roomba i series error 30

If you’re encountering the Roomba i Series error 30, well, don’t worry, you’re not alone!

Error 30 on Roomba is a common occurrence for any Roomba iSeries owner, but the good news is that it can be fixed with a few simple steps.

We will walk you through the complete troubleshooting of the error, to get your trusty robot back into action as soon as possible!

“Error 30” on iSeries Roomba can typically be identified as an issue with the airflow.

To address any issues related to improper airflow, empty the dustbin first and thoroughly clean the Roomba filters situated on the panels of the cleaner iRobot.

Let’s dive deeper and explore all of the possibilities!

Why Does Roomba Error 30 Appear?

why does roomba error 30 appear

The message behind the error code “30” on iSeries Roomba is “the vacuum is experiencing insufficient airflow”.

Many factors are involved in maintaining the proper airflow of the vacuum, so it is required to study the issue thoroughly before getting involved in the troubleshooting!

Roomba Insufficient Airflow?

  • Unclean Roomba ventilation filters.
  • Misconfigured software settings.
  • Roomba charging/power issues.
  • Throttling of Roomba’s hardware.
  • An issue with the vent openings.

Roomba needs airflow at all times to reduce the temperature of the internal hardware. While the robot is highly utilized, the internal heat may exceed the margin, which is extremely bad for the robot’s HW components.

The lack of airflow leads to overheating which damages the iRobot…

Let’s next jump into troubleshooting!

Fixing Roomba i Series Error 30 in 7 Easy Steps!

1. Restart the Roomba Robot!

restart the roomba robot

The reboot is an easy solution to any error codes that have occurred on the vacuum cleaner.

Furthermore, the restart is going to re-launch all software services on the device, including the internal airflow technology that ventilates the hardware of the iSeries Roomba robot.

Here’s how to restart the iSeries Roomba robot in easy steps:

  1. Locate the “CLEAN” button on the top panel of the robot.
  2. Press and hold the “CLEAN” button for about 20 seconds.
  3. Release the “CLEAN” button once the Roomba shuts down.

Are iRobot Roomba Batteries Involved?

are irobot roomba batteries involved

The behavior of your iSeries Roomba may change whenever the battery is running low.

In fact, a majority of error codes may start occurring during low charge periods and the effectiveness of the airflow may be reduced significantly too.

  • So, charge your Roomba to 100% either using an adapter or at the charging dock!
Tip: Reinstall the internal battery of the robot if the device is having issues with charging.

2. Empty iSeries Roomba’s Dustbin

The next and one of the most-effective solutions against error 30 on any iSeries Roomba is to simply empty the dustbin.

The error might be indicating that the vacuum cleaner’s dustbin is completely overfilled and this is causing issues with the airflow of the robot.

empty iseries roomba's dustbin

Open the bin door on the side of the vacuum cleaner and take out the package containing the dust and debris.

On the majority of Roomba models, there is a “Bin Release” button, located right above the compartment that holds the dustbin.

Note: If there is no “Bin Release” button, you may have to pull a latch to access the bin!

3. Clean the Roomba Filters!

The primary way to restore the proper airflow of your iSeries Roomba is to clean the filters.

If too much dust has accumulated on the surface of the filters, it can have a severe impact on the quality of the airflow.

Then this ultimately leads to elevated HW temperatures and error 30…

clean the roomba filters

Here’s how to clean the ventilation filters on your iSeries Roomba:

  1. Press the “Bin Release” button on the Roomba.
  2. Remove the dustbin from the bin compartment.
  3. Then, pull the filter to remove the attachment.
  4. Shake off the debris by tapping it against a container.
  5. Reinstall the filter and then embed the dustbin back.
  6. Close the bin compartment and turn on the Roomba.

The hardware temperature of the iSeries Roomba robot may remain high for up to 2 minutes after reinstalling the filter.

The Roomba’s airflow will then be corrected and error 30 will go away.

Tip: If you cannot shake off all of the debris from the filter, use tap water to clean it.

