roomba won't stay charging

Perhaps your Roomba won’t stay charging, which means it will eventually run out of battery. Worse, it could have already lost all of its battery, and you don’t know what to do.

How will the robot clean the dust?

Charging issues happen with the Roomba when it accumulates too much dust and takes it to the docking station, compromising the charging capabilities. The issue could also lie in the docking station, the robot’s battery being defective, or a glitch in the firmware.

Checking the Roomba robot and station to ensure all is fine or to fix an issue might benefit from some tricks.

Below we will tell you all the steps you can take to get your Roomba back into action.

Roomba Won’t Stay Charging – Reasons

reason why the roomba wont stay charge

The Roomba robot can clean a lot before returning to the base station. When it does, it must recharge fully so it is capable of handling the next cleaning routine.

Sometimes, though, the Roomba charging station won’t stay on. You might wonder: what are the causes?

Too Much Dirt

The robot carries a lot of dirt around and gets dirty too. The dust and debris also might get in the station’s sensors/charging pins.

Bad Power Cord

Sometimes, the power cord becomes defective, and then the docking station cannot charge the robot.

Problem with the Batteries

The batteries can be worn out, or the battery’s container is a bit loose.


Perhaps the firmware on the robot is glitchy, preventing good communication with the charging hardware.

How To Make Your Roomba Charge Again

how make the roomba charge again

As you have seen from the possible causes of the issue, you might already know that fixing it is simple.

It truly is, but still, you need to follow some instructions. Below we will help you investigate and solve the problem.

1. Clean Everything

Some Roomba owners forget to do a very basic thing once in a while: clean the robot and the base station.

However, you must remember that the robot runs around your house cleaning, and some dust will attach to its wheels, which is later transferred to the station.

So here is how you ensure it gets perfectly clean:

clean everything
  1. Obtain a soft cloth.
  2. Thoroughly wipe the entirety of the robot’s exterior.
  3. Repeat for the docking station.
  4. Employ a soft brush to carefully scrub the wheels.
  5. If your model permits, empty the bin and wash it appropriately if instructed in the user guide.
  6. While the bin is removed, wipe away any dust on the internal sensors.
  7. Locate all external sensors and guarantee they are clean and debris-free.
  8. Conclude the cleaning process by employing rubbing alcohol for a final wipe.
Tip: When cleaning, you must pay special attention to the charging contacts on both devices. They must become very clean. You also need to ensure they are not rusty. 

2. Ensure The Dock Works

ensure the dock works

Determining whether the charging dock is causing the issue may seem challenging.

Still, there are some simple steps you can take to identify a faulty charging dock:

  • Take out the robot and inspect the external parts of the dock. Do you notice anything unusual? Are the charging contacts rusty, bent, stuck, or damaged in any way?
  • When you place the robot on the dock to charge, does the LED light on the dock turn on? If it doesn’t, that’s a sign of a problem.
  • The charging base emits an infrared (IR) light that your phone’s camera can detect. Try removing the robot from the dock and use your phone’s camera to check if you can see this invisible light.
  • Examine the power cord to see if it has any visible damage, such as burns or signs of wear and tear. If the power cord is the only issue, it can usually be easily fixed.

Replace The Power Cord

replace the power cord

Suppose that the dock isn’t turning on. In that case, you must grab a multimeter to test the power cord. Then, you must set it to continuity and check the result.

If the result is bad, do this:

  1. Disassemble the docking station so you find where the power cord is connected;
  2. Check for loose wires or damaged components;
  3. Tighten the wires if possible (and test with the multimeter again);
  4. If tightening didn’t work, detach the power cord;
  5. Install a new power cord by connecting the wires correctly.

Remember to check the electrical specs of your robot so you can buy the correct power cord replacement.

Alternatively, you should get a new one if the docking station is damaged beyond the cord.

Note: Is your Roomba still under warranty? In that case, you must contact the brand to get a new docking station. 

3. Take A Look At The Battery

take look at the battery

If the dock is fine, the device is clean, but it still won’t stay charging, it is time to look at the battery.

There are two possibilities: either the battery must be replaced, or it is not firm enough inside the robot.

Here is how you can check:

  1. Wear protection gloves (the battery could be leaking);
  2. Check the Roomba’s bottom;
  3. Loosen its battery cover’s screws;
  4. Remove the battery.

Now you must pay good attention to the battery and its physical condition. For example, some batteries will leak or will stop working after some time.

It could also be damaged, such as presenting signs of burn. Do you see any of that? Then buy a new battery.

Reposition The Battery

reposition roomba battery

If the battery looks fine, it is possible that the container is damaged and the battery is a bit loose inside.

That could be why you let the Roomba take falls, so ensure the robot doesn’t fall from the stairs.

Here is a trick to fix that issue:

  1. Get a piece of corrugated paper/thin cardboard;
  2. Insert the battery and use the paper to fill the sides;
  3. Ensure the battery stays firm.
Tip: When you detach the battery, it is a good idea to clean the dust, if there is any, inside the container and on the battery.

4. Update The Roomba

If the issue doesn’t seem hardware-related, it is time to move on to firmware solutions.

update your roomba

The firmware might have a glitch, and the best way to solve it is to check for updates.

Here is how you can proceed:

  1. Open the iRobot HOME App 
  2. Select More 
  3. Click Settings 
  4. Choose About (robot name)

The option to update should show up right away. If it doesn’t, you must follow Solution #5.

5. Reset The Roomba

There are two ways of resetting the Roomba. The soft reset is closer to a power cycle and will only refresh the system.

Unfortunately, hard resetting might be necessary. In that case, it means you will lose the preferences and schedules you have set up.

Steps To Soft Reset

There is little difference in the method according to the model. Roomba S, I, or 900 series:

steps to soft reset roomba
  1. Hold the “Spot Clean,” “Home,” and “Clean” buttons together;
  2. Wait for the light around “Clean” to swirl;
  3. A light ring indicates you can release the buttons;
  4. Wait for the Roomba to restart.

If you have a Roomba 800 or 600 series:

  1. Hold the “Home,” “Spot Clean,” and “Clean” buttons together;
  2. Check for the beeping sound;
  3. Release the buttons.

Steps To Hard Reset

The hard reset method is only possible through the app. Here are the steps:

  1. Open the iRobot HOME app;
  2. Go to “Settings”;
  3. Select “Remove/Factory Reset.”
Note: You will have to add the robot to the app again after resetting it.

What We Learned

When the Roomba won’t stay charging, the first thing you must do is clean it thoroughly.

Other issues on the hardware could also be the cause, and you should also pay attention to updates available on the app.

We hope your Roomba can keep cleaning your home!

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Nicole B