roomba charging error 4

Have you ever faced a charging error in your Roomba robot? Some users report the Roomba charging error 4, which could indicate different hardware or software issues.

Below we will tell you what the error implies and how to fix it.

To troubleshoot Roomba charging error 4, first check the battery and replace if needed. Other solutions include cleaning the robot and station, removing rust from contacts, replacing the power cord, or updating the firmware.

As you can see, charging error 4 is not fatal. On the opposite, it is one of some error messages programmed into Roomba’s system to alert owners when they need to perform an action.

Below we will help you understand what you should do.

Roomba Charging Error 4 – What Causes It?

reason why roomba charging error 4

The Roomba robot is great since you can easily recharge it on its base station.

However, charging might become compromised if something is incorrect, and the system will let you know. Are you getting the charging error 4 in Roomba?

Let’s see the potential causes:

Damaged battery

Perhaps the battery is damaged or simply loose inside the battery compartment. Debris could also play a part in this error.

Dust or debris

Roomba collects a lot of dirt, and some of it can get stuck on the charging contacts. That will prevent the correct charging.

Damaged charging contacts

Roomba’s charging contacts can get damaged by chemical residues of products used to clean the floor.

Electrical issues

You can’t discard the possibility that the is a malfunction in the dock, power cord, or some wires.

Fix The Roomba Charging Error 4

how fix roomba charging error 4

Roomba charging error 4 explicitly means that something is blocking the charging path.

However, the possibilities for what is blocking the path are multiple, as you have learned

Thus, we will show you different approaches to try and solve the problem. Check below.

1. Assess The Battery

One likely cause behind the charging error 4 is the battery on your cleaning robot.

There are some possibilities: the battery is damaged, there is dust inside the compartment, or it is lax somehow. Each of those needs correction.

Let’s see how to proceed:

  1. Flip the Roomba upside down;
  2. Remove the battery cover;
  3. Grab the battery;

Determine The Issue

determine roomba issues

It is time to look closely at the battery and identify signs of leak or damage. It is wise to look for similar signs inside its compartment.

Moreover, you could wipe the compartment so no dust prevents the electrical current.

After that:

  1. Put the battery back in place;
  2. Check that it stays firm;
  3. Does it stay lax? You could use corrugated paper or cardboard on the sides.

2. Wipe Out All Dust

Your Roomba robot rolls through plenty of dust daily. Even if most of that dust is collected in its dustbin, some gets stuck in the wheels.

The same dust can spread to other parts of the robot, namely the charging contacts and the docking station.

wipe all of the dust

So let’s clean everything.

  1. Find a soft cloth;
  2. Clean all of the robot’s surface;
  3. Repeat that for the docking station;
  4. Find a soft brush to clean the wheels;
  5. Dispose of the bin’s content;
  6. Check the inner sensors and clean them well;
  7. Locate all the outer sensors and clean them too;
  8. Finish with rubbing alcohol.

After cleaning everything nicely, you must let the alcohol dry and place the robot back into the charging station. It should be able to charge now.

Tip: Don't allow the robot to get covered in dust frequently. It is a good idea to wipe it completely every week.

3. Check The Charging Contacts

Beyond cleaning the robot and the docking station, inspecting the charging contacts closely might be necessary.

check your charging contacts

That is because the charging contacts might suffer from rust over time.

Here is how you can eliminate that rust:

  1. Grab vinegar or baking soda;
  2. Wet a soft cloth with a bit of either;
  3. Rub the soft cloth on the rusty points of the charging contacts;
  4. Ensure that the rust is all gone.

Once the rust is gone, ensure the charging contacts are clean and dry. Only then can you put the robot into the docking station to charge.

Note: If you are going to remove rust from the docking station, remember to unplug it from the wall!

4. Examine The Power Cord

examine roomba power cord

The issue that makes it impossible to charge the Roomba robot correctly can also come from the power cord.

Sometimes it gets defective and doesn’t transmit all the energy it should.

You can quickly verify the cord’s situation:

  • Analyze the power cord and look for signs of damage, burn, or tearing.
  • Use a multimeter and set it for continuity. If the results are bad, you need to look into replacing it.

Replace The Power Cord

Once you have found that the power cord is defective, it is time to buy a replacement with the same power specs.

You can find about those in the Roomba’s box or user guide.

Do the following to substitute the faulty component:

  1. Remove the docking station’s botton;
  2. Locate and disconnect the cord’s internal wires;
  3. Take it away gently;
  4. Set up the new cord;
  5. Check the connections to ensure they are tight and safe.

After that, you must test the cord and ensure that the Roomba robot can charge when sitting in the docking station.

5. Update The Robot

update roomba robot

Sometimes the issue on your Roomba is not physical. Perhaps it displays a charging error because of an issue with the firmware. Possibly, the firmware is outdated.

Then do the following:

  1. Launch the iRobot HOME App 
  2. Tap on More 
  3. Tap on Settings 
  4. Click on About (robot name)

The app should tell you whether a new update is available. If it is, don’t hesitate to download and install it.

Tip: Restarting the router or cycling the robot might trigger the system to find a new update.

6. Reboot/Reset The Roomba

A worse yet solvable situation is when your Roomba’s firmware is truly the problem, but an update will not solve it.

In that case, you need to reset the robot. Roomba robots can be either soft or hard reset.

Check below the method that applies to your model.

Steps To Soft Reset

steps to soft reset

Is your Roomba one of the S, I or 900 series? Then you need to do this to soft reset it:

  1. Continuously press the “Spot Clean,” “Home,” and “Clean” buttons together;
  2. The light around “Clean” must swirl;
  3. Stop pressing the buttons;

Is your Roomba one of the 800 or 600 series? Then you need to do this to soft reset it:

  1. Continuously press the “Home,” “Spot Clean,” and “Clean” buttons together;
  2. Listen closely to the beeping sound;
  3. Release the buttons.

Steps To Hard Reset

Hard resetting means that all of your favorite settings will be erased.

steps to hard reset

That is your last resort, so here are the steps:

  1. Ensure your phone is on a supported Wi-Fi (check your Roomba’s user guide for that;
  2. Launch the iRobot HOME app;
  3. Select “Settings”;
  4. Tap on “Remove/Factory Reset.”

How To Add The Robot

Perhaps you have already forgotten how you add the Roomba to the app.

Here is the process:

  1. Click on “Add your product”;
  2. Select the correct model;
  3. Log in to a network supported by your model;
  4. Follow the instructions on the app.
Tip: Do you have plenty of customized settings? Note them down before you reset the robot. That way, it will be quicker to set them up again later.

What We Learned

The Roomba charging error 4 will show up when you are unprepared, but there is no need to despair when that happens.

Rather, a lot of solutions are at your disposal. We have shown all of them to you, so the Roomba robot should be functioning well by now.

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Nicole B