4. Diagnose & Clean the Bin Sensors

diagnose and clean the bin sensors

Another cause for error 30 and the obstructed airflow are the bin sensors. If the sensors are dirty or obstructed, this can potentially cause a problem with the airflow.

The vacuum cleaner will then start working under very high internal temperature and probably bring up error 30!

Where to Find iSeries Roomba’s Bin Sensors?

Based on the model and type of your vacuum cleaner, the sensors could either be near the opening of the dust bin compartment or in the compartment itself.

The sensors typically look like small openings in the area of the dust bin.

How to Clean iSeries Roomba’s Bin Sensors?

use soft wet cloth to clean

Use a soft wet cloth to thoroughly clean the surface of the bin sensors. It is also important to ensure the sensors are not left wet by the time you’re placing the bin back.

If possible, use another dry cloth to dry up the sensors before closing the compartment to avoid any trouble!

In case the error continues to appear after cleaning the sensors, keep reading further!

5. Complete a Factory Reset on Roomba

complete a factory reset on roomba

When encountering Roomba error 30, one of the most powerful methods to attempt is the factory initialization of the software.

The reset will erase all data and software configurations in the Roomba app, and revert the device to its initial (factory default) state.

How to Factory Reset Wi-Fi Roomba® & Braava jet®?

  • Press and hold the “Spot Clean”, “Home” and “CLEAN” buttons on your Roomba!

How to Factory Reset 900 Series Roomba Robots?

  • Press and hold the “Dock”, “Spot Clean” and “CLEAN” buttons on the vacuum!
Note: After the factory reset is complete, set up the initial settings of the iRobot Roomba.

6. Reinsert the Battery of the iRobot

reinsert the bettery of the irobot

To reset the hardware of the vacuum cleaner, you must take out the internal supplying battery and place it back into the compartment.

This will erase the settings of the iSeries Roomba and also completely discharge the device from any electrical current, which restarts all services!

Here are the complete steps to taking out the batteries of your iSeries robot:

  1. Turn the iSeries Roomba with the wheels facing up.
  2. Locate the screws holding the battery compartment.
  3. Use a Philips-headed screwdriver to undo the screws.
  4. Lift off the battery compartment cover and put it away.
  5. Disconnect the battery from the motherboard supply.
  6. Pull out the battery from the robot and wait for 30 seconds.
  7. Optional: ensure the compartment’s poles are free of debris.
  8. Embed the battery and then connect the iRobot to the power.
  9. Close the cover and press the “CLEAN” button on the robot.
Note: Shortly after the iSeries Roomba reboots, you will determine if the error is still there!

7. Replace the Head Module of Roomba

replace the head module of roomba

A damaged head module could result in iSeries Roomba error 26 and error 30 as well. The head module is one of the main parts in the configuration of the vacuum cleaner.

Hence, when the component starts to malfunction, there is a wide array of faults and errors that you will see.


Over time, the head module, the brushes, and potentially other parts in the setup of your iSeries Roomba may start to wear down.

This can lead to a decrease in the performance of the vacuum cleaner as well as other types of errors, including error 30!

How to Replace Head Module On iSeries Roomba?

  1. Open the bin compartment and remove the bin.
  2. Uninstall the four screws holding the head module.
  3. Carefully grip the head module and pull it out.
  4. Gently embed the new head module into the slot.
  5. Place the screws into the openings and tighten them.
  6. Turn on the iSeries Roomba robot and test the device.
Tip: You can order a new head module from the official site of iRobot or other online stores!

Nothing Worked – What to Do Next?

contact irobot customer care

In case you’re still facing error 30 on your Roomba, it is best to share the issue with a qualified repairer that can fix your vacuum cleaner.

For assistance, contact iRobot Customer Care available at line 1 800-727-9077.

Best of luck!

Reminder: Don’t forget to check your iSeries Roomba robot’s warranty!

Quick Recap:

Thus, to fix the Roomba i Series error 30, start by emptying the dustbin of the device and conducting a software factory reset. If the error is still there, inspect the head module of the vacuum cleaner, clean the sensors, and perform a factory restoration on your iRobot!

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