roomba error 7

You’re having the Roomba error 7 and you’re looking for a quick solution that you can apply in several minutes?

Well, make sure to stick around by the end of this post because we’re providing transparency on the Roomba error 7 and easy-to-apply solutions!!

If your Roomba is giving you the #7 error, then this means that there is something wrong with the charging. Make sure that your robot has a full battery and try reinserting the unit in an attempt to fix the issue.

There is much more you can do. Let’s first take a look at ALL possibilities and then troubleshoot accordingly for fast results!

What Is Error 7 On Roomba?

If you’re wondering what is the meaning of error 7 on Roomba, it could either mean that your robot is obstructed and cannot move to finish the cleaning schedule or there is an error with the charge.

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Here are some causes of error 7 on Roomba:

1. Cliff Sensors Issue

If your Roomba is stuck over the edge or is on the threshold on a dark surface, error 7 will appear as an indication of your robot’s inability to move.

2. Battery Issue

Not charging your robot appropriately could prevent it from finishing its schedule, thus indicating with the error 7.

3. Wheel Well

Any debris in the wheel well of your Roomba could initiate error 7 to indicate the issue.

4. Terrain Obstructions

Terrain obstructions might also cause your Roomba to give notification with the error 7.

5. Hardware Damage

Lastly, if your Roomba robot refuses to charge or constantly gives errors for no reason, it is possible that lethal hardware damage has been done to your device.

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Since many users asked how to determine the error with their Roomba, check out the explanation down below on error 7 specifically.

How To Recognize Roomba Error 7?

If you’re not certain that your Roomba is giving you the error 7, then there is a way to determine what’s the origin of the issue.

You know the type of your Roomba by listening to the number of beeps your device is going to make.

For instance, error 7 on your Roomba will make 7 beeps and that is how you will know that your device is having the error 7.

Now when you know this, it’s time to proceed with the solutions.

How To Fix Roomba Charging Error 7? – Possible Solutions

roomba error 7 fix

Except for charging purposes, as we’ve just mentioned the error 7 could appear in different places.

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The solutions we’ve prepared will help your Roomba device no matter what the origin of the issue is.

Here are some easy solutions to try against error 7 on your Roomba:

Solution #1 Recharge The Battery

If you still haven’t tried recharging the battery and you’re viewing this guide in advance, we suggest plugging your cleaning assistant into the charge as soon as possible.

Since most of the time the error 7 on your Roomba means a low charge of the battery, try plugging the device in for at least half an hour or so.

Once the device has been sufficiently charged, wait for the robot to cool down and test it out on your scheduled route.

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You will know that your battery is running low on battery as soon as you hear the 7 beeps from the error.

Solution #2 Replace The Battery

If the Roomba 7 error still appears, it is possible that your battery has come to an end-life.

Users report that batteries don’t withstand long periods of time and after a while of usage, the battery will either start losing its charge really quickly or will stop and give the error 7.

Note: If you don’t have a replacement battery, skip this step and leave it in case nothing else works.

Follow these simple steps to replace the battery of your Roomba 7:

  1. Get yourself the same battery as the one on your device.
  2. Turn the device upside down and locate the battery compartment.
  3. Remove the safe straps of the battery and eject the unit with slight force.
  4. Insert the new battery and put the safe straps back on and tighten the compartment up.
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Once you’re done, let your Roomba charge once again and test the device out. If error 7 still shows up, proceed to our next solution.

Solution #3 Change Power Source/Adapter

Except for the battery itself, the fault might be with the power source or adapter you’re charging your Roomba with.

Test out your Roomba with a different power source at first to determine whether there is a fault with the one you usually charge with.

If Roomba recognizes the charge but the issue is still there, test out with a different adapter. Scan the cable for visual hardware damage and make sure to get yourself a replacement if something is wrong.

Note: To ensure that both the power source and adapter are healthy, we suggest using components that were used to charge different devices before.

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This way you will know for sure your Roomba is receiving a good charge.

Solution #4 Maintenance Roomba’s Wheels

Except only for charging purposes, error 7 could also occur with obstructed wheel movement of your Roomba device.

You must make sure that both your device’s wheels exhibit the same amount of resistance when performing their rotation cycle.

Follow the steps down below to diagnose your Roomba’s wheels.

  1. Turn OFF your Roomba.
  2. Turn the device upside down.
  3. Rotate the wheels separately.
  4. Take a look into the wheel’s wells and remove any particles inside.
  5. Make sure the wheelsare rotating with the same amount of resistance.

Once you’re done, turn on your Roomba and test if error 7 will appear again.

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Solution #5 Remove Obstacles In The Route

If Roomba error 7 is still there, the issue could often occur if there is an obstacle blocking your device’s path.

Follow these steps to determine where is the obstacle causing the error 7 on your Roomba:

  1. Open Roomba’s app on your smartphone.
  2. Check the current route and determine at which time of your robot’s cleaning session the error 7 comes on.
  3. Play your Roomba in advance and wait for error 7 to occur.
  4. Remove the obstacle causing your robot to give errors.

After removing the obstacles in your Roomba’s course, make sure to configure the course itself now once the terrain has been changed.

Solution #6 Change Route

Considering that the Roomba robot error 7 mainly appears when the wheels are not rotating we suggest changing the robot course.

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Prepare a small area in your home, preferably only one room without a carpet and schedule your Robot’s path there.

Put the Roomba in action and check what happens. Pay attention to the wheels. If there are no obstructions and the battery does not end, the error 7 won’t appear.

In any other circumstance, the problem would be related to a hardware malfunction that would require a technician’s touch.

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Bottom Line:

To fix error 7 on Roomba, first, make sure that the device is charged and replace the battery. Next, diagnose the device’s wheels and remove any obstacles that could be blocking the scheduled router. Lastly, change the Roomba’s path and test again.

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Now that you know why Roomba error 7 could be occurring, with the solutions we’ve provided you with, you should face no trouble in your way of resolving the issue.

Even if the problem is still there you’ll be one step closer to the origin of the problem.