roomba keeps beeping while charging

Have you bought yourself a Roomba to clean all the dust away? That smart vacuum is fantastic, but sometimes you will face weird situations.

For example, the Roomba keeps beeping while charging. What is causing it, and how to fix? 

If you want to make the Roomba stop beeping while charging, you will have to check its charging dock station status as well as the cleanliness of the contacts (on both devices). If the issue is not accumulated dust, the battery might be at fault or some other software issue.

Below we will tackle all of the Roomba settings relevant to the issue at hand. You can most likely solve it in a few minutes by adjusting one configuration.

Roomba Keeps Beeping While Charging – Reasons

reason why the roomba beep while charging

So you see that your Roomba keeps beeping on the charger, and you want to eliminate the issue as soon as possible.

You might worry that the beeping indicates something very troublesome.

Before jumping to conclusions, it is necessary to check the leading causes:

Charging Pins

Sometimes, the charging pins or charging contacts (on the dock or the robot) are not clean enough or are a bit out of place.

✅ Issues with the Battery

It is possible that the battery inside the Roomba is a bit loose or is defective and unable to charge properly.

Power Outlet

You must ensure that your outlet has the correct electric current. It is also possible that the beep results from the current being unstable.


The Roomba robot runs on firmware that commands many of its actions. If the firmware has issues or needs an update, the robot can act weirdly.

How To Make The Roomba Stop Beeping When Charging

how make the roomba stop beeping

Okay, so after checking the issues, how should we proceed? There is, in fact, more than one solution you can apply.

The solutions will require you to investigate the subject a bit deeper. Check all of the instructions below so you can fix your Roomba.

1. Clean The Relevant Components

Have you not cleaned the Roomba for the past weeks? If the answer is positive, that is most likely the cause of the beeping.

That’s because these robots accumulate a lot of dust all over them and take that dust to the docking station. If the charging components are dirty, the robot can’t charge correctly.

Do this:

clean the relevant components
  1. Grab a soft cloth;
  2. Wipe all of the robot’s exterior;
  3. Do the same for the docking station;
  4. Grab a soft brush and scrub the wheels;
  5. Empty the bin and wash it if your model is washable (check the user guide);
  6. While the bin is out, wipe the dust from the internal sensors;
  7. Find all the external sensors and ensure they are clean;
  8. Use rubbing alcohol for a final wipe;
Tip: When cleaning, you must pay special attention to the charging contacts on both devices. They must become very clean. You also need to ensure they are not rusty. 

2. Check The Battery

check the battery

Are the docking station and the robot clean overall? Yet, it is essential to ensure the charging pins are spotless.

After that, it is time to check how the battery is doing. We can work with two possibilities: it is loose inside the robot, or it calls for replacement.

  1. Turn the Roomba upside down;
  2. Unscrew the battery cover;
  3. Detach the battery;

Determine The Issue

Examine the battery to see if there are leaks or signs of damage. Also, check the battery compartment for signs of damage.

If necessary, wipe the container to remove dust or any other debris. Next:

  1. Put the battery inside again;
  2. Ensure it stays firmly put;
  3. If it stays a bit lax, try using a piece of corrugated paper/thin cardboard to fill the empty spaces.
Note: Does the robot keep beeping? That can signal that you need to buy a replacement battery for your Roomba.

3. Check The Charging Dock

check the charging dock

You might think it is hard to know when the charging dock is the culprit.

However, there are a few guidelines that you can follow to help identify when a charging dock is defective:

  • Remove the robot and assess the integrity of the dock’s external components. Does anything seem out of order? Are the charging contacts rusty? Are they bent, lodged, or damaged?
  • Does the charging base LED come on when you position the robot to start charging? If it does not, that is a bad sign.
  • The charging base emits an IR light that your phone’s camera can catch. Remove the robot from the base and use your phone to check if the invisible light appears.
  • Check the power cord to see if it is damaged, burned, or falling apart. If only the power cord is defective, you can easily fix it.

Suppose you determine that the docking station is no longer working. In that case, you can buy a new one from the official site or authorized resellers. But first, ensure you buy one compatible with your model.

Replace The Power Cord

replace the power cord

If you’ve checked the power cord and it seems suspicious, grab a multimeter and test it for continuity.

It is time for a replacement if nothing shows up or it fluctuates too much.

  1. Remove the part that protects the cord;
  2. Detach the cord’s internal wires;
  3. Remove it carefully;
  4. Put the new cord in place;
  5. Ensure the new connections are tight enough.

After replacing the cord, you must check if the robot charges without beeping.

Note: If your docking station is new, you might contact Roomba support to get a replacement.

4. Update The Firmware

Have you investigated all of the possible physical causes? Then it is time to check if the firmware is at fault.

update robot firmware

You must update it before attempting a reset since you don’t want to lose the robot’s configurations immediately.

Here is how you can prompt a firmware update:

  1. Open the iRobot HOME App 
  2. Select More 
  3. Click Settings 
  4. Choose About (robot name)

When an update is available, info about it should show up. Then you can choose to update it. 

Note: Wait a bit while the update downloads into the Roomba. After the app tells you that the update is ready, you must turn the Roomba off and on again.

5. Reset The Robot

reset roomba robot

Okay, so if nothing has worked so far, the last option you have is to try to reset the Roomba robot.

The resetting method can change according to models. Also, there is the option of soft or hard reset for determined models.

How To Soft Reset

If you have Roomba S, I, or 900 series, the soft reset procedure works like this:

  1. Hold the “Spot Clean,” “Home,” and “Clean” buttons together;
  2. Wait for the light around “Clean” to swirl;
  3. A light ring indicates you can release the buttons;
  4. Wait for the Roomba to restart.

Owners of the Roomba 800 and 600 series will have to do this:

  1. Hold the “Home,” “Spot Clean,” and “Clean” buttons together;
  2. Pay attention to the beeping sound;
  3. Let go of the buttons.

How To Hard Reset

how hard reset roomba

Hard resetting is the last thing you will want to do.

A hard reset eliminates all of the saved settings.

  1. Ensure your phone and Roomba are on the same Wi-Fi;
  2. Open the iRobot HOME app;
  3. Tap “Settings”;
  4. Choose “Remove/Factory Reset.”

Add The Roomba To The App Again

Hard resetting removes the robot from the app. Do you remember how to add it?

  1. Select “Add your product”;
  2. Choose the correct model;
  3. Connect to a network supported by your model;
  4. Follow the prompts.

What We Learned

Sometimes the Roomba keeps beeping while charging, and you will find the sound annoying.

Not only that, but you will also wonder whether the robot is charging at all.

Eliminating the issue might require you to clean the whole unit or assess its firmware via the app.

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Nicole B