6. If available, choose to download and install it.

8. Reset The TV Firmware

Alternatively, the Sceptre TV is glitched, and no update is available. In that situation, it is necessary to reset the TV’s firmware. 

Reset The Android TV

Some Sceptre TVs run on Android. Their resetting method consists of the following:

  1. Go to the home screen;
  2. Choose “Settings”;
  3. Go to “Device Preferences”;
  4. Select Reset“;
  5. Choose “Factory Data Reset”;
  6. Select “Erase Everything.”

Reset Non-Android Models

reset the non-android models

Does your TV have a proprietary Sceptre OS? Then the resetting steps are as follows:

  1. Press the Menu button on the remote;
  2. Go to the “Setup” or “Settings” option;
  3. Choose “All Reset”/” Reset to default”;

What We Learned

When the Sceptre TV volume goes up by itself, it is impossible not to feel frustrated. However, the solutions above have probably helped you solve that.

On the other hand, if you can’t solve the issue, remember to contact the brand’s support!

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