roomba taking forever to connect to wifi

Is your Roomba taking forever to connect to WiFi? We will look into it!

Roomba robots are magnificent due to their cleaning effectiveness and multiple smart features. But they might fail to connect to the Wi-Fi due to wrong settings or firmware issues.

If Roomba is taking forever to connect to WiFi, verify the correct Wi-Fi settings, update the app, check charging capabilities, and consider resetting the robot.

Let’s see what you need to connect the Roomba to the Wi-Fi!

Roomba Taking Forever To Connect To WiFi – 7 Solutions

why does my roomba taking forever to connect to wi-fi

1. Verify The Wi-Fi Settings

The Roomba app uses your phone to connect to the Wi-Fi. Thus two things need to be in order: your phone’s settings and the Wi-Fi frequency.

If everything else in your house is connected to the Wi-Fi without issues, it is a good idea to restart the router. But also check the frequency.

2.4GHz or 5GHz?

Some smart devices only connect to 2.4GHz, while others can take advantage of the greater speeds of 5GHz.

With Roomba, however, that will vary depending on the model you possess.

Here is a comprehensible catalog:

  • 600, 800, 900, i1, i2, i3, i4, i5 – Can connect only to 2.4GHz;
  • i6, i7, i8, j7, s9, m6 – Can connect to both frequencies.

Models that can connect to both frequencies should still be connected to the 2.4GHz in situations where the house is too large. 

How Do I Know?

how you will know

If you are not a techie, there is still a simple way of knowing which network your phone is connected to:

  1. Go to the phone’s Wi-Fi settings;
  2. If your phone detects two different networks from your router, at least one of them is identified with the frequency number;
  3. If necessary, switch to the frequency that your Roomba model requires.

2. Check The App

One situation that can cause the Robot failing to connect to the app is that the app is outdated.

Sometimes the version you have installed is not the latest, and the app doesn’t update automatically.

So you will do the following:

  1. Open your phone’s app store;
  2. Look for the iRobot app;
  3. Click on “install update” if available.

Check The Permissions

If the app is already updated, it is also possible that the permissions are not authorized.

check the app permissions

Here is how you can check and allow them:

  1. Hold the iRobot app for a while;
  2. Click the info icon;
  3. Go to the Permissions;
  4. Allow the permissions requested by the app.

Since the Robot will navigate your house, the app needs location access. You must grant it.

3. Power Cycle The Devices

Another very simple solution you can try is power cycling all the devices involved in the process.

It is possible that your phone is not recognizing the Roomba robot due to a data overload. In any case, restarting the robot and the router will ensure a fresh start.

Here is how you power cycle the Roomba:

  1. Press the “Clean/Power” button on the robot;
  2. Wait for all of its lights to go dark;
  3. Disconnect the power base from the power source;
  4. Wait a minute;
  5. Plug the base again;
  6. Turn the robot on.

Also, restart your phone and router before turning the robot on again.

4. Ensure The Robot Is Charged/Can Charge

ensure that robot can charge

Are you sure that your Roomba robot is well-charged? Sometimes it will display a red circle that tells you it needs charging.

However, if you’ve already left the robot for a long time in the base station, you need to ensure it can charge.

Clean Everything

The first thing you need to remember is that the robot carries dust all around and that dust clings to it and the station.

So do the following:

  1. Grab a soft cloth and wipe the robot’s exterior with rubbing alcohol;
  2. Do the same to the docking station;
  3. Pay special attention to the charging pins;
  4. Scrub the wheels with a toothbrush.

When everything is clean and dry, set the robot to charging again.

Check The Battery

check roomba battery

If your robot is a bit old already, you can suspect that the charging issue stems from the battery.

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Remove the battery from inside the robot;
  2. Check if there is dust inside the battery compartment and clean it;
  3. Ensure that the battery is not damaged;
  4. If damaged, replace it;
  5. When inserting the battery again, ensure it stays in place firmly.

Moreover, check if the station’s power cord is fine and if the outlet you are using can deliver electricity.

5. Assess Your Phone’s Bluetooth

The Roomba taking a long time to connect to Wi-Fi might be caused by your phone’s Bluetooth.

That’s because the Roomba robot first uses your phone’s Bluetooth and then connects to the Wi-Fi. So here are some things you can do to restore your Bluetooth’s full capacity.

Clear The Cache

Sometimes it is necessary to clear the cache data of an application or functionality.

clear app cache

Let’s do it:

  1. Open the “Settings”;
  2. Tap on “App Manager”;
  3. Click on “Bluetooth”;
  4. Choose “Clear Cache.”

Once the cache is cleared, we suggest that you restart the phone. Then, activate the Bluetooth function again and try connecting the Roomba robot.

Reset The Bluetooth Settings

Similarly to clearing the cache on your Bluetooth, it is possible to reset the Bluetooth settings.

It is a different route and can bring additional effectiveness:

  1. Find the “Settings”;
  2. Choose “System”;
  3. Find the “Reset options”;
  4. If available, selectReset Wi-Fi, mobile, & Bluetooth.”

After resetting the Bluetooth settings, you must restart your phone. It is advisable to restart the Roomba robot too.

6. Reset The Robot

Perhaps the issue is not caused by your phone or the internet. Rather, the robot is having a hard time connecting to the Wi-Fi due to firmware issues.

Since the robot is not even connected to your phone, you can only reset it using its buttons.

Roomba S, I, and 900 series must be reset like this:

  1. Press the “Spot Clean,” “Home,” and “Clean” buttons together;
  2. Wait for the light around “Clean” to swirl;
  3. Let go of the buttons when you see the light ring;
  4. Wait for the Roomba to restart.

The resetting method for the Roomba 800 and 600 series is similar:

  1. Press the “Home,” “Spot Clean,” and “Clean” buttons together;
  2. Wait for a beeping sound;
  3. Let go of the buttons.

7. Update The Unit

update roomba unit

The issue with your Roomba robot may be a firmware problem that resetting won’t solve. Rather, it is necessary to update it.

Roomba provides a device called Osmo, which allows an offline updating process for some Roomba models.

Then, contact the brand, tell them about the issue, and get an Osmo. 

Update The 700/800 Series

If you have received Osmo for your 700 or 800 series Roomba, do the following:

  1. Put the robot into its base;
  2. Lift its handle to uncover the serial port;
  3. Insert the Osmo into the port;
  4. The lights on both devices must start flashing;
  5. Remove Osmo when the lights stop and a beep is heard.

Update The 500/600 Series

update your 500 or 600 series

If you have a 500 or 600 series Roomba, the Osmo update is a bit different:

  1. Detach the bin;
  2. Detach the faceplate to reveal the port;
  3. Plug the power adapter into the robot;
  4. Plug the Osmo into the port;
  5. The Clean button will blink green while the update installs;
  6. Remove Osmo when the lights stop and a beep is heard.

Quick Recap

The Roomba taking forever to connect to Wi-Fi means that your Wi-Fi settings are not ideal for the robot or something else is wrong in the settings.

It could also indicate a failure to charge or a deep firmware issue that requires resetting or updating.

We hope you have been able to solve the problem with the solutions we have provided.

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Nicole B